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    NZXT DOKO Review

    Introduction During CES 2015 this year, NZXT show-cased the DOKO PC Anywhere device. Now this is a product we are not used to seeing from NZXT. They are primarily known for their PC chassis, cooling and accessories line up. But from what we saw during the CES show, ...
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    Cougar 700K Mechcanical Gaming Keyboard – Review

    Introduction     A few months ago we were invited to review a new gaming mouse from the folks at Cougar: the 700M. The 700m was adjustable, customizable and a pleasure to use. One of the 700m’s advertised features was the ability to interact with othe...
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    Raidmax Atomic Mini-Tower Case

      Introduction: The Raidmax Atomic Mini-Tower case comes in a very small but stylish cube design, adorned on five sides in a black brushed aluminum finish. Three black acrylic glass windows surround the exterior giving the Atomic a very suave gorgeous look. The ...
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    Noctua NH-D9L and NH-U9S CPU Cooler Review

    Introduction Noctua… When we hear the name Noctua, the first thing that normally comes to mind is the color brown. We all recognize this color as Noctua’s trademark design for its fans. However, we also have come to know that Noctua holds a strong place i...
Latest News & Reviews

Zotac unveil three 48-shader 9600 GSO cards

Zotac has launched several GeForce 9600 GSO cards based on the newer 48-shader derivative. The AMP! Edition - which features quicker clock speeds - is among the new lineup.

Mac OS X and Ubuntu 8.10 performance compared

Those unfamiliar with the performance differences between Mac OS X and Ubuntu 8.10 should pay Phoronix a visit, where they've compared the two OS's head to head.

Toshiba roll-out first notebook with three Nvidia GPU’s

Toshiba has introduced the first notebook to feature three Nvidia GPU's, namely the Qosmio X305-Q706. Two 9800M GTS chips and an integrated 9400M make Hybrid SLI possible.

AMD employee charged with theft of trade secrets

An ex-Intel employee (who now works for AMD) has been prosecuted for "stealing trade secrets" worth more than $1 billion, and downloading confidential documents from Intel.

Full length feature films to hit Youtube next month

Full length feature films on Youtube? No... really? If a report by CNet is correct, one of the biggest Hollywood studios will screen its movies on Youtube, perhaps as early as December.

AMD announce plans to cut another 500 jobs

Job cuts are an ongoing occurrence at AMD, and the latest round affects 3% of its employees, which translates to 500 people. This follows the sale of its digital TV business.

Gainward has a triple-slot GPU up it’s sleeve, too

Following the creation of Palit's triple-slot "Revolution 700 Deluxe" HD 4870 X2 (which has been a hot topic in our forum), it seems that subsidiary Gainward has a version of its own.

Full list of triple-channel memory emerges online

The launch of Intel's Core i7 processors bring with it a range of new motherboards and, as sometimes forgotten, memory kits. i4memory.com has now listed what's on offer.

Intel shares its plans to discontinue CPU’s in January

Intel will phase-out its Q9450, E8200 and E8190 on January 9th next year, according to TGDaily. Seven 65nm CPU's - including the E6850 - will also get the boot at this time.

Saitek Eclipse III keyboard emerges for pre-order

Saitek's Eclipse III backlit keyboard has surfaced for pre-order on Amazon. With a price of $79, the site note that shipping will occur within 2-5 weeks. More info here.

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