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EverCool AIOLUS II Notebook Cooler

Introduction With technology these days allowing computer systems to come in all sizes, we often find the problem of keeping our notebooks/laptops cool while working in the office or on the go. Laptop manufacturers have always designed their cases to bring the fresh cool air in from the bottom which doesn’t really make much sense. Having a computer that allows you to stay mobile without being held down shouldn’t be compromised by system temps. Before coolers were designed for this specific problem, we used to prop the laptop up from the surface in order to keep that airflow moving. EverCool previously developed a cooler that lifts the laptop off the surface with dual fans pushing that fresh air. However, EverCool must have wondered “Why stop there? We’re pushing cold air into the case but what about the exhaust?” Out of this question is born the idea for the AIOLUS II. This is EverCool’s first cooler with an external fan that mounts to the outside and assists the stock exhaust fans by pulling hot air out. Will it be enough to have this extra cooling support underneath as well as mounted to the side? Let’s read on and find out if EverCool can keep our laptop’s components more cool. Before we get started, here’s a word from EverCool. EVERCOOL has pursued sustainable management as its operating principle since it sold Intel 386 CPU Coolers in 1994.The head office is located in Taipei,and the factory in Dong Guang is around...

EVERCOOL Bluetooth headset–BH-530

Evercool is a company that I have always associated with a variety of computer cooling products, but the company is branching out into new territory. The BH-530 is a Bluetooth headset that will allow users to connect to any device with the wireless technology and listen to whatever suits their fancy. An included omnidirectional microphone will also allow the BH-530 to be used for communication in game or through the phone. Soft leather earpads provide comfort for hours, which goes great with a battery life up to 10 hours.

Evercool is going to launch one new NB cooling pad– AIOLUS

Inspired by Greek mythology- Aeolus as the design concept, AIOLUS contains a blower which is a symbol typifies superior airflow and thermal effects, like the airbag which can creates strong wind. The appearance of blower design implies a image of Aeolus holding the airbag. EVERCOOL especially design staggered bars on the surface to ensure the stability of handheld use.


One of the important and famous computer exhibitions ” Taipei COMPUTEX ” Exhibition from June 4 to 8 at Taipei World Trade Center and Nangang Exhibition Hall, which was successfully ended up at6/8. COMPUTEX annually attracts a large number of business and buyers coming to visit this. According to statistics a total of 1,724 exhibitors, with 5,042 booths, five-days event more than 13 million people visited in this exhibition, visitors can also perceive current 3C trends, various manufacturers making their efforts to display the latest technology products. In this exhibition, EVERCOOL show a latest launched unique cooling products – AIOLUS, breaking the previous model for cooling pad, improved traditional laptop cooling performance, EVERCOOL make a combination of a cooling pad and a blower, which will be a big bright spot. EVERCOOL do not just enhance cooling performance, instead AIOLUS contains a blower that can directly take out the heat inside the laptop. At EVERCOOL booth, AIOLUS attracts a lot of buyers attention and inquiries, not only that, EVERCOOL also have a series of cooling fans, CPU coolers and other cooling accessories in display. Thank you for visiting EVERCOOL booth; we get a lot of feedback from our partners, buyers and interenational press. In the future EVERCOOL will continue to develop good quality and high cooling performance products EVERCOOL creative cooling products:   Jun 7th, 2013 1:53   Evercool Jun 7th, 2013 1:53 Everco...

Evercool is going to launch new Universal Suction Holder

The device works with all types of cell phone/ GPS/ PDA/ IPOD. This holder constructed with a nut and ball head plate which can be rotated 360°. Alloy adjustable arms users can house a wide range of devices. For more details, please visit our website: http://evercool.com.tw/categories/global/accessory/mobile/ush-01/universalholder.php

Evercool is going to launch one new 2 heatpipes CPU cooler

  EVERCOOL is going to launch one new 2 heatpipe CPU cooler-HPR-9225EA- uses one 9 cm silent fan with a maximum speed about up to 2200RPM and aluminum fins that can directly dispel the heat from the CPU and motherboard components. With only 2 heatpipes, this CPU Cooler is targeted at the low profile CPU cooling market with its excellent cooling performance. Not just that, HPR-9225EA allows users to add a 2nd fan to increase cooling power. Specification: • 2x Ø6mm-U-shape copper heat pipes accelerate heat conductivity. • Simple installation procedure design. • Universal socket support:Intel1155/1156/775,AMD K8/AM2/AM3/FM1/FM2. • 9225 white designed fan,fan speed up to 2200rpm.efficiently optimizes cooling performance. • Option for adding 2nd fan to increase cooling power.   Specification: Overall Dimension 97 x73 x 118 mm DC Fan Size 92 x 92 x 25 mm Bearing Type EL Bearing Life Time 60,000 hr Fan Speed 2200± 15% RPM Air Flow 37.6 CFM Noise Level 26.3 dBA Rated Voltage 12 VDC Weight 400 g

Evercool is going to launch two new latptop tables; Keith & Bossa nova

Evercool release two different styles of cooling tables Keith & Bossa nova (Model No: NTC-101/102) in 2013. Keith (Model No: NTC-101)– To identify the collection among visions and further design with familiarities from childhood memories, Keith (Model No: NTC-101) appears with a wood look to give it a pleasing color. Keith table surface applies MDF scratchproof treatment that is resistant to or capable of withstanding scratches. Bossa nova (Model No: NTC-102)– Bossa nova design inspired by refreshing ocean appears, characterized with blue color and wave lines. Plastic desk is lightweight, easy for carrying. Bossa nova (Model No: NTC-101) has a delightful blue air outlet design with two Evercool 80mm silent fan increase the speed of NB heat conduction.  For more details, please visit the website: Keith (NTC-101): http://www.evercool.com.tw/categories/global/cooler/tabletcoolingtable/ntc-101/keith.php Bossa nova (NTC-102) :http://www.evercool.com.tw/categories/global/cooler/tabletcoolingtable/ntc-102/bossanova.php

EVERCOOL launch new Magnet USB fan- MUF-12

For the computer case cooling, the case is no longer staged like an oven in the hot summer.Align your CPU to give it a big cool breeze and make your laptop is no longer overheating. It would bother office workers who easily to hand sweat and sometimes even only sitting in the air-conditioned office, typing and sweating could be irritated. Simple and stylish shape, with a refreshing white appears, a lightweight mini-pedestal fan makes you no longer embarrassing..  

EVERCOOL launch new case fan- Silent Shark Fan

EVERCOOL is launching its new “Silent Shark Fan” grills design; it provides superior airflow efficiency and heat-distribution while operating. It achieves superb quietness and outstanding aerodynamic efficiency at the same level specifications. Silent Shark Fan is the best fan choice for users seeking for perfect balance with first class cooling efficiency without adding unwanted noise.  The features : Fan with sawtooth-shaped vanes creates high air pressure and provides great cooling performance. • Shark gills-shaped wind guides generate an outstanding vortex airflow. • Two functions for silent / overclocking and speed control make it convenient and affordable. • Anti-vibration rubber nail design for a quiet operation. • Unique Ever Lubricate bearing for long-time use.  http://www.evercool.com.tw/categories/taiwan/fan/specialfan/ssf-12/silentsharkfan.php

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