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CoolIT Launches Domino Cooling Unit

CoolIT Systems announces Domino Advanced Liquid Cooling (ALC) that offers the technological advantages employed by high-end liquid cooling solutions of superior performance, quiet protection and years of maintenance-free operation that cannot be achieved by similarly priced heat sink/fan combinations.


Swiftech MCW-NBMAX

Keeping that Northbridge cool to push your overclock even higher.

NordicHardware Has Exclusive Review of LM10 Liquid Metal Cooler

Our friends at Nordic Hardware have the world exclusive review of the new liquid metal cooler LM10 from Danish cooling company Danamics ApS.

Lian Li Launches TR-5F

Lian Li Industrial Co. Ltd is introducing the new TR-5F, a fan Bus and Fan Temp gauge combo unit. The innovative device takes up one 5.25" bay, and has a full frontal LCD, with a coupled LED fan which changes color according to the RPM registered.

CoolIT Slashes Pure CPU Prices

With the Holiday shopping season in full swing, CoolIT has slashed the price of their Pure CPU Cooler to $69.99 if you order directly through them. Coupon code is inside!


EK Water Blocks 4870 X2

How well can this full cover GPU block cool the 4870 X2 behemoth?

Glacialtech UFO V51

GlacialTech, the diversified provider of cooling, power supply, PC enclosure solutions for consumer and industrial applications, today announced the launch of UFO V51 range of CPU coolers for the and high-end AMD CPUs, designed for gaming and other high I/O applications.


Thermaltake BigWater 780e

Is this ESA-compliant water cooling kit up to task?

Thermaltake unleash LGA 1366 cooler converter kits

Those looking to keep their current Thermaltake CPU coolers in service during the upcoming Core i7 era - pay attention. Thermaltake is offering LGA 1366 converter kits.

Asus Triton 81 socket-1366 cooler pictured, detailed

If Intel's new socket-1366 stock cooler doesn't seem up to the job, then Asus' Triton 81 is worthy of consideration. Pretty pixels and specifications are available here.


Sunbeamtech Core Contact Freezer

Can this new Freezer pull down some great temperatures?


Xigmatek Red Scorpion S1283

Can the HDT technology help this heatsink rise to the top?

Xigmatek preparing to launch Dark Knight HDT S1283

Put your next CPU cooler purchase on hold folks, as Xigmatek is preparing to launch its Dark Knight HDT S1283, which measures 120x50x159mm and weighs 660g.

OCZ roll-out HydroFlow HF-MK1 CPU waterblock

OCZ has ventured into the realm of of watercooling, launching its HydroFlow HF-MK1 CPU waterblock, which "epitomizes" the advances in cooling at an "affordable price".

OCZ unveil Gladiator and Gladiator Max coolers

OCZ has added two new additions to its ultra-high performance CPU cooling lineup, alias the Gladiator and Gladiator Max. The full specifications can be read here.

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