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Fnatic Gear (5)

FNATIC Rush, Flick & Focus Review

Introduction It seems everything in the world is advertised as “Gamer” in order to attract customers. Seriously! I just read about a gamer toothbrush!!! ESports are on the rise but how much gaming hardware do we really need? Wait! You said it was designed by an actual eSports team!?! Shut up and take my money!!! Before we get too far ahead of ourselves, let’s sift through the jargon and see exactly what FNATIC is doing with their new set of gaming peripherals. FNATIC is an eSports, League of Legends team that has also dived into a gaming keyboard, mouse and pad. The claim is that because these devices were designed by professional gamers, they will give you an edge in any competitive online play you might engage in. We’ll try to assess these claims soon, but before we do, here’s some more info on FNATIC, the company behind the Rush keyboard, Flick Mouse and Boost Pad.

STEELSERIES Releases the Rival 700, First Modular Mouse

Remember when a mouse was just a mouse? Pepperidge Farm remembers! To be far, Pepperidge farm still thinks a mouse is a furry rodent in a barn. STEELSERIES has been known for their high-end peripherals so being the first to introduce a modular mouse is no surprise. What is a surprising is how far the mouse has come from it’s humble beginnings of track and ball. With an OLED display to notify you of in-game events and a modular design that puts a new spin on customization, the Rival 700 certainly takes gaming mice to a new level. I can’t say that I would ever look at my mouse enough to see the notifications, but if I can put a fun design on that screen, that would make me pretty happy. Customization always seems like a good thing though and the RGB lighting is always welcome in my book. Take a look at the details below and check out our forums to tell us what you think of the features in the Rival 700! SteelSeries Rival 700, World’s First Modular Gaming Mouse with OLED Display and Tactile Alerts Now Available in North America  Taking Orders Exclusively on SteelSeries.com Starting Today   CHICAGO – May 24, 2016 – SteelSeries, leader and innovator in gaming peripherals, ships the Rival 700, the world’s first gaming mouse equipped with a fully customizable onboard OLED display, real-time tactile alerts, and interchangeable components. Available exclusively at SteelSeries.com to customers in North America for $99.99, gamers can now head into battle with a...

CableMod LED Strips (1)

CABLEMOD LED Strips Review

Introduction It’s time that we settle the debate once and for all. LED’s make your computer go faster. Don’t argue it. Don’t even question it. It’s just fact! The real mystery is which LED strip will make your computer the fastest. As easy as it is to convince the inexperienced of these sort of “truths,” the reality is PC builders want an LED strip that looks great while having the kind of quality that will help it last a long time. This is exactly what CABLEMOD is setting out to do with their LED Strips. With a wide variety of colors to choices between stick on or magnetic, CABLEMOD is bound to have something that will appeal to the lighting needs of your computer case. We’re going to take a look at what they have, but first, here’s a quick look at what CABLEMOD is trying to do. Cables Perfected. Made from premium materials and crafted with the utmost care, CableMod cables are engineered for more than just function; they are built to delight and inspire. By utilizing choice components, these cables are constructed without the use of unsightly heatshrink. Tweaked with input from the modding community and offered in a large selection of colors, CableMod cables can turn even the most ordinary systems into works of art. Not much about LEDs there it seems. That’s okay because I found some more quotes explaining there choice to use WideBeam, as well as other details. LED Strips Perfected. CableMod brings the same care...

Phanteks Power Combo Launch

POWER COMBO PH-PWCOB_2P1M Walnut, California, April 13th, 2016 – Phanteks today announces the release of their patented Power Combo. The Power Combo is design to maximize your power output by allowing you to connect two power supplies. The Power Combo will be a true plug and play that requires no splicing and cutting of the wires. Phanteks Power Combo The Power Combo is design to be safe and secure. The Power Combo features a redundant power supply architecture concept, this prevents the system from shutting down when one power supply fails. This ensures that all your vital information and data will not be interrupted or lost.   The Power Combo can run high end systems that requires more power output by combining 2x top tier PSUs. The Power Combo is fully compatible to Mini ITX, mATX, ATX, and E-ATX motherboards. The Power Combo features a unique soft start circuit that limits the inrush current to help improve stability and reduce transient voltage drops. The Power Combo will help share the load current of the two power supply and improve the power efficiency. The Power Combo is cost efficient and provides maxim TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS   PRICING AND AVAILABILITY AVAILABLE AT MOST LOCAL RETAILERS IN APRIL 2016 THE RECOMMENDED RETAIL PRICE PH-PWCOB_2P1M – $39.99 WARRANTY 2 Years Limited Warranty For More Information  WWW.PHANTEKS.COM

