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OCZ Vertex 3.20 120GB

Another in the list of SandForce SSDs is the latest from OCZ, the Vertex 3.20. It's an interesting move because we've seen the Vertex 4 already from OCZ, so is this "new" drive a step backwards? Not really, according to OCZ. This drive shares the same features as its predecessor, showcasing the popular SandForce 2281 controller, but this latest version now comes with 20nm NAND flash memory.


OCZ Agility 4 256GB

The interesting thing about the Agility 4 is the Everest controller looks to offer nearly enthusiast-classed performance, particularly in incompressible data, at a much lower price point than we typically see. Currently retailing for only $189 in the 256GB capacity ($100 for 128GB), that's only $0.73 per GB and a very attractive deal. But how does the performance of the OCZ Agility 4 measure up? Is it worth the investment? Click through to find out.


OCZ Vertex 4 256GB

Newest Indilinx Everest controller promises killer performance.


OCZ Fatal1ty 1000W

Strong performance and extra flash for gamers with this power supply.


OCZ Octane 512GB

Huge capacity and speed with the Indilinx Everest controller.


OCZ ZT Series 650W

Fully modular, 80Plus Bronze power supply at a great price.

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