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ECS Impresses Everyone at COMPUTEX 2014

 ECS Impresses Everyone at COMPUTEX 2014  Great products and shows with innovation by ECS and $100,000NTD design winner is chosen  2014/06/17 Taipei, Taiwan— During 6/3~6/7, the leading motherboard manufacturer ECS put on a great show with innovative product lines and fascinating stage events and activities at COMPUTEX 2014. Attract more than 50,000 international visitors from over 40 countries, ECS is definitely the biggest shining star among all the exhibitors in this COMPUTEX. ECS launched the high-end gaming brand, L337 GAMING, brand-new Z97-MACHINE with Intel® Z97 Express Chipset, a gaming-oriented motherboard with world-class ESS SABRE audio to rock gamers’ sounding experience. Also two new L337 GAMING family members with ITX form factor, Z97I-DRONE and H97I-DRONE, were exclusively announced in COMPUTEX 2014. Besides gaming motherboards, ECS emphasizes the importance of customer satisfaction and tries to fulfill different aspects of motherboard applications, such as multimedia, business, and industrial PC, ECS provides a total solution for different motherboard needs. The most anticipated and asked product in this COMPUTEX is LIVA Mini PC Kit, which is recently released in Taiwan and Japan and will be introduced to other regions in the near future. With only 190g and 15 watts power consumption, a PC consumes just as a light bulb, LIVA is not only the world’s smallest Windows based mini PC kit but also a milestone of how people change the perception of using...

ECS Launches New Intel® 9-Series, L337 Gaming Motherboard

ECS Launches New Intel® 9-Series, L337 Gaming Motherboard Unbeatable Gaming Headset Performance for Hardcore PC Gamers 11 May 2014, Taipei, Taiwan – The all-new ECS L337 Gaming Z97-MACHINE brings together numerous features and advantages demanded by hardcore PC gamers. It uses the new Intel® Z97 Express Chipset, enabling support for some of the fastest processors available, including Intel® 4th and 5th Generation Core i7, i5, i3 Processors. Z97-MACHINE also ships with Pro Gaming Performance Features, thanks to Extreme Audio combo with ESS SABRE Premier DAC and Sound Blaster Cinema 2, Hybrid Power Module Design, Dual Graphic and Native 4K support, the latest M.2 Expansion for SSD, Intel® Ethernet Gigabit LAN optimization for gaming, and a high quality, extreme tested all components platform and design that is unmatched`1 in the industry. Gaming Focus As a member of the L337 Gaming motherboard family, the Z97-MACHINE benefits from a legacy of ECS’s gamer-friendly design. From start to finish, this motherboard aims to enable better, more enjoyable gaming on a PC at a great starting price for players looking for excellent performance at an even better value. Premium Hardware Design: Hybrid Power L337 Exclusive Hybrid Power yields a fantastic overclocking experience for enthusiasts. Featuring Dual Advanced MOSFETs provides up to 90% power efficiency, which allows for extreme heat dissipation with the optimal combination of fast switching, highly efficient power conversi...


ECS KBN-I/5200 AMD A6-5200 Mini-ITX Motherboard Review

AMD's APU series market has really picked up pace over the last few years. The most recent updates to their current road map, included the new FM2+ socket A88X based chipset and the Kaveri Processor. This has really generated a great deal of interest with many of today's budget conscious consumers. However, with no updates to AMD's enthusiast FX series chip road map, AMD's APU series is really the only new technology we are seeing at the moment from its consumer line. With that said, we are excited to see that AMD is starting to put more budget friendly APU technology out in the market and we are going to shed some light on what to expect. Today we are looking at a very new low-budget APU inspired motherboard. It includes the Kabini SoC processor (which runs the Jaguar APU Cores) on a Radeon HD8000 series graphics base, and it does it all in a tight nit space. At the beginning of the year, ECS (Elitegroup Computer Systems) announced this Kabini SoC processing unit which houses an AMD A6-5200 CPU. It also includes a Radeon 8400 GPU all in a small mini-ITX form factor APU combo. Today we got our nitty gritty hands on this tiny power house to put it to the test. We are excited to see what this Quad Core A6-5200 APU can do. Before we jump into the details of the ECS KBN-I/5200 motherboard, lets take a look at ECS (Elitegroup Computer Systems).

