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Arctic Alpine 12 Passive – A Silent CPU Cooler Review

Do you need a silent CPU cooler and happen to have a <45w TDP CPU? The ARCTIC Alpine 12 Passive could be just what you're after at its low price point of just $13! Check out our review to find out more.

Arctic Cooling Serving North America, Opens in Florence SC

More Arctic in the US If you don’t know Arctic Cooling, now is a great time to get acquainted. The company has some impressive CPU cooling designs that focus on performance. They may not be the company for flashy RGB right now. On the other hand, it’s one of the great things about them. In fact, the Liquid Freezer line of CLCs has great performance at a great price as well. The opening of a warehouse in Florence, SC should help with better product availability in North America.

ARCTIC Freezer 33 eSports Edition CPU Cooler Review

Arctic offers a great performing CPU cooler that has a variety of static color choices in the Freezer 33 eSports Edition. It offers a wide range of compatibility, working with most processors from Intel and AMD. The install is tedious at points, but the style is hard to beat with other coolers in the same price range.

Arctic Liquid Freezer 120 w/ NZXT Kraken G12 GPU Cooler Review

CLCs are overwhelming used for CPUs, but what if they are better suited for GPUs? The Arctic Liquid Freezer 120 proves it has excellent ability to keep temperatures low during intensive gaming sessions, at minimal noise as well. What it lacks in aesthetics it makes up for by far in price.

The Arctic Freezer 33 eSports ONE CPU Cooler is More Than Meets the Eye

At first glance, the Arctic Freezer 33 eSports ONE looks like a normal tower cooler, but the key improvements are giving it a seemingly strong amount of cooling ability. It will handle most CPUs while also having a great budget price on release. Looks like Cooler Master has some competition!

Looking for the Right Closed Loop Cooler for your NZXT Kraken G12 Bracket?

If you already have a compatible closed loop cooler, buying an NZXT Kraken G12 is an easy choice for cooling your GPU. However, some builder look for the right CLC to purchase with the bracket. Here's a guide of compatible units, as well as one of the best choices to balance cost and performance.

ARCTIC Releases the Liquid Freezer 240 and 120

Back in November ARCTIC announced that it was releasing two AIOs into the liquid cooling market. If you managed not to roll your eyes so hard that they popped out of their sockets, then you might be able to read on for a couple of details that might make this release interesting. Then again, because it’s essentially another Asetek re-brand, it may seem like a waste of effort. Still, there are two things I like about the Liquid Freezer 240 and 120 that I think might give the units a slight edge. Even though the units overall are standard CLCs, the first thing I noticed is that both come pre-sold with push/pull fan configurations. This is not a typical feature on AIO units but I like this for a couple reasons. First, push/pull can offer you around 5c difference in temperatures which is nice. The other factor is that the radiator is an extra thick 38mm one which means the push/pull will probably have more effect. On top of including the extra fans, ARCTIC also seemed to put a slightly new twist on the copper plate. Rather than have the liquid come in from one side through to the other, they have the flow coming directly into the center of the plate, the most likely spot with the highest heat transfer, and then go out both sides to flow out to the radiator. While the Liquid Freezers may not be the only ones doing this, I personally haven’t seen anyone else showcase this on their plates. These features are tiny, but they could lead to some impressive performance in ...

Arctic Accelero Xtreme IV 280(X) GPU Cooler Review

Today's high demanding games can cause serious heat issues with improperly cooled graphic cards, so what do we do when they start to overheat? Look into water cooling? Not if your graphics card uses a non-referenced PCB. I'm in that boat; I picked up a few video cards without realizing they were non-referenced. The question is, what other options do we have in order to better cool the GPU and memory? Arctic has came up with a solution with the Accelero Xtreme IV 280(X), which is an upgraded air cooling solution that cools the GPU and memory utilizing 5 heatpipes and a custom rear heatsink.

Arctic – Rich Sound in vibrant Colors

    Rich Sound in vibrant Colors 6 Reasons, why ARCTIC meets all tastes with the new version of the Mini Sound-System S111 ARCTIC has given his successful mini sound-system S111 a new coat of paint – and provides no fewer than six reasons why the new version of the speaker duo really meets all tastes: 1) From now the small sound genius shines not only as usual in elegant silver … 2) … but also in maritime blue … 3) … in bright pink … 4) … in pure white … 5) … in deep black … 6) … and in gleaming lime! What has remained the same is the unexpected sound quality of the mini boxes which outpace any conventional laptop speakers with more powerful sound and higher volume levels. USB Power dispenses all electrical outlets and batteries . With just 200 g for each of the two 7cm³ cubic speakers, the S111 fits comfortably into any pocket. As a perfect companionit provides the best sound wherever you are. QUICK FACTS S111 – Bold Colours including: Silver, Blue, Pink, White, Black, Lime – USB Powered Speakers – Sleek and compact Design – 3.5mm Jack – compatible with Desktop PCs, Laptops – Well balanced Bass and Vocals for a natural Sound We are selling at USD $16.90 , get them now at: Plantinum Mirco  Amazon Newegg Arctic

Arctic’s Latest Power Bank: The Power Bank 2000

   ARCTIC is proud to present the newest addition to the Power Bank Series; the Power Bank 2000. Whether you are going on a weekend camping trip and would like to keep your phone charged or if your phone battery just doesn’t make it through the day we have the power bank for you! The Power Bank 2000 – the perfect accessory if you find that your smart phone battery struggles to make it through a full day. Get yours today for USD$12.90from Amazon or Arctic. Instead of constantly looking for power outlets, this 2000mAh power bank allows you to recharge on the go so you are not left phoneless. With a LED battery status indicator, you can monitor when you need to recharge. At only 82(L) x 42(W) x 13(H) mm, the Power Bank 2000 is the perfect pocket accessory that you will not notice you have with you. The Power Bank 2000 is available in hot pink, vibrant blue, silver, and black. A colour coordinated nylon pouch is included for safe storage of the power bank and its cables.  The hot selling Power Bank 4000 has been expanded into a larger colour selection including: hot pink, vibrant blue, brushed silver and black. At only 11mm thick and containing a 4000mAh lithium polymer battery this is our most powerful and thinnest power bank of the series. Featuring a 2A current output, the Power Bank 4000 will quickly charge all USB devices and extend battery life up to 14+ talk time hours or 70+ audio playback hours. The smart level LED battery status indicator ensures that...

