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  • sandisk_64ue_5

    SanDisk 64GB Ultra PLUS and Extreme SD Review

    Today we're looking at the SanDisk Extreme 64GB and Ultra PLUS 64GB SD cards. In a hint of what's to come during testing, the speed results were a very pleasant surprise, despite what the labels might seem to indicate in terms of speed expectations. We'll discuss th...
  • gamdias_hermesu_22

    Gamdias Hermes Ultimate Keyboard Review

    Gamdias is a company that is likely not well known by many computer enthusiasts, except for perhaps some of the diehards in the crowd. In truth, Gamdias has only been around for a couple years, designing keyboards (and the company) from the ground up. The Gamdias He...
  • thermaltake v21

    PureOverclock’s Annual Winter Giveaway for 2014 Week 2

    Welcome to PureOverclock’s Annual Winter Giveaway for 2014! Week 2 2 12/12-12-19 Drawing on 12-20-14  Please Read Terms and Conditions below before entering. SHIPPING TO US ONLY. INTERNATIONAL ENTRANTS WILL HAVE OPTION OF PRIZE BEING SHIPPED TO US ADDRESS. Wee...
  • 0001

    Bitfenix Pandora Small Form Factor Case Review

    The Bitfenix Pandora will handle all your needs as far as hardware compatabilty, plus Its a classy features will blend in with most any enviroment. Although we love the LED screen, we would like to see Bitfenix upgrade the LCD to show system information which would ...
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Microsoft’s revenue soars 9% in fiscal quarter one

Microsoft's revenue has soared 9% in the opening quarter of fiscal 2009, totaling $15.06 billion. With $14.8 billion being expected, the Redmond giant will sleep tight.

Intel to market Ibex Peak chipset under P55 branding

Intel will market its upcoming Ibex Peak chipset under the P55 moniker, according to NordicHardware. The single-chip solution will accompany Lynnfield and Havendale.

AMD unleash mid-range assault – Radeon HD 4830

The latest addition to the already successful Radeon HD 4800-series is the HD 4830, which is a HD 4850 with less shaders and lower clock frequencies. Reviews ahoy!

Next-gen Radeons to use vapor chamber cooling

The next-generation Radeon series may adopt a vapor chamber based cooling solution, if a strategic partnership between AMD and Celsia is any indication.

Intel to expand dual-core mobile lineup in December

Come December 28th, five new dual-core models will join Intel's mobile lineup. Prices range from $241 (T8700, 2.53GHz) through to $530 (T9800, 2.93GHz).

Nvidia to make the 40nm switch in mid-2009, it seems

Nvidia will make the switch to 40nm in mid-2009 with its GT216 core, according to NordicHardware. With the RV870 in its scope, DirectX 11 may be supported.

Intel show-off Atom successor – Moorestown

Intel has demonstrated for the first time the successor to its low-power Atom chip. Moorestown will fuse the CPU and chipset together, and arrive in 2009 or 2010.

New Catalyst hotfix improves Far Cry 2 performance

Avid Far Cry 2 fans relying on a Radeon GPU for some pretty pixel goodness should pay AMD's website a visit and grab a copy of the latest Catalyst driver hotfix.

Nvidia to drastically reduce add in board partner list

If one were to believe Fudzilla, Nvidia's add-in board partner list will soon be reduced to a mere six partners, leaving just Asus, EVGA, MSI, Palit, XFX, and Zotac.

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