Team CompLexity Won 2014 Call of Duty World Championship

  Team CompLexity Won 2014 Call of Duty World Championship L337 Gaming sponsorship team CompLexity took the first place with $400,000USD grand prize   3rd April 2014, Taipei, Taiwan –Breaking news! ECS proudly announced that the L337 Gaming sponsorship gaming team, CompLexity, won the first place in 2014 Call of Duty Championship with $400,000USD grand prize in Los Angeles on 3/30/2014. Congratulations, Team CompLexity!     CompLexity scored wins over both TCM Gaming and XFinity in 3-0 matches during round one and two, respectively, and FaZe in round three. The team’s 6-0 win over OpTic in round four advanced them to the Championship Final Round against EnVyUs. CompLexity, which includes Patrick “Aches” Price, Tyler “TeePee” Polchow, Damon “Karma” Barlow, and Ian “Crimsix” Porter, showed their excellent skills and superb team work and defeated EnVyUs in overtime of Championship Final Round.   The full list of finalists for the 2014 Call of Duty Championship is as follows:   1st: CompLexity———$400,000 2nd: EnVyUs————-$200,000 3rd: OpTic Gaming——$120,000 4th: Strictly Business—-$100,000 5th: Trident T1dotters—$70,000 6th: FaZe——————-$50,000 7th: Rise Nation———-$35,000 8th: VexX Revenge——$25,000 World-famous professional gaming team CompLexity has been the leading organization in e...


ECS Introduces Z87H3-M Motherboard

Introduction On January, 15th, 2014 ECS announced the Z87H3-M - the smartest Z87 MicroATX motherboard. This motherboard comes with the Intel Z87 Chipset, 4K Resolution Support, and Fast Crossfire X Graphics. This unit is an ECS Durathon board. This means it has the Triple Density moisture-proof PCB, ultra-high Extreme Temperature Resistance, and extra-stringent testing. ECS Z87H3-M features 100% durable, heat-resistant solid capacitors which typically provide a lifetime 6 times longer than the electrolytic capacitors. Meanwhile the board’s external connectors, such as VGA, USB and LAN ports, feature heavy-duty ESD (electrostatic discharge) protection, to protect from static and other electrical disturbances. Specifications CPU º Supports new 4rd gen Intel® Core™ family, Pentium, Celeron series processors in LGA1150 socket º DMI 5.0GT/s º 3 Phase Thermal Design Power º VRD 12.5 º 100% Solid capacitor design º Supports Intel® Turbo Boost 2.0 Technology º Supports Intel® Hyper-Threading Technology º Intel® K Series Unlock CPU Support º Please refer to CPU support list for details CHIPSET º Intel® Z87 Express Chipset º Intel® Smart Response Technology, Intel® Smart Connect Technology & Intel® Rapid Start Technolog º Supports Intel® Identity Protection Technology GRAPHICS º Support Intel® HD Graphics 4000/4600 º Supports DirectX® 11 .1 º Supports Intel® HD Graphics, InTru™ 3D, Quick Sync Video, Clear Video HD Technology,...


ECS Launches New L337 GANK DRONE Gaming Motherboard for Intel® 4th Generation Core Processors

All new L337 GANK Drone Z87H3-A3X gaming motherboard designed with the Intel® Z87 Express Chipset  2013/10/9 Taipei, Taiwan – ECS today releases the L337 (Leet) Z87H3-A3X GANK Drone Series motherboard, the first motherboard in the GANK Drone Series. This new entry level gaming motherboard brings together both great gaming features and an incredible value for aspiring hardcore PC gamers. The Z87H3-A3X GANK Drone Series motherboard is based on the Intel® Z87 Express Chipset, enabling support for some of the fastest processors available, including the new Intel® 4th generation Core i7, i5 and i3 processors. All GANK Drone Series motherboards ship with an exclusively crafted L337 heatsink design, M.I.B X overclocking software tool, 8-Channel HD Audio with Sound Blaster Cinema software, and Intel® I217-V Gigabit LAN optimized for gaming. The GANK Drone Series and the Z87H3-A3X motherboard represent ECS’s next great expansion into the professional gaming motherboard arena. Gaming Focus As a member of the L337 family of gaming motherboards, the GANK Drone Series benefits from a legacy of ECS’s gamer-friendly design. From start to finish, this motherboard aims to enable more enjoyable and higher performance PC gaming at a better value. Standard gaming features include 4 Dual-Channel overclockable DDR3 memory at 1600Mhz which doubles up to 3000+Mhz with the BIOS adjustable clock rates. 2-Way NVIDIA® SLI™ or 2-Way AMD® CrossFireX™ GPU scaling allows you to doubl...


