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Microsoft’s Explorer Mini “Blue Track” mouse spotted

Engadget have discovered a rodent which seems to be the product behind the teaser "Say Goodbye to Laser", which recently featured on Microsoft's website.

Creative roll-out N400 USB speaker system

Creative has released a speaker system which offers the best of both worlds ? high-quality audio and portability. The N400 USB speakers can be seen here.

NZXT unveil Avatar high performing gaming mouse

NZXT, a company built on realizing the dreams of gamers worldwide, is proud to announce the sleek, ambidextrous and ergonomic Avatar high performance mouse.

Logitech launch V550 Nano wireless mouse for Macs

Logitech has introduced its V550 Nano wireless rodent for Mac laptop users. Using 2.4GHz technology, the mouse easily clips onto the laptop when on the go.

Logitech release DiNovo Edge Mac keyboard

Logitech has unleashed the highly sought after Mac version of its DiNovo Edge keyboard. Orange back lighting, and 1/2 inch thickness will set you back $159.

Asus unveil Eee-branded gaming controller, kinda

The latest product to fall under the Eee branding comes in the form of a Nintendo Wii Nunchuck lookalike, alias the Eee Stick. The plug and play device is detailed here.

Quadruple speed FireWire specification approved

The IEEE has approved a faster FireWire specification which will quadruple speeds. While maintaining backwards compatibility, speeds of 3.2GB/s are boasted.

Smaller, cheaper Optimus Pultius released

Many of you would be familiar with the Optimus Maximus OLED keyboard. Well now a less expensive, 15 key version has been released, alias the Optimus Pultius.

Microsoft to extend, revamp Sidewinder range

Microsoft is expanding its Sidewinder range with the introduction of the new X6 gaming keyboard later this year. The X5 rodent will also be subject to a revamp.

OCZ launch Alchemy Series gaming peripherals

OCZ has expanded its gaming peripheral lineup with the addition of the new Alchemy Series. The Elixir keyboard is the first product to fall into the new lineup.

Razer introduce low-end Salmosa rodent

Razer's recent "Speed of (The) Light" campaign has resulted in a low-end gaming mouse, far short of the flagship we were all expecting. The Salmosa features Razer's 1800dpi 3G Infrared sensor, which offers a 1KHz polling rate. Razer note that the Salmosa offers "speeds of up to 2.25 times faster than other regular gaming mice" and has the "fastest tracking optical sensor in the world". Launch is scheduled for sometime in the third quarter, with a price of around $40.

Razer preparing a CeBIT surprise

From the limited info provided to us, we are lead to believe that Razer are going to showcase a new rodent at CeBIT. Razer’s advertising campaign is dubbed “Speed of (The) Light” with the sub-heading “The Race Is On”. There is a promotional website now online, though there’s nothing being revealed there either. Let’s just hope this isn’t a repeat of AMD’s “Dark Side” promotion last year that resulted in the launch of the unimpressive “Black Edition” chips.

Razer goes mobile: Pro|Click now available

Razer has launched their PRO|CLICK Mobile rodent, aimed at "professionals who crave mobility." The ambidextrous Bluetooth mouse is available in four colors and will set you back US$49.99, and unfortunately, that's all we know at this stage.

Logitech MX5500 keyboard mouse combo leaked

Some details have appeared online regarding Logitech's MX5500 package which includes their MX Revolution rodent. Based around the MS5000, the new keyboard revolves around a built-in LCD that displays and controls music, messages, and even the calculator.

Microsoft refurbish SideWinder branding: a new mouse

Microsoft have reintroduced the SideWinder branding, this time in the form of a new mouse that could give Logitech's G9 a run for its money. The new SideWinder features a 2000 DPI sensor, 45 IPS, 7080 FPS, macro keys and a built-in LCD.

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