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ATI’s X1800XT Has Huge Headroom! – 1GHZ Core and 2GHz Memory Broken

From what Eric Demers, lead chip designer?at ATI has hinted, there seems to be a lot of head-room built into the R520, and we’re starting to see its potential around the web now the worlds leading overclockers have there hands on them! Sampsa & Suvanto (who’s names sound like a Trance duo!)?have been able to clock an X1800XT to 1GHz core?and 2GHz on the memory?using LN2. Click the link for more details, but to wet your appetite here’s a screen shot of ATI tool. If you look closely there are small artifacts even in this screenshot so they must have been at the absolute limits here but still, its a great achievement.

X1800 XT Overtakes 7800 GTX Running 1600×1200 with 4xAA and 8xAF

Eric Demeres runs the chip design team at ATI.?He has?now confirmed?some details behind the memory mapping?performance leap in OpenGL. This change is for the X1K family only The X1Ks have a new programmable memory controller and gfx subsystem mapping. A simple set of new memory controller programs gave a huge boost to memory BW limited cases, such as AA (need to test AF). We measured 36% performance improvements on D3 @ 4xAA/high res. This has nothing to do with the rendering (which is identical to before). X800’s also have partially programmable MC’s, so we might?see increases in performance?in the near future. According to Eric Demeres, It’s still not optimal -?"The work space we have to optimize memory settings and gfx mappings is immense. It will take us some time to really get the performance closer to maximum. But that’s why we designed a new programmable MC. We are only at the beginning of the tuning for the X1K’s"

ATI X1000 Series – 35% Performance Boost Over Initial Results in Doom 3 with AA

ATI have released a small App to the press which optimises memory mapping on the X1000 series of cards. Once enabled it can give performance boosts of up to 35% in Doom III when?tested?at high resolutions and with Anti-Aliasing on. To be more precise though, it’s an Open GL optimization and so will give benefits in all Open GL games, not just Doom 3. Though this small App?will only be avilable?to the press, it should be?implemented in a later version (perhaps 5.11) of Catalyst drivers, so everyone can reap the benefits. Hexus?are the first to test this?tool out and you can check there result here. Though i have the patch in my possesion i have no X1000 series cards here right now and so cannot do my own tests, but i can confirm that this is most definitely an X1000 series boost only.

NVIDIA Release 80 Driver for Performance Boost and Increased Flexibility

Nvidia have today release driver 81.84. According to Nvidia this new driver gives a boost of 15% for GeForce 7800 GTX GPUs in Battlefield 2, a 5% improvement for GeForce 7800 GTX GPUs in Far Cry, and 5% for GeForce 7800 GTX GPUs running in SLI mode in Half Life 2. The most interesting new feature has got the be support for mixing vendor GPUs for?SLI . The NVIDIA Release 80 graphics driver gives end users the ability to mix and match any SLI Ready graphics cards of like GPUs to use in an NVIDIA SLI configuration?using two PCI-Express graphics cards in tandem for unparalleled graphics performance.? Previously, users had to use two graphics card from the same vender in an SLI configuration. Other note worthy performance increase include: Dual core CPU performance optimisations – including performance increases of up to 15% for GeForce 7800 GTX GPUs running Far Cry in SLI mode, and up to 15% for GeForce 7800 GTX GPUs running Half Life 2 Support for NVIDIA mobile GPUs – provides instant upgrades for selected notebook computers featuring NVIDIA GPUs PureVideo quality enhancements-support for high definition, MPEG-2 de-interlacing on GeForce 6600 and higher GPUs Broader SLI optimisations and quality-assurance validation for the latest games?including specific SLI profiles for more than 150 of the most popular titles You can download the Windows XP version of this driver here: http://www.nvidia.com/object/winxp_2k_78.01.html

The X1800 XL Single Slot Cooling Solution Details

This is?what the X1800 XL single slot cooling solution looks like. The core is cooled by copper heatspreader, heatpipes and fins while the memories are cooled by a large nickel plate. See pics HERE

ATI’s Crossfire Resolution Limitation – Mountains out of Molehills?