“L337 TOP GANKS COMPETITION” Hosted by L337 Gaming and Complexity Pro Gaming

Join “L337 TOP GANKS Competition” and win exclusive L337 GANK Drone Motherboards 2013/10/15 Taipei, Taiwan L337 Gaming and Pro Gaming Team Complexity are hosting “L337 TOP GANKS COMPETITION” and winners will be able to get the most anticipated L337 Gaming Motherboard—L337 GANK Drone Z87H3-A3X, a new-release gaming motherboard, using Intel® Z87 Express Chipset with Intel® 4th generation Core processors CPU i7, i5, i3, bringing together both great gaming features and an incredible value for aspiring hardcore PC gamers. All participants just simply have to go to “L337 TOP GANKS COMPETITION” event page and share the information on Tweeter or Facebook, and there will be three lucky winners who can bring back L337 GANK DRONE Z87H3-A3X, best gaming motherboards. Entries close on October 15, 2013. “L337 TOP GANKS COMPETITION” Event Page: www.complexitygaming.com/news/4226/ (Definition of GANK: “The process in which a group of characters gang up on one or more players that do not have a chance to defend themselves”) L337’s Commitment to the Gaming Community and Culture As part of L337’s commitment to gaming, L337 Gaming is proud to announce the sponsorship of the champion gaming organization Complexity Gaming, 2013 MLG summer champions. It is L337’s hope that with this partnership, L337 Gaming can help to bring more awareness to the professional gaming community and assist in the continuing growth of the gaming industry. L337 will also support Team Com...


ECS Introduces Durathon Certified H81 Series Motherboards

The Latest Features Including 4K Support with Durathon Dependability 11 September, 2013, Taipei, Taiwan - Elitegroup Computer Systems (ECS) ECS today announces its new H81 series motherboards, featuring new Intel® 8-series Chipset specifically for the new 4th Generation Intel® Core processor family. ECS H81 series motherboards are designed for different applications, such as Internet café, multi-media, and general office productivity. Also, ECS H81 series motherboards are available in a full product line of ATX, Micro-ATX and Mini-ITX form factors.   Durathon Certified All H81 series motherboards are certified with ECS’s new Durathon durability technology which includes Triple Density PCB, Extreme Temperature Resistance, 1.5K Point Marathon Testing, and Superior Solid Capacitors designed to greatly improve motherboard quality, stability and longevity. In addition, electrostatic discharge protection provides additional protection.   Durathon motherboards use the highest quality components and go through rigorous testing that are above and beyond industry standards to ensure the highest standards in reliability.   4K Support, SATA III, PCI-Express x16, USB 3.0, And More Features of the new ECS H81 series motherboards include support for full SATA III 6 Gb/s internal ports for rapid storage speeds, PCI-Express Gen.3 x16 bus for the latest graphics cards, integrated USB 3.0 for faster data transfer rates, 4K resolution display support on the HDMI port, and ...


ECS Z87H3-A2X Extreme Golden (Gank Machine) Motherboard Review

ECS Elitegroup has been around for more then two decades and is known to provide consumers with some of today’s most budget friendly motherboards. While ECS has been providing some of today's most affordable products all these years, recently ECS did a complete overhaul on its design and beefed up it's components. They did this to compete with some of today's big name manufacturers in the performance arena. ECS is what we would call "Out with the old, in with the new" and we were quite impressed with ECS Elitegroup's new aesthetics and layout on its new Z87 series motherboard. Today we have a chance to dive in and take a closer look at the new ECS A87H3-A2X Extreme Golden Gank Machine Motherboard. The Gank Machine is ECS Elitegroup's flagship Gaming motherboard and we are going to put this motherboard to the test to see how well it stacks up to its competitors. First, let's first find out a little about ECS Elitegroup.