TRENDnet revamps mobile app for IP cameras and NVRs

TRENDnet revamps mobile app for IP cameras and NVRs New version features sleek user interface for simpler camera management at work and at home TORRANCE, Calif. – April 13, 2016 – TRENDnet® (www.TRENDnet.com), a global leader in reliable SMB and consumer networking solutions, announced the relaunch of its TRENDnet IPView mobile app which allows remote access to your IP cameras and NVRs. TRENDnet IPView is designed to bring live video from your TRENDnet IP cameras and NVRs to your AndroidT or Apple® mobile device. The new version features an improved interface to help manage cameras more easily. The latest update also includes minor stability and performance patches. App features: Take video snapshots Zoom in and out Preset PTZ patrol (select cameras only) Real-time pan and tilt (select cameras only) View video thumbnails Two-way audio (select cameras only) In-app upgrade unlocks: Record to mobile device / DropboxT Multi-view Auto-scan TRENDnet IPView is available for free on the Google PlayT and on the App store; the in-app upgrade is available for USD $3.99. The majority of TRENDnet’s latest home and business IP cameras and NVRs will be supported on the TRENDnet IPView app. About TRENDnet TRENDnet is a global provider of award-winning networking and surveillance solutions to small and medium-sized business and home users. Building networking solutions since 1990, TRENDnet enables users to share broadband access, multimedia content and networked periphe...

TRENDnet launches new line of 4 MP surveillance camera solutions

TRENDnet launches new line of 4 MP surveillance camera solutions New network camera line features HD video resolution and HTML5 support ISC WEST, LAS VEGAS & TORRANCE, Calif. – Apr. 5, 2016 – TRENDnet® (www.TRENDnet.com), a global leader in reliable SMB and consumer networking solutions, announced today its new line of 4 MP network surveillance cameras with HTML5 support. The new cameras will each feature high definition quality video to enhance your surveillance system with sharp, detailed footage. The new cameras will also support HTML5 eliminating the need for browser plug-ins. It also allows users to view live video from browsers that do not support plug-ins, most smart TVs, and mobile phone browsers. “Video clarity is a vital aspect of a surveillance solution because it assists to identify and quickly react to potential risks and threats,” said Evan Davis, senior manager of solutions engineering at TRENDnet. “The ability to access camera footage is also important, and the upcoming HTML5 support conveniently allows users to access live camera feeds from various devices.” The new 4 MP network camera category launches with the Indoor/Outdoor 4 MP PoE Day/Night Network Camera, model TV-IP314PI, and the Indoor/Outdoor 4 MP PoE Dome Day/Night Network Camera, model TV-IP315PI. Later this year, TRENDnet plans to add the TV-IP344PI and the TV-IP345PI which will each feature a varifocal lens that allows the camera to auto-focus when zoom...


CREATIVE Sound BlasterX H5 Gaming Headset Review

Introduction Headsets are devices I’ve avoided most of me life. Being a PC gamer, it seems odd to say this. On the other hand, when I would try a headset, I would find them, hot, uncomfortable, and lacking the type of sound quality I’ve come to expect from a good pair of book shelf speakers with a quality amplifier. CREATIVE set out to change my opinion (unawares) by sending me the Sound BlasterX H5 gaming headset to review. The timing couldn’t be better since I was about to pull the trigger on something to help hide the noise of my various games and speech clients from my family. I thought I would be sacrificing my comfort, but I found an experience that I wasn’t sure even existed until now. Before we jump into the details, let’s look at a bit of info on CREATIVE, the company behind the Sound BlasterX H5. Also, check out the video review featured above!

ADATA Releases Durable Micro USB Cable with Reversible Type-A Connector

ADATA Releases Durable Micro USB Cable with Reversible Type-A Connector Greater USB convenience, rapid charging, tough braided cable, and stylish aluminum Taipei, Taiwan – Mar. 29, 2016 – ADATA® Technology, a leading manufacturer of high performance DRAM modules and NAND Flash products, today added a Micro USB offering to its range of cable products that features a reversible Type-A connector. The cable is designed to make linking a multitude of devices that use Micro USB (smartphones, power banks, wireless headphones, game controllers and many more) with PCs and other USB Type-A destinations much easier and more intuitive. It supports 2.4A for quick device charging, with high-grade braided sleeves protecting wires inside the cable and extending its lifespan. Aluminum connector housings provide double benefit as they are stylish and durable, while ADATA offers the new cable in seven color schemes to give customers more personalization options.   Reversible USB Type-A for instant plug-in The cable features a Micro USB connector on one side and reversible Type-A on the other. Reversible connectors are much more user-friendly than traditional plugs, as shown by the rise of USB Type-C. ADATA offers similar solutions in addition to Type-C, as embodied by the new cable. With reversible Type-A, users can insert the cable into destination devices without the often bothersome “trial and error” associated with USB. There is no need to check which way the USB Type-A plug is...

