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Cooler Master Announces the CM Storm QuickFire TK

CM Storm QuickFire TK Chino, California – November 6th, 2012 – Cooler Master, an industry leading chassis, thermal solution, peripheral, and accessory manufacturer, today introduces a true gamer’s keyboard, the QuickFire TK. Precise, Ergonomic, Versatile Featuring a cool and clean aesthetic, QuickFire TK includes laser-marked, grip coated keycaps and a non-glossy matte finish. This is complemented by user requested reductions in markings and decals to provide a clean and professional look. Cleverly removing the home and arrow key clusters, QuickFire TK offers no compromises by combining these into a fully-functional ten key pad that switches seamlessly between Game and Work mode. A response time of 1ms, in USB mode, offers gamers a necessary consistency to navigate the ever changing landscapes of their video game libraries. With the Windows Key being disabled in GAME mode, users will no longer worry about possibly losing a match from accidentally minimizing the game. Multimedia shortcuts are available to ensure that media can be controlled with ease. With N Key Rollover, users connecting the QuickFire TK via USB can activate one or all of the keys on the keyboard simultaneously and have them all register. Full backlit LED lighting permeates the keycaps in colors that correspond to the Cherry MX switch type selected. Special edition blue LEDs and blue back plate come with the Cherry Blue switch model and red LEDs and red back plate are installed on the Cherry Red,...


Cooler Master Silent Pro Platinum 1000W

Of late we've started seeing a few more 80Plus Platinum certified power supplies, and today we're looking at one from Cooler Master: the Silent Pro Platinum 1000W. Good looks and nice features will only get you so far though, as performance is what matters in the end. Coming with a price tag of $250, the Cooler Master Silent Pro Platinum 1000W looks to offer great performance for the price. Let's find out if that is indeed the case or not. Click through for more.

Cooler Master Introduces the Seidon 120M CPU Liquid Cooler

Chino, California – October 30th, 2012 – Cooler Master, an industry leading chassis, thermal solution, peripheral, and accessory manufacturer, announces its return to the liquid cooling market. Creating the industry’s first All-In-One (AIO) liquid cooler in 2004 with the Aquagate Series, Cooler Master has since strived to improve the design and technology that runs its AIO solutions before signaling their return. The result of which is a unique pump and block design that sets itself apart from a sea of copies – The Seidon 120M. It promises to be the first in a long line of AIO solutions from Cooler Master. Easy Liquid Cooling for the Masses Seidon 120M, designed from the ground up to be an extremely compact solution that is accessible to all. Affordable can often be a stigma, but quality remains a high priority with Seidon 120M. It has a high performance waterblock that is machined out of a single block of copper with special Micro Channels that maximize heat dissipation. The integrated pump / waterblock combo assist in saving valuable space around the CPU socket while providing performance and reliability that is similar to air-based CPU coolers. Operating between 600 and 2400RPM, the included 120mm PWM fan ensures that there will be plenty of options for balancing performance and noise to a user’s needs. Simple Setup & Maintenance-Free True to the All-In-One moniker, Seidon 120M is a self-contained unit that requires minimal setup for installation and u...

Introducing the CUBE and CLUTCH: Apple / Win 8 Ready Accessories

Chino, California – October 25th, 2012 – Cooler Master, an award winning designer and manufacturer of thermal and protective solutions for computers and mobile devices today announces two brand new additions to its line of versatile Mac accessories, the CUBE and CLUTCH. Windows 8 Ready Announcing day one support for the latest and greatest Windows 8 tablets, Cooler Master’s Cube and CLUTCH make it so you can maximize your comfort and enjoyment while using your slick new tablet and operating system. CUBE Tablet computers are convenient, but they often are used in uncomfortable sitting or standing positions and that can cause pains all throughout the body. The CUBE was designed to help avoid these issues, by holding your iPad or other tablet in a secure position to create a more comfortable viewing / typing angle that makes watching movies, reading and chatting to friends easier. Numerous ergonomic height settings let you customize CUBE so you can find the ideal angle for comfort. Width adjustable rubber feet support any sizes tablet and also keep the CUBE securely in place. Elegance in design and durability being key factors in the production of the CUBE provides you with a stand that will be useful for years to come. A slim and compact travel design makes it easy to fit inside any bag so you can use it at home, in the office or at your favorite coffee shop. The CUBE lets you do what you need to and stay totally comfortable. Use the CUBE with any tablet, including...

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CM Storm Skorpion

Chino, California – October 2nd, 2012 – Cooler Master, an industry leading chassis, thermal solution, peripheral, and accessory manufacturer, today of a new must have accessory for your climb up the ranks of professional gaming leagues, the Skorpion. Versatile, Freeing, Expandable Crafted to be the next necessary addition to your gaming arsenal, Skorpion solves a wired mouse problem that has existed since the beginning of gaming. Mouse cords have had the tendency to get caught at inconvenient times. Skorpion solves this through the use of several techniques such as adaptive grip grooves that secure thin and thick mouse cords in its elevated active flex rubber mouse cord arm. This new found cord elevation gives gamers the control over how much mouse cord slack they need to perform lightning fast movements that score the final kill of a match – all without the concern that a caught cord might cause unwanted movements that have devastating consequences. A heavy iron core and feet with anti-shift pads provides Skorpion with exceptional stability, even throughout stressful final matches. Skorpion is the next logical step in your journey to increase your gaming prowess. Let nothing, not even a caught mouse cord, stand in your way of victory. Skorpion will be available October, 2012. Price and availability may vary by region. Please consult your local Cooler Master Representative for more information. Click here for more details.

