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  • Lamptron RGB Lighting, Fan Controllers Review and Giveaway

    Giveaway! It’s time┬áto win something at PureOC! Lamptron has some new products and wanted us to not only review them, but host a giveaway as well. Fan controllers might seem a tad antiquated these days, but what if I told you that you could control RGB lightin...
  • Tunai Drum Earbuds (Quick) Review

    Most of the time, we reviewers here at Pure Overclock take our time doing a nice long review. On the other hand, we don’t always get an engineering sample of a piece of audio equipment either. Tunai recently launched a Kickstarter for their Drum Earbuds which a...
  • Raijintek Paean Bench Chassis Review

    Introduction Should I be ashamed of myself as a reviewer? In a general sense, I get pretty excited about most of the new computer component releases I see. In comparison to my levels of excitement though, I tend to get more excited about the companies with smaller br...
  • iBuyPower Element PC Review: Intel i7-7900X & Nvidia GTX 1080 Ti

    Introduction Most of the readers that will frequent a hardware review site will swear by the experience of building their own custom PC. Price, performance and customization are all highlights we love to point out, but sometimes we like to overlook the problems like ...
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Tuesday Sampler [12-23-08]

We just published our latest review, but what's happening on the rest of the web? Today's Sampler touches upon Graphics Cards, Motherboards, Cooling and Cases, and Consumer Electronics.

InWin Commander 1200w


Can this power supply command attention in the high-end market?


ISP Tells RIAA Not Their Copyright Cop

An owner of a small Louisiana ISP says he can't afford to be a copyright cop, and big media should compensate ISPs for tracking down suspected file sharers.

RIAA Ditching Lawsuits, Trying to Disconnect Users

With the heavy-handed lawsuit tactics not working, it seems the RIAA is switching gears and will try to get ISP's to disconnect users from the Internet instead.

Steam Announces EA Games Coming

Just in time for the holidays, Valve announced that several top Electronic Arts game titles would be made available via Steam.

Cyberpower to Use CM’s Storm Case in Systems

CyberPower becomes the first system builder to make available the exclusive CM Storm line products developed by Cooler Master?s gaming division.

Monday Sampler [12-22-08]

Starting off the week, we just published our latest review, plus our Daily Sampler takes a look at what's happening from around the tech world.

ASUS P6T Deluxe


Can this X58 motherboard harness the power of Core i7?


Thermaltake Survey Sweepstakes

Thermaltake is giving away several hot prizes in their Survey Sweepstakes. A few minutes of your time for the chance to win some great hardware is all it takes.

OCZ Intros Tri-Channel 2000MHz Blade Lineup for Core i7

OCZ Technology Group, a worldwide leader in innovative, ultra-high performance and high reliability memory, today introduced the Blade Series Triple Channel Memory kit, the latest maximum-performance RAM designed specifically for the Intel Core i7 processor.

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