G.SKILL Trident Z DDR4 Memory and RIPJAWS Gaming Keyboard Wins iF Design Award 2016

G.SKILL Trident Z DDR4 Memory and RIPJAWS Gaming Keyboard Wins iF Design Award 2016 Taipei, Taiwan (25 February 2016) – G.SKILL International Enterprise Co., Ltd., the world’s leading manufacturer of extreme performance memory and gaming peripherals, is honored to be awarded the iF Design Award, one of the most prestigious design competitions in the world, for the design of the Trident Z Series DDR4 Memory and RIPJAWS KM780 Series Gaming Keyboard! Competing with over 5,000 entries from 53 countries, the latest Trident Z series memory and RIPJAWS KM780 series mechanical gaming keyboard have received the collective approval of 58 jurors for the iF Design Award 2016. The Trident Z DDR4 memory is the flagship series of G.SKILL’s line of DRAM memory, available in extremely fast frequency speeds of DDR4-2800MHz and above. The dual-tone brushed aluminum heatspreader design for Trident Z series gives DDR4 memory a sleeker, modern look to match its prowess in high performance specifications. Designed for the gamers around the world is the RIPJAWS KM780 series mechanical gaming keyboard. Sporting Cherry MX mechanical key switches, ergonomic five-level contoured keycap design, and full per-key programmability and LED lighting function, the RIPJAWS KM780 series keyboard combines the ultimate comfort and customizability in a single product. “Over the years, we have devoted ourselves in developing the most outstanding and unique designs for our customers and would continue to do...

Club 3D News 10/16 – CeBIT, Review, Type C, AMD

Club 3D News 10/16 – CeBIT, Review, Type C, AMD The countdown is at 4 days for CeBIT 2016 to start. Club 3D looks forward to meet you at CeBIT 2016 where we will showcase our updated product portfolio which was expanded over the pas two years and includes new USB Type C adapters, as well as the first (Mini)DP 1.2 to HDMI 2.0 adapters, several unique USB Docking Stations and Graphics Adapters. Contact us at press@club-3d.com to schedule a meeting. Please visit us at our partners API/Pilot (Hall 15 D20, with Club 3D Team members), Action Europe (Hall 15 H51) and Informatica Megasur ( Hall 15 H09). Link to Club 3D product line up. Mini Review on Club 3D MiniDP 1.2 to HDMI 2.0 adapter CAC-1170 and Intel NUC Club 3D was the first to introduce the (Mini)DP 1.2 to HDMI 2.0 adapters like already mentioned in the news about CeBIT. Feedback and orders have been tremendous and still are. No matter if user wanted to go for the CAC-1070 (DP) to have 4K60Hz from their VGA card or CAC-1170 (MiniDP) for MiniPC like Intel NUC etc., all of them were really happy that finally such an adapter was made availabe. The NUC Blog from Finland did have a look on how the NUC with Skylake chipset does come along with the new adapters and came to the following conclusion: “This device helps to overcome the other major issue that the HTPC folks had with the Skylake NUC: lack of HDMI 2.0 connectivity.” They did try as well with Linux and after chaning some settings it did work as well. ...

Phanteks RGB LED Adapter Launch

 RGB LED ADAPTER PH-CB_RGB4P Walnut, California, February 18th, 2016 – With the current trend of motherboard’s customizable RGB LED lighting control, Phanteks today announced the Phanteks’ RGB LED Adapter for compatible motherboards that features RGB headers. Phanteks RGB LED Adapter PH-CB_RGB4P Our new RGB LED adapter is a simple, frustration-free solution to RGB integrated motherboards that includes the 4pin RGB headers. The RGB will be Aura Compatible (certified by Asus) and will also be compatible will all RGB intergrated motherboards that includes the 4pin RGB header (12V G R B). This adapter features connectors that connects to the motherboard RGB header, Phanteks’ LED strips, and Phanteks’ case LED lighting. With the adapter, it’s quick and easy to install. The RGB LED Adapter will feature an easy to install connector with an indicator of the 12V to help ensure for a correct installation. Once connected, you can use the customizable lighting control software of the motherboard to synchronize the lighting of your LED strip and Phanteks cases with the motherboards’. The RGB LED Adapter is currently compatible with Phanteks’ Enthoo Luxe, Mini XL, P400, more upcoming models will follow. The adapter will also be compatible with integrated RGB motherboards with the 4-pin RGB headers. *For a limited time, you can get a free RGB LED Adapter if you purchased a compatible Phanteks case and motherboards that features the RGB header before March 1st, 2016. TECH...