Cooler Master Announces NotePal I300

Chino, California – October 2nd, 2012 – Cooler Master, an innovative creator of laptop coolers, Apple accessories, and other mobile products, today reveals a new thin, lightweight, and effective laptop cooling pad, the NotePal I300. Slim. Slender. Smooth. Coming in at a slim 36mm (1.4″) thickness at its smallest point with a lightweight metal mesh, plastic, and rubber build, NotePal I300 is amongst the thinnest and lightest weight laptop cooling pads that support up to 17” laptops. It offers two height adjustment settings to provide options for ergonomic viewing and typing angles. It also packs a powerful 160mm fan that manages to deliver crucial airflow to cool your notebook while remaining comparable to whisper quiet. These features are rounded out by a soft blue LED lighting effect that creates a calming ambiance while using your laptop. NotePal I300 will be available in early October, 2012. Price and availability will vary based on region and/or country. Click here for more details: http://www.coolermaster-usa.com/product.php?product_id=10016&product_name=NotePal%20I300 About Cooler Master Cooler Master was founded to provide the best thermal solutions to our customers worldwide. Since its establishment more than two decades ago, we continue to invest in product development in order to provide leading-edge innovations to people and businesses. Cooler Master’s enclosure technology line-up includes heat sinks and fans, chassis, power supplies, funct...

Cooler Master Announces Scout II PC Case

Chino, California – September 25, 2012 – Cooler Master, an industry leading chassis, thermal solution, peripheral, and accessory manufacturer today showcased the next step in the evolution of highly mobile mid-towers, the Scout 2.  Ready When You Are True dedication to the growing eSports phenomenon is being ready to move at a moment’s notice. Be it a LAN, friend’s house, or a remote battlefield, Scout 2 is prepared to take the fight to the enemy. Comfortable rubber carrying handles with steel reinforcements that are bolted to the core structure ensure that no matter how good your configuration is, they’ll be there to support the weight and ensure a swift transition between battlegrounds. Bumps and scuffs are an unavoidable part of any mission to a remote destination. A sliding cover over the two USB 3.0 ports, two USB 2.0 ports, and audio jacks on the front panel helps defend against possible damage and ensure that you can plug in and continue to frag. Expanded Support The predecessors to the Scout 2, CM Storm Scout 1 and Sniper, opened the door for fully-featured mid-towers to be the choice for mobile desktop PC gaming. Scout 2 goes beyond these and brings an ultramodern rifle appeal that elevates its abilities up to the pinnacle of support for its size. With that, users may build with confidence knowing that Scout 2 supports up to three 5.25” bay devices, seven hard drives, two SSDs, and even NVIDIA GTX 690 or AMD HD 7990 through an easily removable hard dr...

Notepal ERGO 360 Multi-function Laptop Cooler

Chino, California – September 11th, 2012 – Cooler Master, an industry leading chassis, thermal solution, peripheral, and accessory manufacturer today introduced a flexible new ergonomic stand that truly revolves around your mobile life, the NotePal ERGO 360 laptop cooling stand and tablet stand. All Encompassing NotePal ERGO 360 focuses on that single overriding need to have one powerful accessory that works with the products that keep you mobile. It incorporates the design and efficiency of our ergonomic laptop cooling stands with the versatility of a tablet stand into one easy to use product. As a laptop cooling stand, users get a high quality ergonomic stand that helps reduce hand and wrist fatigue caused by using their laptops for long periods of time. This comfort level can be selected by choosing one of three available height settings. Utilizing these comfortable angles helps reduce the instance of injuries from prolonged periods of laptop or tablet use. Avoid the hassle of choosing between functions by removing the adjustment stand to reveal a laptop cooling pad and an adjustable height tablet stand. This adjustable height stand rotates 360° for easy viewing. Adding to the convenience, anti-slip holders keep your laptop stable and cable management grooves provide a place to easily manage the attached USB cable. Excellent Cooling A whisper quiet 80mm fan significantly cools the base of your laptop. This airflow is directed by a high performance perforated al...


Cooler Master CM Storm Stryker Chassis

Sometimes it's tough to search for that perfect chassis. Whether you are looking for design or functionality, finding the perfect case poses a number of challenges. We have the opportunity today to take a look at the new Cooler Master CM Storm Stryker Chassis to see how close it comes to that "Holy Grail" of balancing looks and usefulness. We must say, the unique touches, in both form and functionality, that Cooler Master has added into the Stryker really caught our attention. As we move further into this review you will see why. Before we delve deeper into the versatility of this chassis we will talk a little about Cooler Master's design aesthetic with the Stryker Chassis.

