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AMD’s Technology Decks: HBM

HBM (High Bandwidth Memory) is the new technology that is revolutionizing graphic cards as we know it. There’s no architectural feature that needs to be traded in order to get better performance. It has far great power efficiency, a much smaller form factor and can be placed much closer to the GPU than typical GDDR units. AMD began developing the technology years ago after they realized the limitations of GDDR5. HBM allows the GPU to continue to be more powerful without eating into the power envelope for the entire card. AMD will be the first to use it but we can expect to see more of HBM in the future. Here are the full list of slides for AMD’s revolutionary technology.

AMD’s Technology Decks: DirectX 12

DirectX 12 has seemed like a game changer for quite some time now. Recently, with the launch of AMD’s new GPUs, Tech Decks were included with the PR material for the Fury and 300 series. AMD included a detailed look into all the benefits of their Graphics Cards in combination with DirectX 12 and quite frankly, it looks really exciting. One of the huge AMD only benefits are the Async Shaders, which are poised to draw even more performance from the GPU than what other manufacturers will be able to take advantage of. Of course, we’ll have to wait for the full on reviews to see how much benefit there is, as well as the release of Windows 10, but for now, enjoy the full slide presentation if you have a moment or two to spare.

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