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PowerColor Devil HD7870 2GB

We've previously seen two Devil-branded cards from PowerColor, the behemoth 7990 and a previous-gen 6970, both of which are (or were) flagship premium cards. But the Devil HD 7870 2GB is a mid-range card, coming with an attractive price tag of $260. It's a bit unusual to see a custom cooler, improved power design, and attention to detail on such a modestly priced card, but we certainly approve of the move by PowerColor; better for consumers, we say.


PowerColor 7790 Turbo Duo

The PowerColor 7790 Turbo Duo comes with a custom cooler cooler and a factory overclock that reaches over 1GHz. Cool and quiet, it looks like an enticing option for gamers on a modest budfget. Toss in Bioshock Infinite for free and we've got a great deal for this card.


PowerColor PCS 7870 Myst Edition

The PowerColor PCS 7870 Myst Edition brings the new Tahiti-based GPU to the market, along with two A+ game titles tossed into the package for an outstanding value. Can it measure in performance for gamers who want a great card for the buck? Click through to find out.


PowerColor Devil 13 HD 7990

While it's no secret that AMD doesn't officially have a dual-GPU card in its lineup, PowerColor has bucked the trend and blazed a new trail here with their own design for the 7990. This Limited Edition Devil 13 certainly looks monstrous, and it's got an accessory package second to none, but it also comes with a stratospheric price tag of about $1000 that will target all but the most diehard and well-heeled. Let's dive in and take a closer look at the PowerColor Devil 13 HD 7990 and see how it fares against Nvidia's dual GPU offering. Click through for more.


PowerColor PCS+ 7870

Excellent gaming horsepower for the price in the mid-range market.


PowerColor 6970 Devil 13

An excellent bit of kit with an accessory package fit for a King.

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