Cooler Master’s Silent Pro Hybrid Series

  Chino, California – September 7th, 2012 – Cooler Master, an industry leading chassis, thermal solution, peripheral, and accessory manufacturer, is proud to announce that the world’s first in power supply technologies, the high end Silent Pro Hybrid 1300W, has now been improved to offer even more value and quality. Extended Warranty Cooler Master carefully selects high quality and durable components to build its Silent Pro Hybrid. Showing that we fully stand by this, the warranty has been doubled to provide a full 10 years of coverage from date of purchase for the updated Silent Pro Hybrid 1300W in the United States. Ensuring that all of these owners can partake in this new addition, the warranty extension also applies retroactively to those Silent Pro Hybrids that were purchased prior to this announcement. Premium Individually Sleeved Cables Cooler Master has a reputation as a company that keeps an open and accessible presence across popular enthusiast forums. This is where fans, and critics, can provide their input. Cooler Master listens and strives to help find a mutually beneficial solution to each issue. Answering one of these calls, the improved Silent Pro Hybrid 1300W power supply model will include a full set of premium individually sleeved modular cables that will add that extra touch of professionalism to an otherwise flawless build. About Silent Pro Hybrid Series Silent Pro Hybrid Series includes the features that many enthusiasts demand such as ...


CoolerMaster CM Storm Ceres-400

Cooler Master CM Storm Ceres-400, it delivers high-quality sound, in a rugged yet comfortable and light weight frame. Built for gamers “on the go”, Ceres-400 delivers great ultra mobile sound at an affordable price. High Quality 40mm drivers bring out every detail in the game so you can react quickly and hear where the action is. Specially designed sound-absorbing cushions sit comfortably on your ears and help block out distractions or chatter from other gamers. Ceres-400 lets you enjoy the comfort, quality and competitive edge of a professional-grade gaming headset wherever you go. Click here to read more about our review on the Ceres-400

Cooler Master’s NA 120W Universal Laptop Charger

Chino, California – August 21st, 2012 – Cooler Master, a market leader in providing portable charging devices, thermal solutions, computer chassis, peripherals, and notebook coolers, announces a new universal laptop and portable device charger, the NA 120W Universal Laptop Charger. Portable Power Simplified The NA 120W, designed based on the notion that an all-encompassing power solution can be simply and elegantly executed to provide power to nearly all laptops. It brings added value through extended features and a space-saving, slim form factor. Never search for a power cord again with 10 included charger tips that can be swapped on-the-fly to quickly power most laptop brands. Maintaining an eco-friendly energy efficiency of up to 90%. The NA 120W provides a high 19V output that often outperforms that of the original notebook power adapter. Being designed for travel, NA 120W comes equipped with a convenient cloth storage bag for accessories and an inline Velcro cable management strap. The NA 120W Universal Laptop Charger will be available in August, 2012. Price and availability may vary based on region. Please consult your local Cooler Master Representative for more information. Click here for more details.

Cooler Master’s new versatile mobile Apple MacBook Pro stands

Chino, California – August 21st, 2012 – Cooler Master, an industry leading chassis, thermal solution, peripheral, and accessory manufacturer today announces two brand new additions to its line of versatile mobile Apple MacBook Pro stands, the L-STAND and JAS PRO. Capture Their Attention Constructed from high-grade materials, JAS PRO and L-STAND are a perfect complement to your MacBook Pro. Add that extra something to really set off the look of an otherwise amazing MacBook. Whether you are working hard, watching a video, or playing a game, stand it up and display it proudly. L-STAND The L-STAND’s aluminum framework turns your MacBook Pro into a slim and chic mini desktop tower. This reduces the MacBook Pro’s overall footprint and assists by orienting the system for easy cable management. A non-abrasive interior rubber lining ensures that your MacBook will remain free from possible scratches while a non-slip rubber base keeps the L-STAND from moving out of place. The L-STAND is the perfect way to clear desk space and make a statement at home or at the office. JAS PRO The stunning new JAS PRO display stand turns your MacBook into an art exhibit that showcases its striking features. It also affords you with an ergonomic view that is enabled by utilizing the various available screen height settings of JAS Pro to help improve your posture while seated. The intelligent JAS PRO design ensures that the bottom of the MacBook is exposed to full air circulation to assist i...

Cooler Master Case & Cooler Mod Contest 2012

2011 marked the most successful Cooler Master Global Case Mod Contest to date with a grand total of 89 completed projects spanning 37 different countries. Many of the projects went on to be featured in top media outlets around the world and were showcased at the world’s largest trade shows such as CeBIT and COMPUTEX. The 2012 Cooler Master Case Mod Contest promises to eclipse prior years by pushing the boundaries farther than ever before. Cooler Master will do this by calling upon talented modders from across the globe to showcase their skills in the “Tower Mod” and “Scratch Build” categories. This will be the first year that modders may step into new territory by submitting entries for the brand new “Cooler Mod” category. Will you rise to claim your seat alongside the best or will you be cast down into obscurity? The choice is yours. Get more details at: Mod Contest 2012

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