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LIAN LI wants Everyone to own a Yacht at CES 2016, Just don’t Put it in the Water

We all learn something new in this business and I just found out that LIAN LI does a special case mod every few years or so. What surprised me was that it was one they sell as well. Needless to say, I was grinning from ear to ear when I walked up to a computer in a boat. Could that be considered ironic? Either way, LIAN LI didn’t just have computer cases shaped like yachts, they had numerous computer cases as well as some other designs that just screamed of top quality. The yacht was easily one of the funnest things I saw at CES. I really think I need a good mini-ITX system just so I can have “fun” builds. I suppose my Lego Tie Fighter will have to suffice for now though. The design was fun, but what really made it pop was the way LIAN LI designed the RGB lighting effects. With a simple knob turn, you can easily set the color of the chassis to what you want, but the Fort Lauderdale charters yacht was the most impressive thing I saw. The desk that was a computer case was pretty astounding! Some of you might remember LIAN LI doing something like this a while back. This is a redesigned version however, that has some great features. This one is only meant to handle one build, but the airflow is optimized from back to front (or vice-a-versa), has RGB lighting as well, and has a motorized height adjustment with the ability to set up to four presets. Once again, it has a glass top with a smokey tint but the front of the desk cuts out better so your knees have mo...

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