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Digital Storm Named NVIDIA GTX 780 Ti Launch Partner

Introduction On November 7, 2013 in Fremont California, Digital Storm, a boutique system builder announced they will make available NVIDIA’s new flagship graphics card, the GTX 780 Ti. It will now be available for all Digital Storm desktop systems including the award winning Aventum II and Hailstorm II and could be the ideal card for 4K gaming. The Aventum II is a system crafted without the use of plastic. This unit’s exotic nickel-plated copper piping solution was inspired by high-end automotive cooling systems. It is handcrafted, ensuring no two Aventum II’s are identical. Combined with three huge 420mm radiators, the liquid cooling system is as efficient as it is beautiful and fully capable of unlocking the maximum performance potential of bleeding edge components like the GTX 780 Ti. Computer Enthusiasts looking to satisfy their need for benchmark crushing components and bone chilling liquid cooling need look no further than the Digital Storm Hailstorm II. With space for up to four radiators (ranging from 140mm to 480mm sizes) and a quadruple GPU and dual CPU configuration, enthusiasts can achieve the ultimate level of performance and customization by combining Hailstorm II with NVIDIA’s flagship graphics card. Specifications are based on the user’s selected components for each individuals personal Build with a MSRP for the Aventum II starting at $5,839 and for the Hailstorm II at $4,233.  

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