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MSI Z87 MPower Motherboard Review

The introduction of Intel's new "Haswell" line of processors also brought its new 8 series chipset. The introduction of Haswell and its socket and chipset change came as no surprise. We have seen this from Intel with its "Tick Tock" development strategy, including their change to its power delivery management. It makes sense and was crucial for Intel to make these changes. Today, we have a chance to look at one of MSI's flagship motherboards for the new Z87 architecture: the MSI Z87 MPower. MSI's previous products in the Z87 chipset MPower line were typically top performers, and include excellent overclocking and features. Today, as we move forward, we are going to see just how the MSI Z87 MPower measures up to that previous reputation while using the new Haswell 4770k. Before we move forward, let's talk a little about MSI.


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