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AMD Releases a Desktop Processor Update

At this point, refreshes on old architecture is becoming even older news. Zen is getting closer and closer with each passing day, but in the mean time AMD is trying to keep some refreshes coming our way so that sales won’t completely stagnate until their whole line-up gets a much needed refresh. In looking at these releases, it’s not the products themselves that piqued my interest, but certain changes that indicate good things about Zen. Let’s look at two in particular. The first thing I liked was the 8370 being offered slightly cheaper without the Wraith cooler. For serious overclockers, even a stock cooler as nice as the Wraith is something we’ll never use. If AMD starts offering chip-only packages that save the buyer a few dollars that can go towards the high end cooler of choice, that’s a great deal for enthusiasts. I understand that this could also lead to some headaches when certain buyers don’t pay attention to what they’re getting, but I hope it’s something that becomes a trend with upcoming releases. The second thing I liked was an impressive amount of power savings on a new APU coming up. The A10-7860K is replacing the 7850K, but even with the same CPU boost frequency and a higher GPU frequency, the chip is only rated at a low 65W TDP. Saving 30 watts in power consumption is impressive considering the stats and it makes me think think that between this and the demo at CES, AMD’s next GPU lineup is going to m...

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