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Hound Advice: Best Case for Cooling

Is it really the case, or is it all about the fans? Turns out it’s both. You need good fans, but you also need a case that supports lots of them. The Hardware Hound had a suspicion about what would be the best chassis for a system that generates a lot of heat, but now he has some testing that helps back up what experience was starting to show. Check out the video below so you can find out how to handle the heat, while still showing off all of the awesomeness in your build, as well as finding out what case seems to check both categories perfectly with crazy amounts of fan support. Don’t forget to like and subscribe, but keep checking back at PureOC for the latest news and reviews!

Enermax Thormax Giant Full Tower ATX Case

The multiple choices in the different areas for mounting HDD’s or SSD drives is a welcome addition and makes it so much easier to configure your build for not just looks but performance and water cooling options as well. This makes it a no brainer for anyone and everyone who is looking for a top notch full tower chassis with all the bells and whistles to go with it.

Fractal Design ARC XL Full Tower Case

Introduction Fractal Design has just released an expansion to their ARC line of computer cases. The Arc XL brings forth a balanced combination of airflow, water-cooling and high-performance component configuration with a minimalistic and sleek Scandinavian designed full-tower Case. One of its strength lies with the extensive cooling options allowing the installation of multiple graphics card setups in a supercharged system.The case is filled with smart features such as simple-clean dust filters, integrated fan controller, flexible hard drive mounting, window side panel and plenty of space for cable routing. It also comes equipped with three high quality Silent Series R2 fans contributing to maximum airflow straight out of the box.   Features Delivering maximum airflow within a sleek and minimalistic body design Spacious internal layout with 9 PCI expansion slots allowing the biggest, most demanding components and cooling setups Designed for extensive water cooling configurations, accommodating multiple thick 240mm radiators and slim radiators up to 360mm in length with space to spare for pumps and reservoirs! Offering added value with three Silent Series R2 fans included, giving you excellent cooling straight out of the box! Featuring a three-speed fan controller strategically integrated in the front panel for easy access With multiple easy-to-clean dust filters designed into the case, you can ensure a dust free interior Providing ample storage capacity with a flexibl...

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