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Saitek Eclipse III keyboard emerges for pre-order

Saitek's Eclipse III backlit keyboard has surfaced for pre-order on Amazon. With a price of $79, the site note that shipping will occur within 2-5 weeks. More info here.

Silverstone Raven gaming mouse review is live

Silverstone's Raven gaming mouse takes a unique approach to the common rodent, but is this trait an advantage or does it squander what could have been. We take a look...


Silverstone Raven Gaming Mouse

We take a look at a new and innovative gaming mouse.

Spend $200 at Razer Direct and get a rodent, free

Christmas has come early for Razer fans. That's right, if you spend over $200 at Razer Direct from now until October 30th, then you'll receive a free Diamondback mouse...

OCZ’s upcoming Elixir II gaming keyboard pixellated

Photo's have started flooding in of OCZ's new Alchemy series Elixir II keyboard. As Fudzilla detail, the successor will remain low-cost and keep its original color scheme.

Microsoft equip two rodents with BlueTrack technology

Microsoft has made official the mice behind the teaser "Say Goodbye to Laser", namely the Explorer and Explorer Mini, which now both feature the new BlueTrack technology.

Buffalo up the ante with faster 8x Blu-ray burner

Buffalo has unveiled what it claims to be the world's fastest Blu-ray burner, which offers speeds up to 8x. The BR-816FBS-BK will currently set you back $370.

Logitech launches new back lit Illuminated keyboard

Logitech has launched a range of new keyboards, and one of which immediately attracts the eye. The Logitech Illuminated will hit the streets in October for $80.

Microsoft’s Explorer Mini “Blue Track” mouse spotted

Engadget have discovered a rodent which seems to be the product behind the teaser "Say Goodbye to Laser", which recently featured on Microsoft's website.

Creative roll-out N400 USB speaker system

Creative has released a speaker system which offers the best of both worlds ? high-quality audio and portability. The N400 USB speakers can be seen here.

NZXT unveil Avatar high performing gaming mouse

NZXT, a company built on realizing the dreams of gamers worldwide, is proud to announce the sleek, ambidextrous and ergonomic Avatar high performance mouse.

Logitech launch V550 Nano wireless mouse for Macs

Logitech has introduced its V550 Nano wireless rodent for Mac laptop users. Using 2.4GHz technology, the mouse easily clips onto the laptop when on the go.

Logitech release DiNovo Edge Mac keyboard

Logitech has unleashed the highly sought after Mac version of its DiNovo Edge keyboard. Orange back lighting, and 1/2 inch thickness will set you back $159.

Asus unveil Eee-branded gaming controller, kinda

The latest product to fall under the Eee branding comes in the form of a Nintendo Wii Nunchuck lookalike, alias the Eee Stick. The plug and play device is detailed here.

Quadruple speed FireWire specification approved

The IEEE has approved a faster FireWire specification which will quadruple speeds. While maintaining backwards compatibility, speeds of 3.2GB/s are boasted.

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