Introducing the Alchemy 2.0 Modular Cables

Introduction of Alchemy sleeved cables allowed many end users customized their computers. Now, BitFenix is ready to help ease modding with Alchemy 2.0 Sleeved Cable Kit. With input from some of the world’s most prolific case modders, BitFenix Alchemy Modular Multisleeved Cables offer a premium ultra-dense weave and a unique multisleeved construction for an unparalleled look. These premium cables feature precision molded connectors and come in a variety of colors and cable types, enabling modders to transform normal PCs into objects of wonderment. Alchemy 2.0 quality is manufactured to premium standards with the use of premium materials. These connectors use High Current Alloy Terminals to provide the best connection on the terminal and minimize the efficiency drop in modular connections. Using pure copper strand cables that are up to 16AWG thick, Alchemy 2.0 reduces the resistance while increasing efficiency in modular cables. The premium quality of Alchemy 2.0 cables is achieved through a heat shrink-less sleeving process. The special cables used in the manufacturing improve the flexibility of the sleeved cables and extend the lifetime of the product. To improve aesthetics, Alchemy 2.0 cable kits come with rubber cable combs which prevent damage to the sleeve unlike plastic combs. These combs can be cut into different sizes to fit with different cables. Alchemy 2.0 sleeved cables are designed to replace the standard modular cables of the modular power supplies from the ...


Everything else we saw at CES 2016

Intro CES was a ton of fun and we already saw a ton of great releases coming up. Now it’s time to sum up the rest of what we could get to. Some parts of the show may not have been as relevant to high end computer components as others, but it didn’t stop the exhibitors from showing us some impressive feats. If you want to jump to a specific page, just click on the exhibitor below to take you straight there, or you can see each one by going through each page. So without further ado, here’s the rest of what we were able to see at CES 2016!   ADATA MSI INTEL NZXT CREATIVE D-LINK MYCHARGE

CableMod WideBeam LED Strips

CableMod® WideBeam™ LED Strips Premier Purveyor of Premium PC Cables Perfects the LED Strip (January 22, 2015) – With the release of premium CableMod cables just one short year ago, PC enthusiasts can see the difference some innovation and care makes to PC cables. Today, CableMod announces our foray into the world of PC lighting with CableMod WideBeam™ LED Strips – the ultimate PC lighting solution. CableMod WideBeam LED Strips exhibit the very same care and attention to detail that CableMod brings to PC cables. We’ve rethought virtually every component – from the adhesive and power connector, to the LEDs themselves. The result of all of this is a series of LED strips that truly have no equal – a perfect lighting solution for the discerning PC enthusiast. The story begins with the specially-designed LEDs used on these LED strips. Dubbed WideBeam™, these LEDs are not only some of the brightest available, but also feature a beam angle that is up to fifty percent wider than conventional LEDs for a more even lighting effect. With WideBeam LEDs, you can be sure that your prized components are lit evenly and beautifully. Modern PC cases are being made from a wide variety of materials, which means one adhesive doesn’t fit all. To address this, WideBeam LED Strips come in two series – Magnetic and Foam. Designed for cases made out of steel, the WideBeam Magnetic Series have several rare earth magnets underneath the waterproof resin. These magnets are super...

Lian Li CES 2016 (5)

LIAN LI wants Everyone to own a Yacht at CES 2016, Just don’t Put it in the Water

We all learn something new in this business and I just found out that LIAN LI does a special case mod every few years or so. What surprised me was that it was one they sell as well. Needless to say, I was grinning from ear to ear when I walked up to a computer in a boat. Could that be considered ironic? Either way, LIAN LI didn’t just have computer cases shaped like yachts, they had numerous computer cases as well as some other designs that just screamed of top quality. The yacht was easily one of the funnest things I saw at CES. I really think I need a good mini-ITX system just so I can have “fun” builds. I suppose my Lego Tie Fighter will have to suffice for now though. The design was fun, but what really made it pop was the way LIAN LI designed the RGB lighting effects. With a simple knob turn, you can easily set the color of the chassis to what you want, but the yacht may not have been the most impressive thing I saw. The desk that was a computer case was pretty astounding! Some of you might remember LIAN LI doing something like this a while back. This is a redesigned version however, that has some great features. This one is only meant to handle one build, but the airflow is optimized from back to front (or vice-a-versa), has RGB lighting as well, and has a motorized height adjustment with the ability to set up to four presets. Once again, it has a glass top with a smokey tint but the front of the desk cuts out better so your knees have more space th...

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