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First GeForce GTX 280 waterblock pictured

The first rendered pictures have surfaced of the Aquagrafx G200 waterblock, which as you've no doubt guessed, is for Nvidia's GTX 280.

Cooler Master launch passive Hyper Z600

Cooler Master have launched the uniquely designed Hyper Z600 noiseless CPU cooler. The cooler's X-shape accompanies six heatpipes and a weight of 1045g.

Arctic Cooling launch Freezer 7 LP cooler

Arctic Cooling has introduced the new low-profile Freezer 7 LP CPU cooler, which is 53mm high. The cooler is aimed at the HTPC market.

New fan designed with no moving parts

Besides hard disk drives, the most noise from a computer is from the computer cooling fans, by all means, fans have got bigger and quieter, however some are still very loud, especially when they begin ticking and humming as they get worn out or when the motherboard sets the fans to run at 100% all of the time. However, iTnews Australia, have reported that U.S. based researches have developed a new fan designs which does not have any moving parts. The fan once in use is totally silent.

MSI develops cooler powered by heat

MSI has developed a cooler that makes use of the Stirling Engine Theory, thus using no electricity, instead utilizing heat. The Stirling Engine works by trapping heat in a closed circle, and constantly heating and cooling it, which makes the air expand and contract. This then makes a piston move up and down, which powers the cooler?s fan. In this case, the air is heated from contact with the northbridge, and then cools by contact with the heatsink.

Thermaltake DuOrb cooler sneak preview

This year at the CES 2008 (America's Biggest Consumer Electric Show) Thermaltake will be bringing you the latest in technology, one of the items they will be showing off is the revolutionary DuOrb CPU cooler, VR-Zone reports.

Cooler Master announce Hydra 8800 cooler

Cooler Master has unveiled the Hydra 8800 graphics card cooler, which combines air and water to cool the GPU. Weighing in at 505g, the cooler includes a copper base and three heatpipes. The 75mm fan operates at 1800RPM, thus only generating 19 dBA. The cooler fits 1/2″ and 3/8″ tubing sizes, although pricing and availability is unknown.

CoolIT Systems offer up to 30% discount on trade-in

CoolIT Systems has announced that on trade-in, consumers can receive up to a 30% discount on any of CoolIT’s CPU coolers. Accepted trade-ins aren’t just limited to past CoolIT products, either. The company will be accepting any cooler – “no matter how old, no matter how functional.”

Akasa announce ‘Revo’ thermodynamic cooler

Akasa's latest cooling product is the "Revo" (short for Revolution). Whether it's a big enough rebellion to overthrow the market remains to be seen as the majority of these ideas flip flop. According to Adrian Young, Marketing Director of Akasa, "It?s quieter than heatpipe coolers, cooler than conventional heatsinks, and easier to fit... than watercoolers. This technology could revolutionize CPU cooling."

OCZ unleash Vendetta CPU cooler

OCZ have unveiled their latest cooling product, the Vendetta. While the design of the cooler is nothing we haven't already seen, the cooler's three copper heat pipes make direct contact with the processor, instead of the conventional base plate. Aside from the better heat transfer, the Vendetta is 134mm tall, gives off 22-34 DBA and operates at 2800RPM.

Scythe unveil new Ninja Mini cooler

While apparently this cooler has been in the wild for a matter of weeks now (what?, i don't keep up with cooling), chances are the majority of readers haven't heard of it. Scythe's Ninja Mini has six copper heat pipes connecting its aluminum base to an array of aluminum fins. The Mini is 150mm high, weighs 580g, and its (optional) 80mm fan operates at 2300rpm.

Asus announce Silent Knight II CPU cooler

Asus have introduced the market to the successor of their Silent Knight cooler. The Silent Knight II is aimed at the quad-core user and features a 100% all-copper design for its fins, base and six heat pipes, as well as a 92mm fan which operates at 2,300RPM.

Arctic Cooling launch Accelero S1

The Swiss cooling company Arctic Cooling have today announced their new video card cooler, the Accelero S1, a high performance passive cooler featuring 4 heatpipes and a large surface area.

Scythe announce Katana 2 CPU cooler

Today Scythe?have announced the succesor to there low(ish) cost Katana CPU Cooler, ingeniously named the Katana 2!

Thermaltake launch Cyclo fan series

Thermaltake have been rather busy lately, launching lots of products, and today comes the Cyclo Series of? fan designed with performance and style in mind.

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