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News @ Beyond3D regarding NVIDIA’s plans for 2005

“…I think you?ll see the industry move up a little bit in performance. But I don?t think you?ll see any radical changes in architecture. I doubt you?ll see any radical changes in architecture even in the fall…” It seems NVIDIA will be focusing on improvements to Shader Model 3.0 architecture in their product refreshes for 2005, rather than bring any radically new changes to their current high-end technology. Makes sense to us. Few games have begun to scratch the surface of Shader Model 2, let alone 3. “Architecturally we?re still in the shader model three type era.” Read the full news article http://www.beyond3d.com/#news20937.

Gigabyte 3D1 and GA-8AENXP bundle review @ Anandtech

It’s been out for a couple of months now, but still interesting to know about. Gigabyte has released the 3D1 graphics card: Basically two GeForce 6600 GT GPUs on a single card. From Anandtech: “Gigabyte is hitting multi-GPU technology hard out of the gate with a single board 6600 GT solution dubbed the 3D1. We were able to get our hands on this and two new motherboards from Gigabyte last week for a round of holiday testing. The two major focuses of the article will be to explore any advantages offered by the 3D1 over two-card SLI solutions, and to take a first look at the performance of the GA-8AENXP Dual Graphic Intel SLI offering from Gigabyte…” How does the innovative 3D1 compare to the usual, multi-card SLI solutions? Read more http://www.anandtech.com/video/showdoc.aspx?i=2315.

XTrac Hybrid Computer Mouse Mat@A1 Electronics

A1 Electronics.net have just posted their latest review of the XTrac Hybrid computer mouse mat. Here’s a snippit "The surface looks as if it will be easy to clean be it when we spill coffee and it gets covered in cigarette ash. We are messy sometimes. If the Hybrid works for us in this environment it will work for you. What can we say. Here you see a Logitech mouse that really does slip or move very freely over this Hybrid mat from XTrac. Really. No matter how hard we press down on it." Read the full review here

Apple music store downloads top 300m

Apple’s iTunes Music Store has sold more than 300m downloads, the company said today. http://go.theregister.com/feed/2005/03/02/apple_itunes_300m/

Water Cooler Heatsink System Pipes or Tubing@A1 Electronics

A1 Electronics.net have just posted their latest review of Water cooler heatskink system pipes or tubing. Here’s a snippit: "Thus we hope you learn from our waste of money that while this computer H20 heatsink pipe is more flexible and comes with the companies name printed on it as far as we are concerned is only fit for the rubbish bin. We will only be using .." Doesn’t sound too good does it! Read the full review here

Intel Scientists Develop World’s First Continuous Laser From Standard Silicon

SANTA CLARA, Calif., Feb. 17, 2005 - Intel today announced a scientific breakthrough using standard silicon manufacturing processes to create the world's first continuous wave silicon laser. This technology could help bring low-cost, high-quality lasers and optical devices to mainstream use in computing, communications and medical applications.

Grand Theft Auto Sparks Another Lawsuit

Rockstar parent Take-Two Interactive, Sony, Wal-Mart, and GameStop are blamed for the murder of three policemen by a teenage car thief.

Just when the furor over Grand Theft Auto: Vice City's "Kill all the Haitians!" level had finally died down, the game sparked another lawsuit. Along with its predecessor Grand Theft Auto III, the crime-action game is being blamed for inspiring the triple murder of three Fayette, Alabama, police officers.

Mushkin PC3200 Level II V2 1024 MB Review

OSPrices finished their review of Mushkin’s PC3200 Level II V2 1024 MB memory. http://www.ocprices.com/index.php?rev_id=249

Intel P4 660 & 3.73GHz EE Review

Legit Reviews has posted a review on the new Intel 6XX series processors and the latest Extreme Edition CPU. http://www.legitreviews.com/article.php?aid=166

Intel brings 64 bit to desktop

Intel has rolled out its last full slate of single core Pentium 4s for the desktop as it gears up for the debut of its dual core line sometime in the second half. http://go.theregister.com/feed/2005/02/21/intel_desktop_h1_05/

ATI CATALYST for Windows XP Version 5.2 released

Fixed in this driver:

  • 4x4 Evolution2: Attempting to play the game under Windows XP with an ATI RADEON? X300/X600 series installed no longer results in the operating system failing to respond when the screen is set to 1600x1200 32bpp and OpenGL Renderer is enabled
  • 4x4 Evolution 2: Display corruption is no longer noticed when having the display set to 1600x1200 32bpp along with the texture detail set to high and split screen rendering enabled
  • Serious Sam: Playing the game under Windows XP results in the display flashing when TRUFORM is enabled
  • Sims 2: Playing the game Veronaville under Windows XP while having the desktop set to 1024x768 32bpp along with AA set to 6X no longer results in corruption being noticed in the fields

A64 Winchester Vs. Pentium M Dothan @ GamePC

An excellent comparison between two 90nm core CPUs, arguably the most power efficient processors available today. Read it here

ATI’s Radeon X800 256MB and Radeon X850 PRO Preview @ HEXUS

Hexus have previoes of the Radeon X800 256MB and Radeon X850 PRO on there site. "The 6600 GT can’t run with the X800 in Half-Life 2 either, mainly due to framebuffer size, with fractionally less general ability not helping either. X850 PRO is usefully quicker than 6800 GT in the same test until 1600×1200 when the NVIDIA board is able to draw close. In the three game tests, the Radeons best their NVIDIA rivals in all but Doom 3, a game well known to fancy a bit of NV4x more than a bit of Canadian R4xx." Read the full preview here

ATI’s Overdrive 4 plans

techPowerUp! has some information on Overdrive 4 which is due in ATI’s next Catalyst driver release in March: "Previously you could only overclock your GPU core with Overdrive, and only by a rather small amount. Now you can overclock both core and memory and the frequency range will be increased to 75% of the next higher class product. For example the X800 Non-Pro (400 Mhz / 350 Mhz) could be overclocked up to 456 Mhz Core (400 + (475-400) * 0.75). The memory overclock would be 425 Mhz (350 + (450-350) * 0.75)."

SAMSUNG Produces World’s First Working Prototype of Next Gen. Memory – DDR3

Seoul, Korea - February 17, 2005 : Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., the world leader in advanced memory technology, today announced that it has produced the world's first DDR3 DRAM (dynamic random access memory) device. The new 512Mb DDR3 DRAM, which can process data at the extraordinary rate of 1,066Mbps (the data equivalent of 8,000 newspaper pages a second), will be available in early 2006. DDR3 (double data rate) will become the standard for the next generation of ultra-fast, low-power-consuming memory chips used in notebook computers, desktops and servers.

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