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NZXT contest

We?ve teamed up with our good friends at NZXT to giveaway some of their great products to our lucky readers


We preview NZXT's latest case, set to retail at the end of the summer.


We look at the ASUS GTX 460 TOP 768MB, offering great features and performance at a great price.

Samsung Free Giveaway Contest!

We've teamed up with Samsung to give away some great free prizes. Enter now!

NZXT Free Giveaway Contest!

We've teamed up with NZXT to give away a bunch of awesome NZXT prizes. Enter now!

Merry Christmas from PureOC

Merry Christmas to everyone from the staff at PureOverclock.

Merry Christmas from PureOverclock

The Staff at PureOverclock would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a safe and healthy Happy Holidays!

Todays forum antics

There’s a few interesting threads going on in the forums at the moment. The first is the Super PI rankings thread. If you think you’ve got what it takes to knock Deton off the top spot with his 13.37s run on a 3.94 GHz Core 2 Duo setup pop along and make him cry, and even if you can’t, join in anyway! How to lap your CPU, go visit this thread to see my X6800 get a hair cut and see how it was done. And finally, someone help smith solve his DVD drive problem before he drives us all mad 😉

Pureoverclock Article: Video Card Memory Analysis: 256MB vs. 512MB

256Mb cards are fine, of course they are! ?or are they? Does a 512MB framebuffer make any difference? I don’t believe anyone reading this would disagree that 512MB cards will become a firm requirement of high end gaming very soon, but the key question here is do 512MB framebuffers offer anything to us now, other than future proofing? Read it here?

Site Back up after 2 day downtime

I can only apologise for the past two day?s downtime. I had major server issues which apparently were cause by hard drive failure. All is fixed now. I hope it didn’t cause too much inconvenience. I should also mention that all email address linked to this domain were down too, so if you?ve sent an email in the last two days please resend Thanks all,

*Attention* Pureoverclock FAKE email sent out contains a virus

If you’ve recieived this email, please ignore and delete it. It is not from anyone within Pureoverclock and contains a virus. If anyone has recieved this email please let me know. james-at-pureoverclock.com Dear Pureoverclock Member, We have temporarily suspended your email This might be due to either of the following reasons: 1. A recent change in your personal information (i.e. change of address). 2. Submiting invalid information during the initial sign up process. 3. An innability to accurately verify your selected option of subscription due to an internal error within our processors. See the details to reactivate your Pureoverclock account. Sincerely,The Pureoverclock Support Team

Connect3D X700 Pro Vs XFX 6600GT Review

So, why are we pitting the X700 Pro and not the XT version against the 6600GT? The X700XT has not actually hit retail yet and the word on the grapevine is that it may never hit retail. Current pricing also puts the 6600GT and X700 Pro head to head, with no more than a ?10 difference between them. Can the X700 Pro compete with the mighty 6600GT? Read our In-House review HERE

Site Design Change Imminent!

If you’re browsing the site sometime tonight and suddenly notice that on a page refresh everything looks different, do not fret, it’s just the new design coming online. We are leaving the light blue scheme for a darker tone, which is richer and easier on the eye. Let me know what you think by emailing me!

Connect3D X850XT PCI-e Review

We’ve finally completed this long overdue review of the Connect3D X850XT PCI-e,?arguably the?greatest card ever to come from Connect3D… Read our in-house review HERE

Forums Offline

The forums will be offline for a while as i’m going to move to?Vbulletin. Unfortunalty all registered members will have to re-register as the forum was hacked by some guy who really needs to get a life and stop living with his parents. Sorry all, it was out of my hands.

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