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AMD Releases Catalyst 15.7 Driver, Initial Run and First Impressions

UPDATE: After testing out the FRTC feature in Windows 7, I couldn’t find a way to get the framerate to cap on any of the games I tested. This could be something that would show with the load on the GPU or temperatures, but either way, I was hoping to see my framerates cap at the number I set for it. Hopefully this feature will get polished up and start working in that capacity in the future. AMD just released a new driver and it has quite a few added features that many people will be able to take advantage of. Some of the features are just getting a wider range of AMD GPU support, like Virtual Super Resoution and FreeSync being supported by Crossfire now. Others are new, like being the first AMD driver to support Windows 10 and introducing Frame Rate Target Control from the Catalyst for all of the supported cards. Granted, this driver isn’t nearly on the release schedule that AMD was trying to do from a year ago, but having it before Windows 10 is a good step forward. I went ahead and got the driver installed on my Windows 10 system to give it run. I was actually having some bugs that wouldn’t allow certain games to run, but the new driver fixed those immediately. Performance does seem to be slightly better, but the feature I was heavily interested in was the FRTC (Frame Rate Target Control) since my monitor is only a 60 Hzt refresh rate. I set the FRTC to 80 and ran my titles, but my frame rates were still hovering well above that. I tried disabling t...

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