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Wellness and Eye Care Take Center Stage with the 24” Philips SoftBlue Monitor

Wellness and Eye Care Take Center Stage with the 24” Philips SoftBlue Monitor Anti-blue light technology eliminates emissions of harmful blue-light to reduce the impact on eyes without sacrificing color quality Fremont, California – April 16, 2015 – Today EPI announces the availability of the 24” Philips Soft Blue display (247E6BDAD) which uses Anti-blue light technology to protect users against the damaging effects of blue light from LED-backlit computer screens. With people spending more time than ever interacting with digital devices, continuous blue light exposure through extended screen time poses a potential risk of long-term damage to eyesight. The Philips SoftBlue monitor is now available on Amazon.com for $170. Blue light, the end of the visible portion of the color spectrum (380-450 nm), is made of high-energy waves. These waves are strong and penetrating. Blue light radiates from computer monitors, smart phones, and tablets. Consumers spend hours a day in front of their screens working and socializing, however screen time comes with side effects. Headaches, eyestrain and eye fatigue are common complaints after working on a computer for an extended period of time. The Philips SoftBlue display reduces eye fatigue by eliminating 90 percent of blue light at harmful wavelengths, helping to mitigate the negative impact on eyes and improve well-being. Unlike software-based approaches, the SoftBlue display works using a new technology which changes the peak of t...

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