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Swiftech Apogee GTZ

Can the GTZ reclaim the CPU water block crown? We see how it performs.

Lian Li announce EX-H34 HDD rack, BS-08 fan

Lian Li is proud to announce the addition of two new products - the EX-H34 HDD rack mount and the BS-08 fan, showcasing Lian Li's usual attention to detail.


CoolIT RAM & PCI Fans

The fight to keep computer components cool is nothing new, but can these CoolIT fans succeed?

Intel LGA1366 heatsinks in the labs at FrostyTech

Our colleagues over at FrostyTech have laid their hands on some socket 1366 heatsinks from an unidentified company, and have answered any relevant questions.

CoolIT unleash Dual Drive Bay HD 4870 X2 cooler

CoolIT Systems, the leading innovator in liquid cooling technology, today announced the addition of the Dual Drive Bay Cooler for AMD's HD 4870 X2 graphics card.

Patriot roll-out Vortex dual-fan memory cooler

Patriot has launched its Vortex dual-fan memory cooler, which features two 40mm fans spinning at 5000 RPM. No word yet on pricing and availability, unfortunately.

Thermaltake launch the RamOrb memory cooler

Thermaltake has added the missing piece of the puzzle to its DuOrb lineup, alias the RamOrb. Weighing in at 136 grams, the fan spins at 4500 RPM, generating 20 dBA.

Scythe launch new and improved Ninja 2 cooler

Scythe has introduced its new Ninja 2 CPU cooler. Although nothing much appears to have changed, Scythe claims a 15% performance improvement under load.

Arctic Cooling launch Accelero Twin Turbo

Arctic Cooling has unveiled yet another GPU cooler - the Accelero Twin Turbo. The dual-slot design accommodates a price of $35.

Cooler Master launch V8 CPU cooler

Following the initial showcasing at this year's CES, Cooler Master has now officially launched its V8 CPU cooler.

Asetek launch first HD 4870 liquid cooling

With the Radeon HD 4870 fresh out the door, Asetek have rather quickly introduced a liquid cooling system dubbed the "LCL".

Zalman launches CNPS-9300 AT cooler

Zalman has rather quietly launched its new CNPS-9300 AT cooler, which appears to supersede the CNPS-9700.

First GeForce GTX 280 waterblock pictured

The first rendered pictures have surfaced of the Aquagrafx G200 waterblock, which as you've no doubt guessed, is for Nvidia's GTX 280.

Cooler Master launch passive Hyper Z600

Cooler Master have launched the uniquely designed Hyper Z600 noiseless CPU cooler. The cooler's X-shape accompanies six heatpipes and a weight of 1045g.

Arctic Cooling launch Freezer 7 LP cooler

Arctic Cooling has introduced the new low-profile Freezer 7 LP CPU cooler, which is 53mm high. The cooler is aimed at the HTPC market.

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