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    bequiet! Dark Rock 3 190W TDP

    Introduction: One name that comes to mind when you are talking about superior air cooling performance is bequiet!. As you may already know, bequiet! has now become one of the industry leaders with their Dark Rock series of high performance air coolers. Well bequiet! ...
  • featured image r9 285

    Sapphire Dual-X R9 285 OC Review

    Introduction The graphics card market has been getting properly shaken up since the release of the new GTX 900 series Maxwell cards, but that doesn’t mean that AMD doesn’t still have a few tricks left up their sleeves. AMD has been diligently at work refr...
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    Nexus Lan Live- Dayton Ohio Part 2

      Sorry for the delay on updating you all. I got sucked in to all of the fun at Nexus LAN, these guys know how to have a good time. No matter what flavor of game you enjoy Nexus has you covered. Tourneys for a list of games where you can win some of the sponsore...
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    be quiet! Straight Power 10 700W Review

    Looking to make further inroads into North America with the Straight Power 10 700W, European company be quiet! is targeting a fairly lucrative mid-range segment for the power supply market. The be quiet! Straight Power 10 700W features simple styling, a mostly-modula...
Latest News & Reviews

DSi to hit America “well into” 2009, Japan next month

Nintendo's new and improved DSi will launch on November 1st in Japan, while Amerca will have to wait until "well into" 2009. Gamespot have a running commentary of the event.

New and improved Wii HD set to arrive in 2011

The successor to the Wii is inbound in 2011, according to a gaming blog. While leaving the console's core elements intact, high definition visuals are assured, hence the Wii HD codename.

Nintendo officially launch new DS – alias the DSi

Following a steady flow of rumors, Nintendo has announced a new version of its hand-held DS. The DSi sports dual cameras, an SD-card reader and a web browser.

PureOC’s inaugural free giveaway has now concluded

Our inaugural free giveaway has now concluded. Congratulations to PureOC reader MyNiceIceLife for taking out the first of our prizes thanks to the folks at CoolIT.

Friday Sampler [10-03-08]

What better way to conclude the working week than with a Sampler. As usual, the latest array of hardware reviews from around the web can be seen below.

Thermaltake Spedo Advance case review online

Since its launch at Computex 2008, the Thermaltake Spedo chassis has turned many heads, with good reason too. Today we've taken a look at the Advance version...

Thursday Sampler [10-02-08]

Find below all the latest happenings in the hardware review world. The HD 4550 seems to be the focus here, although there's plenty more to whet the appetite.

Hardware review roundups gatecrash PureOC

What would have otherwise been a normal day has instead turned into a special occasion, one where we welcome back a feature which has developed a new interest...

Thermaltake Spedo Advance


Is the Spedo their best case to date?


Super Talent shatters SSD affordability barriers

Super Talent is expanding its presence in the lower-end solid-state drive market with the addition of the MasterDrive LX lineup, which strives to leave the wallet intact...

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