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  • tesoro_tizona_3

    Tesoro Tizona G2N Elite Keyboard

    A fully mechanical keyboard that sports a sleek design and caters to gamers who want something uncomplicated, the Tesoro Tizona G2N Elite has some unique features including a detachable and movable numpad, suitable for lefties or righties. That certainly got our atte...
  • DSCN1824

    Bitfenix Comrade Case Review

    Introduction New APU systems are becoming more popular allowing builders and enthusiasts to build more high demanding systems on a budget. Why not put non-budget builds in a budget minded case? Bitfenix has given us the opportunity to take a look at their Comrade cas...

    Sapphire R7 250 Ultimate Review

      Introduction: With the release of a new generation of graphics cards there can be so much fan-fare and attention paid to the higher end offerings that lower end models get overlooked. System enthusiasts and hardcore gamers rarely even think of the models that ...
  • transcend_370128_2

    Transcend SSD370 128GB Review

    Today we have the Transcend SSD370 in a 128GB capacity for a closer look. That's not a terribly flashy name for a drive, but we care less about the marketing and more bang for our buck. How about $70 for this SSD, including a rather impressive accessory package? If ...
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iPhone OS 2.2 images reveal Google Street View app

The feature-rich iPhone is destined to have a head-on with Google's Street View app, or so reveal several screenshots of the iPhone OS 2.2. Engadget have the low-down.

NZXT Guardian 921


How good is this full-featured case for gamers on a budget?


NZXT announces 2009 sponsorship with CEVO

NZXT, a company built on realizing the dreams of gamers worldwide, is proud to announce a yearlong sponsorship with CEVO, providing support for all gaming events for 2009.

DFI LanParty JR 790GX-M2RS on sale for $129

MotherboardPro is expanding its low-cost assault with the addition of the DFI LanParty JR 790GX-M2RS, which is now on sale for a mere $129. Head here for more.

Microsoft issue unexpected critical Windows patch

Microsoft has rolled-out an out-of-cycle patch for all its Windows releases dating back to 2000, which fixes a flaw allowing remote code execution without the owner's consent.

Far Cry 2 uses cropped 16:9 widescreen, it seems

It seems that Far Cry 2 doesn't render in native widescreen, and instead crops the image into a 16:9 format. This issue was also present in Bioshock, but was later patched.

Nvidia strongly deny talks of AIB spring clean

We were plagued with news earlier regarding Nvidia's AIB spring clean. Nvidia has now denied the story (which originated at Fudzilla), stating that it's "absolutely not true".

MSI make Wind overclockable through update

MSI has enabled overclocking support in its Wind netbook, thanks to its latest BIOS release. The initial numbers are quite promising, though this is a netbook after all.

Several mobo makers confirm X58 SLI support

Nvidia is proud to announce that the world's "pre-eminent motherboard manufacturers" (ASUS, EVGA, MSI, Gigabyte and DFI) will include SLI support on their X58 motherboards.

Radeon HD 4830 has shader woes, patch issued

During its recent review of AMD's HD 4830, TechPowerUp noticed that only 560 of the available 640 shaders were operational. There's now a patch which should resolve the problem.

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