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  • 2014092411000215-14s

    Tt eSPORTS MetalCaps 38 Piece Mechanical Keycap Set Review

    Let's say that you just got your brand-spankin' new mechanical keyboard. You take it out of the box and it looks even more glorious than you could have imagined; the keys feel perfect to type on, the back lighting is flawless, the accuracy of your typing is better, ...
  • aorus_thunderm7_6

    AORUS Thunder M7 Mouse and P3 Mouse Pad Review

    Today we’re going to test drive the AORUS Thunder M7, a mouse that's specifically geared to MMO/RTS gamers. Coming with a huge assortment of buttons and some unique features as well, the M7 looks rather exciting. It's got well-established Gigabyte backing it throug...
  • Closer Look 13

    Thermaltake Water 3.0 Ultimate 360mm LCS Review

    Introduction In the last few years, the CLC (Closed Loop Cooler) market has taken a big jump in market share… but we have only seen a few unique designs due to a patent set by Asetek on its pump/block design. This has limited a number of manufacturers from prod...
  • gigabyte_gtx970g1_6

    Gigabyte GTX 970 G1 Gaming Review

    Today marks the launch of Nvidia's newest generation of graphics cards, and th Gigabyte GTX 970 G1 Gaming is the specific model we're looking at today. It's latest in the company's popular model series, coming with an updated version of its namesake cooler. We've be...
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Palit GeForce 9800 GTX+ review is now live

Take two. Can Nvidia counter AMD's Radeon HD 4850 the second time round? We take a look at Palit's 9800 GTX+ to see how it stacks up against the competition...

Palit 9800GTX+


We put Palit's ATI and Nvidia mid-range cards head to head.


Friday Sampler [10-31-08]

Halloween is here, so take a look at these ghoulishly delicious reviews from around the tech world.

Zotac unveil another nForce 630i mini-ITX board

Zotac isn't a name which easily springs to mind when reciting the motherboard maker list (come on, we've all been there!). Behold its latest offering - a 630i based mini-ITX board.

Silverstone’s Raven RV01 case pictured, detailed

VR-Zone has published several photos of what it claims to be the final design of the Silverstone Raven RV01, a case which rotates the mobo 90 degrees to improve airflow.

Super Talent launch 18-carat gold coated Pico-C

An 18-carat gold coated Pico-C flash drive is now on offer from Super Talent, who have assigned a $599 price tag. 8GB speeds and 30MB/s transfers are also on the agenda.

Ubuntu 8.10 available for free download today

Ubuntu 8.10 Desktop Edition will be available for download on October 30th, announced Canonical today. In addition, the Server derivative will share this same launch date.

Thursday Sampler [10-30-08]

Our daily sampler of the latest and greatest reviews and happenings from around the tech world, guaranteed to satisfy your appetite.

Kingston release triple channel DDR3 memory lineup

Not one to miss the Core i7 launch parade is Kingston, who have rolled-out its lineup of triple-channel DDR3 memory. Speeds range from 1066MHz through to 2000MHz.

Thermaltake unleash LGA 1366 cooler converter kits

Those looking to keep their current Thermaltake CPU coolers in service during the upcoming Core i7 era - pay attention. Thermaltake is offering LGA 1366 converter kits.

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