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Microsoft refurbish SideWinder branding: a new mouse

Microsoft have reintroduced the SideWinder branding, this time in the form of a new mouse that could give Logitech's G9 a run for its money. The new SideWinder features a 2000 DPI sensor, 45 IPS, 7080 FPS, macro keys and a built-in LCD.

Razer announce 4000 DPI ‘Lachesis’

In response to Microsoft's SideWinder project, Razer have announced their latest ambidextrous rodent at GC in Leipzig, Germany. The Lachesis boasts a 4000 DPI sensor, a 1ms response time, teflon feet, 60-100 IPS and much more to satisfy today's hungry gamers.

Razer announce Boomslang re-spin

Razer have announced a limited edition version of their Boomslang mouse. The re-launched version has been bumped to today's standard but really doesn't seem to offer much more...

Razer Pro|Type Keyboard announced

San Diego, California ? April 06, 2007 ? Razer announced today the Razer Pro|Type keyboard.

Razer’s Robert Krakoff on ‘lefties’

With the recent addition of the right-hand only Deathadder to Razers line-up, dethroning the Copperhead as their top performance mouse, I worrying started to ponder what direction they were heading hereon with respect to all us lefties out there...

OCZ’s gaming mouse – the Equalizer 2500 dpi

[thumbright]oczmouse.jpg[/thumbright]OCZ has expanded into the peripheral market today by launching the Equalizer laser gaming mouse. It boasts a 2500 dpi laser engine, the highest currently in the market. The Equalizer features the innovative OCZ ?Triple Threat? button. Gamers can fire three times with just one click making it easier than ever to hit the target and gain a competitive advantage. This is sure to be a contreversal feature in gaming leagues. At the same time, the Triple Threat button is a useful tool in everyday computing by turning double-click operations, such as opening files and applications, into just one-touch commands. Thanks to a dual laser engine and extremely responsive sensor array, the OCZ Equalizer promotes pinpoint accuracy and precision and enhanced tracking on a wider range of surfaces, including glass tabletops. For Gamers on-the-go this is an important feature. Hopefully we’ll have one in for review soon.


Razer Copperhead 2000 DPI Gaming Mouse & eXactMat

Could this be the ultimate combination for gaming?

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