ECS L337 Now Proud Sponsor of Complexity Gaming Profession Team

2013/7/16 Taipei, Taiwan – During 2013 Taipei Computex, ECS introduced L337 Gaming Motherboard Series, GANK Domination and GANK Machine, bringing together numerous features and advantages demanded by hardcore PC gamers. As part of L337’s commitment to gaming, L337 is proud to announce the sponsorship of champion gaming organization Complexity Gaming and their entire stable of amazingly talented professional gamers. On 6/30 Complexity won 2013 Major League Gaming (MLG) Spring Championship for Call of Duty with total prize $20,000USD in Anaheim, California USA. Complexity Gaming continues to be a leading organization in every major competitive gaming titles. Now powered by L337 products, Complexity Gaming will continue to strive towards gaming excellence with the best gaming hardware on the planet. To learn more about Complexity Gaming Team visit the L337 Microsite and official Complexity Website L337 Microsite: http://www.L337gaming.com Complexity: http://www.complexitygaming.com About ECS (Elitegroup Computer Systems) ECS, Elitegroup Computer Systems, was established in 1987, and is approaching its 26th year of business. More than two decades, ECS has overcome a great deal of obstacles facing new businesses and has experienced the joy of significant growth and development. Her main focus has expanded to not only motherboards, but also All-in-One PC and notebook computers, graphics cards and other mobile products. ECS is strongly committed to develop cutting-edge techn...


Breaking Limitations! CPU OC on ECS H87, B85, and H81 Motherboards

ECS is the world’s first motherboard manufacturer to announce all 8 Series chipsets with overclocking availability   2013/7/5 Taipei, Taiwan – Now you don’t necessarily need K-Series CPU along with Z-Series chipset to experience the joy of overclocking. ECS recently announced that ECS motherboards with all Intel® 8 Series chipset, including H87, B85, and H81, have the CPU overclocking ability, giving non Z-Series motherboard users an additional benefit of CPU overclocking performance.   ECS has achieved the Non-Z Series CPU overclocking with H87, B85, and H81 motherboards by simply adjusting the CPU Ratio in BIOS setting, offering an extremely easy way of performing CPU overclocking. More importantly, H87, B85, and H81 CPU overclocking ability provides an affordable solution for all different levels of overclockers. About ECS (Elitegroup Computer Systems) ECS, Elitegroup Computer Systems, was established in 1987, and is approaching its 26th year of business. More than two decades, ECS has overcome a great deal of obstacles facing new businesses and has experienced the joy of significant growth and development. Her main focus has expanded to not only motherboards, but also All-in-One PC and notebook computers, graphics cards and other mobile products. ECS is strongly committed to develop cutting-edge technology in order to generate innovative products under environmental friendly designs. ECS comprehensive system of quality control provides our clients with...


ECS Reveals its First Motherboard with the AMD Kabini – KBN-I

    New Power Efficient Mini-ITX Motherboard with an Integrated Jaguar Processor 19th Jun 2013, Taipei, Taiwan – Elitegroup Computer Systems (ECS) reveals its latest Mini-ITX motherboard family-KBN-I-featuring the world 1st Quad Core SoC (system-on-a-chip) processor with the newest “Jaguar” 28 nanometer architecture. The ECS KBN-I is integrated AMD Quad Core A6-5200 APU with AMD Radeon HD 8400 Graphics, support new generation DirectX 11.1 graphics, and offer 50% longer battery life performance. The ECS KBN-I with official Windows 8 WHCK certification (Windows Hardware Certification Kit) allows users to take full advantage of the touch browser and function-oriented design of Windows 8. The NM70-I is optimized for home, general computing productivity and multimedia applications. Up to 25% More Power Efficiency Designed to save space and energy, the ECS KBN-I is the ideal solution for small-form factor systems, with the AMD Kabini Quad Core SoC processor and maximum of 25W low power consumption. It improves a better power efficiency with up to 25% more power efficiency thru clock gating and unit redesign compared with current generation low power platform. Thanks to new generation design of increasing the amount of core, instructions per clock(IPC), and boost clock speed, the ECS KBN-I reducing energy usage by operating at lower frequencies when performance is not necessary. The ECS KBN-I also has 9W fanless Heat Sink design, full electrostatic dischar...


