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Guide to Best Mid-Range Gaming PC for Overclocking

Introduction Our site name implies that we deal with nothing other than overclocking. Obviously it would be impractical to only cover overclocking news and reviews, but it means that overclocking is the driving force behind almost everything we do with computers. Even though I understand that there are some good reasons, I’ve noticed that it doesn’t feel like overclocking has been the mainstay of our site recently. It’s time to change that! I’m not saying we’re going to quit covering gaming mice (You have no idea!), but I want to start steering PureOC back to what we’ve always loved about building computers. I’ve seen a lot of guides online for finding just the right components in a computer build. I’ve never found one that satisfies the overclocker in me! Rather than trying to complain about everyone else’s decisions, I figured it was time we bring our own guides for building a PC with overclocking in mind. We’re going to start by listing the best components you need for a great mid-range computer, but I plan to expand this with a high-end and budget range guide as well in the future. Each category will have one selection, but we might throw in an honorable mention if we feel like it was a particularly close contest. With mid-range, we’re trying to stay under $1000 while trying to deliver a full quality 1080p experience. I think we can do that fairly well right now. How did we come to these decisions? Obv...


SeaSonic X-Series 1050W

Top tier power supply with excellent features and performance.


Seasonic 1000W Platinum

Great features and performance highlight the 80PLUS Platinum efficiency rating.


Seasonic X-series 850W

Modular power supply with excellent efficiency and quality.


Seasonic X Series Fanless 460W

Efficient and silent power supply for discerning consumers.


Seasonic X Series 750W Power Supply

A fully modular unit with 80PLUS Gold rating.

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