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FSP CMT210 Computer Case Review

Introduction The gaming mouse industry has been overrun with competition for quite some time now. That doesn’t surprise me, but I am starting to get a little surprised at how many budget cases are being introduced into the market. It seems like computer building is a pretty niche market, but on second thought, the idea that there’s a surge of prospective buyers in the $50 range makes a lot of sense. If you’re new to PC building, you’ve probably allocated a large amount of budget to other components and if you’re just looking to upgrade, pre-built system cases can have serious space limitations. FSP has traditionally been known for power supplies, but they’ve decided to enter the budget case arena with their CMT210 mid-tower chassis. Call me a sucker for punishment, but I still want to find that budget tower that really hits all the marks I think a budget case should hit. We’ll dive into the chassis soon enough, but first let’s take a look at a bit of info from FSP. Since 1993, based on its professional R&D expertise, enormous production capacity and high Quality Assurance, FSP has achieved an important position in the challenging IT industry. To strengthen the brand image and to provide better service to our customers, FSP built its own brand in 2003. FSP has a good understanding of customer needs, which includes providing products of high quality and reliability, after-sales service and continuous development of new pro...

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