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Diamond Multimedia PlugnView Home Monitoring Security Camera kit

In this day and age security has become more of a need then a want because we are in an age where everything is being monitored. There are security cameras on streets, in stores, and just about every were you look. We give up some privacy, but in turn we get some piece of mind, knowing that if something should go wrong it will get captured on video. It’s also a hard fact that in most households both parents work out of necessity. Because of this, people are gone from their household for a minimum of eight to ten hours a day. Folks also have kids and pets at home, and in some cases care for the elderly. I know some who have very expensive security systems installed in their homes, and pay a monthly fee to security companies that monitor their dwelling while they are away. This, in turn, gives them some piece of mind. However many of us cannot afford that expense. How would you like to have a system in place that is inexpensive to purchase, and comes with no monthly fee? One that would allow you to look in on your children, see what Fido is up to, or just checkup on that grandparent or loved one who needs special care... Today we will be reviewing a plug and play surveillance system from Diamond Multimedia. The Diamond PlugnView is a remote home monitoring Internet night vision security camera kit. It is advertised as an inexpensive way to monitor and view things by camera, whether the inside or outside of your dwelling. It also does it wirelessly from devi...

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