Recently Rage3D reported that the method in Crossfire capable cards used? to communicate to each other could be flawed, offering no higher than 1600×1200 at an unimpressive 60Hz. Speculation arose when the backbone to this setup was the Silicon Image Sil 1161. Penstarsys.com has more information on this and is countering the argument, saying that ATI cards will probably not have such limitations: "The receiver can handle 1600×1200 @ 60 Hz, which means that it can receive 60 frames of 1600×1200 pixel content per second.? When used with the output of the master card, this can give a theoretical maximum of 120 fps at 1600×1200 resolution when using alternating frames.? Most high quality 21" CRTs can usually handle a maximum of 100 Hz at 1600×1200, so using AFR with v-sync enabled, 100 fps is theoretically achievable (depending on the application of course).? Let’s look at other situations." Read the full article HERE

X800GT, X800GTO to Support Crossfire

All of the X800 cards from ATI will support Crossfire, including the X800GT and X800GTO. You will need a master card in order to run it and have to wait for the?second driver release, as the launch drivers will?only support X800XT and X850XT derivatives. Hexus

Nvidia Drivers to Support Mix-Matched Graphics Cards

NVIDIA will be releasing Rel-80 drivers within the next month, which will support mix-matched graphics cards. Whilst it is unclear if it will currently down clock the performance of the faster card – it will show a clear upgrade path for users who have SLI and a single 6-series card. We should see this within the next month. Hexus

Gainward Launch 7800GT Variants

Gainward have?launched two 7800GT cards this week, the?Vanilla Ultra/3400 PCX XP 7800 GT and a Golden Sample version with increased clock speeds over the reference design. The vanilla Ultra/3400 PCX XP 7800 GT will run?at?400MHz core?/ 1000MHz memory speeds. The Golden sample will run with higher clocks which are yet to be decided upon.. Pricing for the vanilla card was not mentioned to me but you can buy it HERE for ?323.11. The price and availabilty of the Golden Sample is still to be disclosed. In my opinion the 7800GT’s are set to be a monumental success!

Nvidia: The Power of 3, or Marketing

Have you seen the banner ads around from Nvidia talking of "The Power of 3, coming 11th August? This has sparked quite a buzz over many forums asking the question? What is power of three? Speculation?is rife, with some guessing it may mean?three way SLI (duh). Anyhow, I have been told that "Power of 3" is not?a reference?to any new cards from Nvida or?some new form of SLI. Power of?3 is likely referring to?SLI, HDR and Shader Model 3.0, all feature ATI currently do not have in there line up. So that wraps up one of the best marketing campaigns of the year so far!

ASUS Cancels Dual-Chip GeForce 6800 Graphics Cards.

No real surprise there, with the 7800GTX days away this card would have sold poorly. Get the full story HERE

NVIDIA holding back an Ultra 7800?

You may remember reading early last week that an Ultra version of the?7800 is being held back from launch?and that?we at?PureOverclock were the first on thre web to say this. Now Hexus seem to be confirming this 🙂 Quote: NVIDIA’s G70 graphics processor, likely to be bound up in a range of products carrying GeForce 7 branding, may have an Ultra version waiting in the wings, to counter any ATI high-end product launch. You can read the full story HERE

G70 Specifications Confirmed ? Geforce 7800 GTX

I?ve just been told from a very, very reliable source that the G70, Nvidia?s next generation card will officially be called the 7800 (we all new that, didn?t we?).?It will?initially be available in three versions , the 7800 GTX, 7800 GT and 7800 and?they will be launched on the 22nd of June. I've just been told the new GTX moniker will?NOT replace the Ultra. An overclocked GTX will come some time after launch and this will be known as the 7800 Ultra. The Ultra may possibly be Nvidia's first 90nm part. Below is the specification for the 7800 GTX:


ATI’s R520 Spotted

While at E3 the Anandtech crew spotted an Intel PCI-e rig at ATI’s booth?with an R520?inside. Quote: "In a bit of a surprise, ATI is running working R520 silicon behind closed doors at their booth here at E3. The R520, not the GPU in the upcoming Xbox 360 but rather the next-generation PC GPU, was running in an Intel PCIe system at ATI’s booth. The system was used to demonstrate Remedy’s upcoming title called Alan Wake. The game itself was quite impressive, with an incredibly large and interactive environment, as well as some of the most impressive weather effects we’d ever seen." Read it HERE

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