Arctic brighten your day further

  Nothing is more delightful than having more colour in your life, Arctic now brings you even more with S113BT Bluetooth speaker, P311 headphone and the power bank series. Let’s be brightened up by Arctic!     The S113BT Bluetooth speaker comes in 6 different shocking colors, each of them stands out on its own. Featuring with the one touch pairing capability with the latest NFC (Near Field Communication), you only need to simply tap your phone on it, and your phone is ready to stream your favorite tune effortlessly. The music lovers will be amazed by the quality of sound since it has been incorporated with aptx codec for a boost in sound quality. Pick your favourite colours for USD$79.99 from Arctic  and Amazon . Power bank do not have to be heavy and boring, at least not with Arctic. Arctic now offers you a series of power bank – Powerbank 4000, Powerbank 2200 and Powerbank 2000, they are all available in 4 colours, hot pink, vibrant blue, brushed silver and black. They all come in a small size that you don’t notice its existence. It is definitely a perfect and stylish gadget for weekend trip so you are not left phoneless. Get yours today at Arctic and Amazon .   Now you can enjoy the award winning sound of the P311 Bluetooth headset for up to 20 hours playback time without fussing with wires,. Integrated with built-in microphone and control buttons, you can toggle between phone calls and music easily. It is available in 5 colours, get your fa...


Arctic S113BT Speaker Review

We have the new Arctic S113BT Speaker in for review today. With the S113BT Portable Bluetooth Speaker, Arctic has delivered a lightweight portable speaker weighing a mere 290 grams. It comes with a durable non-slip structure capable of connecting to any device. The S113BT supports NFC (Near Field Communication) and Bluetooth 4.0 which is capable of pairing with any Bluetooth enabled device, whether a smartphone, tablet or computer system. It packs dual 1.5 inch full range drivers. It can even be paired with your mobile device so you can receive a call while streaming music. With the integrated call controls built into the front of the device, the speaker automatically switches to the call and enables the integrated Omni-directional noise canceling microphone. It comes in several colors including: black, blue, green, orange, pink and white. Can this lightweight and feature-rich device really include good enough sound quality to be a top-notch product? Read on to find out.

Arctic’s All New Power Bank 2200 Now Available

Do you constantly find yourself with no cell phone battery before the end of the day? ARCTIC’s new Power Bank 2200 is the perfect accessory to ensure you an extra charge for your smartphone. Get yours today for €19.90 from amazon.de or at www.arctic.ac The Power Bank 2200 is a stylish accessory that doubles the battery life of your Smartphone. With a wide compatibility charging tablets, cameras, speakers GPS systems and much more couldn’t be any easier. The sleek aluminium, pocket sized design allows you to carry this 2200mAh portable battery charger with you anywhere you go. The Power Bank 2200 features Power-Cut Protection; if you unintentionally overload the battery, the charging process will immediate stop to fully protect both of your device and the power bank. The Power Bank 2200 comes with a calculated length mini USB and micro USB charging cables to ensure zero excess cables stuffed in your pockets. Available in hot pink, vibrant blue, brushed silver and black. Download the spec sheet HERE

Arctic S113 BT Now available

Next time you’re at the park don’t get drowned out by everyone else’s music and become the life of the party with the S113 BT. Buy now at a special launch price of £49.99 / €49.99 on Amazon UK , Amazon DE , Amazon IT and Amazon ES . Its MSRP is £69.99 / €69.99 so you save £/€ 20.00 . Promotion is limited so get one now to rock your summer vacation! The S113 BT Bluetooth speaker will blow your mind! The aptx codec has been incorporated for a boost in sound quality, while any AAC compatible iOS device will enjoy lossless playback, leaving the listener shocked at the quality and potential volume of the S113 BT. Featuring one touch pairing capability with the latest NFC (Near Field Communication) and Bluetooth 4.0 technologies, pairing the S113 BT with your device becomes quick and hassle-free. Simply tap your Smartphone on the speaker, and your phone is ready to stream your favourite tunes freely without any cords. If you get a call to your phone while paired, there is no need to worry; with the Omni-directional microphone, not only is your voice captured clearly, you can also enjoy a seamless conversation without any distortion. At only 157 mm x 46mm x 58mm the S113 BT brings you surprisingly loud and resonant sound, where you don’t just hear the music, you can feel it! Built with a large Lithium Polymer battery that will last up to 8 hours, allows you to create an atmosphere everywhere you go. Power your S113 BT everywhere you go with the Power Bank s...

Arctic cools the GTX 780 / 770 / Titan and Intel Haswell

  Tired of hearing your stock coolers whining away? ARCTIC now cools Intel’s latest Haswell CPU’s and NVIDIA’s Graphic cards. With a wide range of compatibilities that increase performance and reduce noise, one thing is for sure; ARCTIC has the cooler for every user. Find your new cooler at www.arctic.ac !

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