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    In Win 901 Aluminum Mini-ITX Case Review

    In Win has been known to release some pretty unique PC chassis; their design team have some pretty creative ideas when it comes to its aesthetics and overall style. Of course, that's not always true. Sometimes we've seen some pretty questionable designs and wonder ...
  • DSCN1593

    SilverStone PS10 Case Review

    Are you in the market for a budget priced chassis that looks like you spent more? Introducing the PS10 case from SilverStone, a mid tower case that offers a wide variety of hardware configurations and cooling support. SilverStone frequently leans toward a more budget...
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    Kingston 64GB SDXC Class 3 Memory Card & USB 3.0 MobileLite G3 Review

    During our visit with Kingston at CES 2014 this year, we had a chance to sit down with them to talk about the new and up-coming flash memory cards that are designed for HD Media use. With the advancing and growing media recording industry, faster and more reliable f...
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    ECS KBN-I/5200 AMD A6-5200 Mini-ITX Motherboard Review

    AMD's APU series market has really picked up pace over the last few years. The most recent updates to their current road map, included the new FM2+ socket A88X based chipset and the Kaveri Processor. This has really generated a great deal of interest with many of to...
Latest News & Reviews

Radon HD 4850 – the most sold GPU of September

The Radeon HD 4850 topped the GPU sales list for September, according to figures released by NPD. The 8500 GT came in second, with seven Nvidia cards present in the top ten.

AMD completes Digital TV processor business sale

AMD has now completed the sale of its Digital TV processor business to Broadcom, announced the company earlier today. AMD received $141.5 million from the sale.

Microsoft demonstrate Windows 7 for the first time

Just as promised, Microsoft has given the first public demonstration of Windows 7 at its recent Professional Developers Conference. Neowin and Ars have the pretty pics.

AMD’s forthcoming RV870 briefly detailed, again

Initial (and coincidentally doubtful) specifications for AMD's upcoming Radeon RV870 card (codenamed Lil' Dragon) have emerged, and Nordic have shared their take on things.

Sapphire Radeon HD 4850 X2 pixellated, detailed

While the HD 4850 X2 (which was announced in August) is still missing in action, a few spy-pics have emerged which remind us not to give up hope. TechConnect have the honors.

MSI X58 Eclipse pictured in lots of pretty pixels, again

We're not one to pass up the opportunity of some more X58 eye-candy, and today's serving comes from AnandTech, and is of the MSI X58 Eclipse. Cover your eyes children!

Intel tout Desktop Control Center overclocking software

At its latest Developer Forum in Taipei, Intel demonstrated its Desktop Control Center overclocking software (try saying that ten times!) for the upcoming Core i7 CPU's.

Google roll-out new version of Chrome browser

Although the hype surrounding Google Chrome has partially worn off since launch, a new update has been released for those still in need of some Google tender love and care.

Cropped widescreen fix released for Far Cry 2

Just days following release, a member of the Widescreen Gaming Forums has created a fix for the cropped widescreen issue in Far Cry 2. There are a few shortcomings, though.

Tuesday Sampler [10-28-08]

We just published our latest review, but what's happening on the rest of the web? Today's Sampler touches upon Graphics Cards, Motherboards, Cooling and Cases, and Consumer Electronics.

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