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  • samsung_proplus32_2

    Samsung EVO+ and PRO+ Micro SD Review

    Today we're looking at the Samsung Micro SD PRO+ 64GB and EVO+ 32GB cards. They promise very different speeds for consumers and professionals alike, and we'll discuss those differences as we take a closer look at what Samsung has to offer with their latest splash int...
  • IMG_7764

    Cougar 600K and 500K Gaming Keyboard Reviews

    Introduction Pure Overclock just recently had the pleasure of reviewing Cougar’s flagship 700K Mechanical gaming keyboard. This keyboard received many accolades along with some of the highest awards from the industry for its beautiful aluminum construction and ...
  • msi_r9380g_8

    MSI R9 380 Gaming 4G Review

    We're looking at the MSI R9 380 Gaming 4G, a card that boasts a custom heatsink, improved power design, and a factory overclock, all for a modest premium of only an extra $25. Sounds pretty good so far. Factor in that AMD is bringing a few new features to the market ...
  • crucial-speedvslatency_1

    Memory Speed vs. Latency – Clearing up the Confusion

    Introduction We love speed as much as the next performance seeker, and many of us spend great sums of money and loads of time trying to optimize our systems, find the best parts for a new build, and squeezing every bit out of components. Admittedly, some components a...
Latest News & Reviews

Microsoft Launches Sidewinder X8 Wireless Mouse

The Microsoft SideWinder X8 Mouse, available on store shelves this week, offers a tracking engine with Microsoft BlueTrack Technology and wireless freedom built for lag-free play.

Palit Announces GTX285 2GB

Palit Microsystems has announced the first own-design GeForce GTX285 1 GB and 2 GB, armed with NVIDIA PhysX and NVIDIA CUDA technology.

PureOverclock and Thermaltake Giveaway

Here at PureOverclock, we like to award our community, and thanks to help from Thermaltake, we?ll be giving away some free prizes for the next two months.

Tuesday Sampler [02-24-09]

Our daily Sampler of the latest and greatest reviews and happenings from around the tech world, keeping you informed and current.

Inno3D Launches GTX 260 FreezerX2

Inno3D is launching the GeForce GTX 260 FreezerX2 that sports an aftermarket cooler designed to decrease temperatures with improved cooling performance.

Windows 7 RC Launches April 10

Microsoft has confirmed that Windows 7 Release Candidate will launch on April 10, seemingly advancing the timelines that were rumoured but unsubstantiated to this point.

Lian Li Launches PC-V351 HTPC Chassis

Lian Li Industrial Co. Ltd has launched a new desktop HTPC chassis, the PC-V351, available in several striking colours.

Monday Sampler [02-23-09]

Starting off the week, we just published our latest review. Plus, our Daily Sampler takes a look at what's happening from around the rest of the tech world.

Tuniq Potency 750w


Is this power supply as potent as it claims?


Friday Sampler [02-20-09]

To kick start your weekend, we have quite a bit of exciting news from around the tech world, guaranteed to satisfy your appetite!

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