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  • Liva x stock

    ECS LIVA X Mini PC- Review

    Introduction   Here we are at the beginning of a new year where we can start fresh on old habits, forgotten projects of days past, and new promises to self and others; it is all about moving forward. Last year ECS released a mini PC kit called LIVA. We were invi...
  • IMG_1248

    GX Gaming SW-G2.1 2000 Gaming Speakers – Review

    Audio has been a major component of gaming dating all the way back to Pong and Centipede. A good soundtrack and audio reproduction adds to the overall experience of any game just as a bad soundtrack or sub par reproduction can take away from that experience. Discre...
  • DOKO_1

    Introducing the NZXT DOKO! A Unique Take on PC Streaming

          A PC streaming device that brings you the full functionality of your pc, anywhere in your home.     Los Angeles, CA – DOKO is a PC streaming device that connects to your network and allows you to easily use your PC in the comfort of y...
  • gigabyte_raptor13

    Gigabyte Raptor Gaming Mouse

    With the Raptor gaming mouse, Gigabyte is targeting a rather specific crowd in the gaming world: those who want a claw-style rodent. We don't see many of these, and the Raptor looks sleek and comes with a few interesting features. Not only is it a claw mouse, but it'...
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Ubuntu 8.10 available for free download today

Ubuntu 8.10 Desktop Edition will be available for download on October 30th, announced Canonical today. In addition, the Server derivative will share this same launch date.

Thursday Sampler [10-30-08]

Our daily sampler of the latest and greatest reviews and happenings from around the tech world, guaranteed to satisfy your appetite.

Kingston release triple channel DDR3 memory lineup

Not one to miss the Core i7 launch parade is Kingston, who have rolled-out its lineup of triple-channel DDR3 memory. Speeds range from 1066MHz through to 2000MHz.

Thermaltake unleash LGA 1366 cooler converter kits

Those looking to keep their current Thermaltake CPU coolers in service during the upcoming Core i7 era - pay attention. Thermaltake is offering LGA 1366 converter kits.

Intel, AMD share minor quarterly revenue share gains

Figures released by iSuppli show that Intel and AMD's share of worldwide CPU revenue increased by a respective 0.1% (totaling 12.1%) and 0.3% (80.4%) last quarter.

Athlon K8 and Intel Core 2 architectures compared

The folks over at Real World Technologies have published an article which delves into the differences between the Athlon K8 and Intel Core 2 architecture. More here.

AMD roll-out another Catalyst Hotfix for Far Cry 2

AMD has now released a second Hotfix aimed at Far Cry 2, and this one pays particular attention to the game's image quality. STALKER: Clear Sky also benefits from the release.

Wednesday Sampler [10-29-08]

What's happening around the tech world? Today's Sampler touches upon Cases, Cooling and PSUs, Graphics Cards, Peripherals, Storage, and Consumer Electronics.

Diamond’s HD 4870 X2 XOC Edition hits retail

Diamond's HD 4870 X2 XOC Edition has surfaced online for $574. The board shares the same core clock as its watercooled brother - 800 MHz, while the memory is clocked at 3900 MHz.

Asus Triton 81 socket-1366 cooler pictured, detailed

If Intel's new socket-1366 stock cooler doesn't seem up to the job, then Asus' Triton 81 is worthy of consideration. Pretty pixels and specifications are available here.

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