ECS Unveils Their Exclusive Durathon Technology and L337 Gaming at Computex Taipei 2013

Improved Stability and Performance on Their Full-Line of Products 27 May 2013, Taipei, Taiwan – Elitegroup Computer Systems (ECS) will be in Computex 2013 in Nangang Exhibition Hall 4F, Booth No. L418. This time, ECS will present a series of innovative products of using their exclusive Durathon Technology to ensure only the highest product quality and also launch new L337 Gaming series motherboard for your ultimate gaming experience.   ECS Motherboard: Achieving Excellent Performance ECS will display new series of motherboards using the latest Intel and AMD platforms to each individual in all field of life. ECS Durathon Technology is a brand-new certificate that goes above and beyond industrial standards to guarantee that your ECS motherboard will last long and outperform the competition. The new launched L337 series is a brand-new gaming motherboard series designed for gamers. L337 is committed to enhancing your gaming experience to the highest potential. Through a perpetual feedback loop with the gamer community, L337 will turn gamers’ wants, needs, and dreams into reality   ECS AIO (All-In-One): Enrich Your Computing Desire ECS unveils a new generation of touch based AIO PCs- G24, G22 and G20, in which edge-to-edge touch panel and 10-fingers touch capability in particular fully supports Windows 8. ECS AIO also comes up with a series of interchangeable ECS Thin Mini-ITX motherboards in order to fulfill the wide range of application for various segment...


ECS Intel® 8-Series Chipset Motherboards Officially Debuts

    _______ECS introduces the first Intel 8-Series Motherboards featuring the new 4th Generation Intel Core processor family for their new family of desktop motherboards Pro, Deluxe and Essentials. The new ECS (Elitegroup Computer Systems) family of motherboards featuring the new Intel 8-series Chipset family with new designed specifically for the new 4th Generation Intel Core processor family of CPUs, which will be available and shipping worldwide in Q2 2013. The new chipset features support for full SATA III 6 Gb/s internal ports and PCI-Express Gen.3 x16 bus design. They also integrate USB 3.0, Thunderbolt, and enable responsiveness technologies like Intel Smart Response, Intel Smart Connect, and Intel Rapid Start. ECS is also introducing a new family of motherboard tiers including: Pro series optimized for power computing, Deluxe series optimized for small office and home, and Essentials series optimized for home and multi-media. The new ECS family of motherboards will feature ECS’s new Durathon durability technology which includes a triple density PCB, extreme temperature resistance, 1.5K point marathon testing, and superior solid capacitors designed to greatly improve motherboard quality, stability and longevity. Additional features includes ECS’s exclusive Hyper Alloy Choke technology, Sound Blaster Cinema Technology, 4-way video output (DVI, HDMI, Display Port and D-Sub VGA), EZ quick charger, Motherboard Intelligent Bios III, 4K video output,...


ECS introduce Durathon technology promising new Durability Standards in PC Industry

Durathon from Elitegroup Computer Systems (ECS) exclusively delivers a hassle free computing experience by solving common PC hardware problems before they can even occur. A specially devised testing regime – far stricter than common industry standards and combined with the highest quality components, ensures that ECS Durathon motherboards can be relied on stability and reliability far into the future. Durathon derives from Durable and Marathon, which means each board runs through the strenuous testing cycle and guaranteed the ability of working flawlessly even under the most extreme environmental conditions. For PC owners suffering crashes, instability and poor performance, ECS Durathon motherboards go above and beyond industry standards to ensure that your motherboard can now deliver the stability, reliability and performance that we promise. ECS Durathon comprises four interlocking tests and enhancements together to protect PCs and defeat many of the most common causes of hardware problems and system instability. Ultimate Hardware Protection ECS Durathon motherboards must have the highest level Bi-Directional Splitting Glass Fabric, which is 3 times more effective humidity protection than general glass fabric. ECS Bi-Directional Splitting Glass Fabric narrows the vacant space between the glass fabric of the PCB which can lower air permeability for dampness proofing and reduces short circuit or burn out malfunction. It improves the thermal stress of the PCB and makes th...

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