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The 2014 Nascita Gaming Mouse and Dimora Mouse Pad

Feenix released its new 2014 Nascita Gaming Mouse which is designed to be completely plug and play and does not require any drivers. They also released the Dimora Mouse Pad . Judging by the specs these appear to be two solid products. With MSRP of $97 dollars for the mouse and $36 dollars for the mouse pad these products are aesthetically pleasing and well thought out and easily within the budget of most discerning users. Nascita Gaming Mouse Specs Ergonomic Feenix form factor Feenix Engineering and Workmanship 8200 dpi laser chipset and lens system Feenix in mouse LCD technology Perfectly weight distributed high grade teflon Resistant to water damage Case includes extra teflon feet and certificate Feenix braided cord with gold plating Specifications: 8200 dpi Avago 9800 laser chipset Avago lens 1 ms response time / 1000Hz Ultrapolling 12000fps 150 ips 30g acceleration 114g net weight Dimora Mouse Pad Specs Micro Textured, Low Friction Surface Feenix Engineering and Workmanship Super Reflecting Surface Technology Single-Body Construction Internal Diamond Shaped Patterning For Enhanced Durability Specifications: Length: 350 mm / 13.80″ Width: 280mm mm / 11.00″ Height: 6.0mm /0.24″    

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