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  • Liva x stock

    ECS LIVA X Mini PC- Review

    Introduction   Here we are at the beginning of a new year where we can start fresh on old habits, forgotten projects of days past, and new promises to self and others; it is all about moving forward. Last year ECS released a mini PC kit called LIVA. We were invi...
  • IMG_1248

    GX Gaming SW-G2.1 2000 Gaming Speakers – Review

    Audio has been a major component of gaming dating all the way back to Pong and Centipede. A good soundtrack and audio reproduction adds to the overall experience of any game just as a bad soundtrack or sub par reproduction can take away from that experience. Discre...
  • DOKO_1

    Introducing the NZXT DOKO! A Unique Take on PC Streaming

          A PC streaming device that brings you the full functionality of your pc, anywhere in your home.     Los Angeles, CA – DOKO is a PC streaming device that connects to your network and allows you to easily use your PC in the comfort of y...
  • gigabyte_raptor13

    Gigabyte Raptor Gaming Mouse

    With the Raptor gaming mouse, Gigabyte is targeting a rather specific crowd in the gaming world: those who want a claw-style rodent. We don't see many of these, and the Raptor looks sleek and comes with a few interesting features. Not only is it a claw mouse, but it'...
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InWin Commander 1200w


Can this power supply command attention in the high-end market?


ISP Tells RIAA Not Their Copyright Cop

An owner of a small Louisiana ISP says he can't afford to be a copyright cop, and big media should compensate ISPs for tracking down suspected file sharers.

RIAA Ditching Lawsuits, Trying to Disconnect Users

With the heavy-handed lawsuit tactics not working, it seems the RIAA is switching gears and will try to get ISP's to disconnect users from the Internet instead.

Steam Announces EA Games Coming

Just in time for the holidays, Valve announced that several top Electronic Arts game titles would be made available via Steam.

Cyberpower to Use CM’s Storm Case in Systems

CyberPower becomes the first system builder to make available the exclusive CM Storm line products developed by Cooler Master?s gaming division.

Monday Sampler [12-22-08]

Starting off the week, we just published our latest review, plus our Daily Sampler takes a look at what's happening from around the tech world.

ASUS P6T Deluxe


Can this X58 motherboard harness the power of Core i7?


Thermaltake Survey Sweepstakes

Thermaltake is giving away several hot prizes in their Survey Sweepstakes. A few minutes of your time for the chance to win some great hardware is all it takes.

OCZ Intros Tri-Channel 2000MHz Blade Lineup for Core i7

OCZ Technology Group, a worldwide leader in innovative, ultra-high performance and high reliability memory, today introduced the Blade Series Triple Channel Memory kit, the latest maximum-performance RAM designed specifically for the Intel Core i7 processor.

Sapphire Announces ATOMIC Edition HD4870 X2

Bringing the highest levels of graphics and gaming performance ever seen in the PC, SAPPHIRE Technology - the leading innovator of ATI-based graphics solutions - is now introducing the amazing single slot, liquid cooled ATOMIC Edition of its HD 4870 X2.

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