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Club 3D teams up with Compitum for distribution of Club 3D products in South Africa

AMSTERDAM, The Netherlands—June, 2013 Club3D B.V., the European market leader and pioneer of a total solution for graphics cards based in Amsterdam the Netherlands, is happy to announce the start of cooperation with Compitum for distribution of Club 3D products in South Africa. Marcel van Steijn of Club 3D: We are very happy to partner up with Compitum. They are unique in the sense that Compitum is flexible, knowledgeable and dedicated to offer High Quality Components to the South African market. A lot of the values that are common practice for Compitum are also in our Mission Statement, Friendly, flexible, Focused, Fast. That convinced us that we will be able to build a long lasting and successful partnership. Christie Lombard of Compitum: We are very fortunate and excited to partner up with a very highly respected, well known and high quality brand and company like Club 3D. Compitum is very proud of the brands that we import and distribute. Our marketing is brand-based and specific, which means a much more personal approach to marketing and customer service is required. Club 3D supports these values and that convinced us that we can have a mutual, long lasting, proud and successful partnership. About Club 3D: Based in The Netherlands with sales offices in Germany and North America – it is the mission of Club 3D to provide the best solution to its partners and enthusiast market. Our friendly, flexible, focused, fast and fun approach helps build a long-lasting rela...

Club 3D Announces its Radeon HD 7990 Graphics Card

Club 3D unveils today the heir of our first Radeon HD 7990. This card already crushed the competition in terms of sheer power, performance and awesomeness. But now we present its successor, the even faster Club 3D Radeon HD 7990. As the world’s fastest and most advanced graphics card, it descends from generations of AMD Radeon Graphics cards that wore the same crown. And with a heritage like that, you know what you’re getting: an unparalleled experience wherein gaming is everything… but not the only thing. All hail the new king. Compared to the previous Club 3D Radeon HD 7990, which was already a stellar performer and has a track record for being the fastest graphics card in the world for some months in 2012 and 2013, the new Club 3D Radeon HD 7990 offers even better performance while being quieter, cooler and more energy efficient. It’s almost impossible to imagine but even that top of range product left room for the improvement shown in this iteration. It’s clear that these improvements enable better performance than any other graphics card available in the market today and at the same time operates with less noise and using less power. Performance You deserve to play the world’s most demanding AA game titles like Crysis 3 at the highest resolutions and maximum detail settings, never settle for less! The HD 7990 offers two of the world’s fastest GPU’s in a single graphics card offering 4096 stream processors of raw power. This ...

Club 3D has teamed up with Mass Luminosity and the EPIC GLOBAL GIVEAWAY!

Club3D has teamed up with Mass Luminosity and a group of their awesome partners like AMD Gaming, Corsair and Origin PC Corporation! Check out the EPIC GLOBAL GIVEAWAY! Click the image to learn more!

Club 3D official sponsor for Square Enix at Gamescom

Club 3D, a worldwide supplier of high-performance components to the PC gaming hardware market, announces today that it has been selected as the Official graphics sponsor of Square Enix at gamescom 2012.

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