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ADATA Introduces DashDrive Durable UD310

ADATA Technology a leading manufacturer of high-performance DRAM modules and NAND Flash storage application products, today announces the release of the DashDrive Durable UD310 USB Flash Drive, a tiny, water resistant USB flash drive with an attractive gem-like appearance. The UD310 is manufactured through a special chip-on-board (COB) process, resulting in high water and impact resistance for the drive. A sparkling jewel-like faceted end-cap highlights the ultra-small and extremely portable design that takes up no space when used in a laptop or desktop. It allows for unrestricted sharing of pictures, music and videos, making the UD310 an ideal accessory for Ultrabooks and various slim and sophisticated electronic devices. The UD310 will launch in capacities of 8, 16, and 32 gigabytes and is available in red and black. Purchasers of the UD310 will be eligible for a free download of ADATA’s proprietary UFDtoGO software, an indispensable tool for maintaining and updating personal data when on the road. Availability The DashDrive Durable UD310 USB Flash Drive is now available at Newegg.com, TigerDirect.com and Amazon.com at a MSRP of $7.99, $12.99, $21.99 for 8GB, 16GB and 32GB, respectively.



It's not always the enthusiasts (and well-heeled) that want blistering speeds, and certainly not just in the SSD arena. Anyone with an SSD can benefit from massive performance gains over a hard drive, from the most diehard to the budget-oriented consumer. So the ADATA Premier Pro SP600 targets the latter, offering an SSD that's very accessible to users on a modest budget of less than $100. But how does the performance of the ADATA Premier Pro SP600 measure up? Is it worth the investment? Let's dive in and find out.

ADATA Receives ‘Accelerating Adoption Award’ at AIS 2012

Recognition for Leadership in the Flash Storage Industry Taipei, Taiwan – November 19, 2012 – ADATA™ Technology a leading manufacturer of high-performance DRAM modules and NAND Flash storage application products, recently received the Accelerating Adoption Award at LSI Corporation’s Accelerating Innovation Summit (AIS) 2012. This recognition of ADATA’s support and development of new form factors and features using the LSI® SandForce® Flash Storage Processor further reinforces the company’s standing as a technological leader in NAND Flash application development. “ADATA has long been committed to the utmost in reliability and performance in our solid state drives. We have invested great efforts and resources in the development of applications that make the most of the LSI SandForce Flash Storage Processors, and we are honored to see these efforts acknowledged through this Accelerating Adoption Award,” said Shalley Chen, the Executive Vice President of ADATA. ADATA has implemented LSI SandForce Flash Storage Processors (FSPs) in a broad range of solid state drives, including the value-class Premier series, the performance-level Premier Pro series, and the enthusiast level XPG (Xtreme Performance Gear) series. To meet the demands of the small form factor application market, ADATA has applied the power of SandForce FSPs to its mSATA SSDs. In the enterprise server market, ADATA has provided reliable storage solutions powered by LSI SandForce FSPs to cu...

ADATA Kicks Off the Holiday Season with a Facebook Giveaway

Like for a Chance to Win Prizes from ADATA City of Industry, C.A., USA – November 6, 2012 – ADATA™ Technology a leading manufacturer of high-performance DRAM modules and NAND Flash storage application products, is launching a Facebook giveaway event to coincide with the start of the shopping season. Participants need only ‘Like’ the ADATA USA Facebook fan page and then enter their email address. Entrants will be automatically entered into a prize drawing for the chance to win a DashDrive Elite HE720, a stereo headset, a stylish messenger bag, and other cool gear for the holidays. The chance to win is increased for each user when he/she ‘Shares’ the contest on his/her Facebook wall. The online event will run in two phases. Phase I will run from Nov 5 to Nov 16, 2012, with winners announced on Nov 23, 2012. Phase II will run from Nov 17 to Nov 27, 2012, with winners announced on Dec 5, 2012. If participants do not win a prize in Phase I, they will still have a chance to win in Phase II. For more information or to enter the contest, visit: http://www.adata.com.tw/redirect/redirect.php?r_id=34 or mobile users can scan this QR code: In addition to the Facebook giveaway, ADATA is bringing three outstanding options to gift buyers for the coming holiday season – a range of external storage devices to meet the tastes and lifestyles of diverse groups. For fashion-conscious users, the DashDrive HV610 combines a unique picture puzzle design concept with a S...

ADATA to Launch Industry’ First Mobile Device/Memory Card Optimization Site – GoMobile

ADATA Technology is pleased to announce the launch of the industry’s first mobile device/memory card optimization site – GoMobile. With GoMobile, ADATA provides a compatibility and m-Commerce solution which allows consumers to find the most suitable memory card for use with a smartphone, tablet computer, digital camera, or camcorder. In conjunction with the launch of GoMobile, ADATA is hosting a QR Code giveaway event to promote the site nationwide. Running from October 23 to November 4, participants who scan the site’s QR code and use the memory search engine to find ADATA compatible products for their device, will have a chance to enter the event’s prize drawing. Prizes include ADATA XPG SX900 256GB solid state drives, Premier Pro microSDHC UHS-1 U1 32GB memory cards, and S102 Pro Advanced USB 3.0 32GB Flash drives. For more information about ADATA’s GoMobile site and giveaway, please visit this page.

ADATA Expands Line of Solid State Drives with SP600

ADATA™ Technology today announces the launch of the SP600 Solid State Drive (SSD), an entry level solution to the SATA 6Gb/sec SSD specification. This move will allow both consumers who are new to SSDs, and also those who are especially cost conscious, to experience the lightning fast speeds of solid state drives at an attractive price point. The SP600 delivers read and write speeds of 360 and 130 megabytes per second, and random 4KB read and write speeds are as high as 40,000 IOPS and 30,000 IOPS. With the replacement of mechanical drive with a SSD, users not only will experience increased boot-up speeds, but also one of the most cost effective ways for the average consumer to upgrade system speed. Additionally, with SSDs having no moving parts, the SP600 is completely silent during operation. The SP600 achieves a strikingly competitive balance between price and performance that serves as a perfect first step into the SSD world. The initial capacities of the ADATA SP600 SSDs are 32, 64, and 128 gigabytes. The SP600 solid state drive will be available through selected distributors and resellers in the Europe. For more information, see the company website at: ADATA.

ADATA Launches World’s Thinnest External Hard Drive

Company makes its mark with visually striking expansion of the DashDrive HDD lineup Taipei, Taiwan – September 27, 2012 – ADATA™ Technology today announces the launch of the DashDrive™ Elite HE720 external hard drive, a USB 3.0 compatible device that is the thinnest of its kind on the market. Sporting a brushed stainless steel surface, and with a record-breaking slim profile of only 8.9mm thickness, the HE720 demonstrates once again the company’s consistently strong ability to combine top performance with style. The brushed metal case with protective layer provides 9H scratch resistance, which prevents damage even after long-term use. The drive features a bright blue LED indicator to indicate power and data transfer status, as well as the company’s popular “one-touch backup” feature, which automatically backs up and synchronizes data with one easy touch. The USB 3.0 interface offers transfer efficiency up to three times that of older USB 2.0 devices, but retains full backward compatibility with earlier versions. Purchasers of ADATA’s external storage devices are eligible for a free download of the latest Norton Internet Security 2012 anti-virus software (60 day trial version), and also enjoy three year warranty service, ensuring better mobility, security and convenience. Since announcing the new product family in June, ADATA has moved quickly to release products that embody the speed and portability signified by the DashDrive name. The DashDri...

ADATA Adds Stylish Wine Bottle USB Flash Drive – UC500 – to DashDrive Lineup

  ADATA Technology Co., Ltd. today announces the launch of the DashDrive™ Choice UC500 USB flash drive. This latest USB 2.0 interface entry offers a distinctive design, as well as striking colors, once again demonstrating ADATA’s determination and skill in bringing style and flair to digital storage. The 50 x 19 x 11 mm (LxWxH) DashDrive Choice UC500 sports an attractive curved bottle shape, with color choices of golden champagne and sparkling red. The glossy metal exterior adds durability to the eye-catching shape, letting the user carry their ‘memories in a bottle’ with confidence and pride. The UC500 is small and easy to carry, with an integrated strap hole for use with a keychain or lanyard. The sliding type USB connector eliminates the need for a cap. Capacities of 8, 16, and 32 gigabytes ensure ample storage space for treasured personal data. After announcing the company’s new product family in June, ADATA has moved quickly to release products that embody the speed and portability signified by the DashDrive name. Products in the DashDrive Choice group embody the industry’s most elegant designs, and are targeted towards fashion-conscious users who see the purchasing of digital accessories as an opportunity to make a personal style statement. Availability The DashDrive Choice UC500 will be available through selected distributors and resellers in the Europe. For more information, visit the company’s website at: Adata

ADATA Memory Modules Featured in the Official Gaming PC of Major League Gaming’s Pro Circuit

City of Industry, C.A., USA – August 22, 2012 – ADATA™ Technology is pleased to announce that their 8GB DDR3-1600 memory modules come standard in the Official Gaming PC of Major League Gaming’s (MLG) 2012 Pro Circuit by iBUYPOWER. Built to be a powerful gaming PC for competitive gamers, the Official Gaming PC of MLG’s 2012 Pro Circuit contains only high-performance gaming hardware. ADATA’s memory modules inclusion in this competition-level gaming PC emphasizes the quality, performance and reliability of ADATA’s products. “ADATA is dedicated to making great reliable and performance driven products. We hope that everyone at MLG can experience it first hand” said Tom Lin, Managing Director, ADATA USA. More information on the Official Gaming PC of MLG’s 2012 Pro Circuit by iBUYPOWER can be found here: http://www.ibuypower.com/info/mlg2.aspx About ADATA ADATA Technology, one of the world’s largest vendors of DRAM Modules and USB Flash Drives, provides complete memory solutions, including memory cards, solid state drives, and portable hard drives. ADATA products are internationally recognized by Germany’s iF Design Award, red dot Award, CES Best of Innovations Award, Japan’s Good Design Award, Best Choice of Computex Award, and Taiwan Excellence Gold Award. The company’s slogan of Love, Life, Dreams, embodies the ADATA brand and the role of innovative memory products in the human pursuit of universally cherished ideas. For more...

ADATA Launches DashDrive HV610 USB 3.0 External Hard Drive

ADATA™ Technology today launches the DashDrive™ HV610 external hard drive, which combines a unique puzzle piece design concept with a SuperSpeed USB 3.0 interface. A slide-out smart cover provides a convenient and novel way to store the transmission cable.

ADATA Introduces XPG Gaming v2.0 Series DDR3 2400G

Designed to bring maximum performance to 3rd generation Intel core processors

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