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Web Roundup! – 24th March 2005:

Big back log of news here so this one is going to be a big one! Logitech MX1000 Laser Cordless Mouse @ Mikhailtech.comIs this the best mouse available? Foxconn Winfast NF4UK8AA-8EKRS @ ViperlairLooking for an nForce 4 Ultra on the cheap? Abit Fatal1ty AN8 @ InsaneTekLooking for an nForce 4 Ultra thats expensive? 64-bit computing in theory and practice @ TRTechReport explains what 64bit computing will really bring. SAVROW KATANA 3D-9 : QUADRO Powered Mobile Workstation @ HexusIf you’re looking for the ultimate laptop, this might be it…. Thermaltake 680W Purepower @ WhispTechThat’s almost 700 watts, poeple!

OCZ Announces PC-3200 Gold Series with 2-2-2 Timings

OCA have announced PC-3200 Gold capable of 2-2-2 timings.

More CeBIT Coverage

Hexus are wrapping up there CeBIT 2005 coverage with these few articles: Modding Heaven! Innovation always catches the eye, but imagination is a big attention grabber too. Which is why I found myself drawn to an area behind the WCG arena in halle 27, where to my delight, I found row upon row of perspex cases, and what filled them was really something rather special. Fastest PC at CeBIT?So what was the fastest PC at CeBIT? Extreme Cooling Technologies’ 5.4Ghz PC is the answer. CeBIT 2005: A Pictoral round-upCeBIT is not just about computers? it covers pretty much anything technology related, so anyone who produces anything you plug in and use was showing their wares. (With the exception of those people who produce the stuff that goes into the back pages of the Anne Summers catalogue, they have a different show all of their own, which DVDoctor has already covered?)

Web Roundup! – 22nd March 2005: Part Two

Loads of news today and this is the second roundup! Razer Diamondback 1600 DPI Mouse Giveaway @ OCIA.net RAIDMAX Scorpio 868 ATX Case @ Marns CDA Athlon 64 4000+ review @ Guru3D Gigabyte K8NXP-SLI @ A1 Electronics.net ECS’s 915-A Mainboard @ HEXUS

TwinhanDTV Magic Box @ techniz.co.uk

Snip: "TwinhanDTV USB-Ter is the first digital TV box that no needs extra power supply. No matter where users are, only with a notebook and TwinhanDTV USB-Ter could let users enjoy high quality digital entertainment (Free to Air channel). More than your receiver, TwinhanDTV Ter can record you favorite program into your PC and you never miss it." Read the full review HERE

X-Woofer 3D Vibro Woofer Speaker Review @ Modthebox

Snip: "The overall design of the X-Woofer breaks away from traditional desktop speakers and has been engineered to be a worn on your shoulders without the need to install rear speakers to enjoy 3D sound. The composition of the X-Woofer consists of a two piece silver coloured plastic housing with gold highlights that measure approximately 285mm X 235mm X 14mm. The X Woofer is very light weight at 1.3kg and can be tucked away into back pack for easy transport." Read the full review HERE There’s a lot more news to come throughout the day so keep checking back!

Web Roundup! – 22nd March 2005

The latest reviews from around the web! Corsair Xpert TwinXP1024-3200XL 1GB DC Kit @ InsaneTekA follow up to there OCZ 4000 VX review. Logisys LED Fan Mouse Review @ TechgageA fan in the mouse to help keep your aiming hand dry (~Ed: you what?) Vantec UV Reactive Gear @ ViperlairSome Vantec ultra violet stuff! Icemat Siberia Multi Headset Video Review @ 3dGameManCapable gaming headset? Performance Fan Comparison on XP-90 @ MikhailtechVarious high CFM fans on the XP-90. Our March Buyers Guide Air cooling recommendation!

OCZ Gold PC4000 VX 1GB DC Kit @ InsaneTek

InsaneTek?have reviewed the OCZ Gold PC4000 VX 1GB DC Kit. As new as this product is, its already legendary amongst overclockers. Snip: "With Winbond BH5 gone, the OCZ Gold VX takes over the combination of ultra low latencies and high megahertz. See how it compares to the highly acclaimed TCCD." Read the full review HERE

Koolance Exos-2 Review @ HardwareHell

Currently our recommended high-end cooling product in the March 2005 Buyers Guide, HardwareHell review it and discover how good this cooling system is! Snip: "If you think the price of an EXOS 2 is steep, just picture buying all the parts separately. I browsed a few sites before writing this review, and many offer kits, that don?t even include a radiator or external case mind you, for about $250. With the EXOS 2, you are getting a wicked cooling system that is far better than almost anything else out there, and you’re getting it for a price that won’t break the bank. What more can I say? Must have hardware." Read it HERE

Intel’s Pentium-M 735 and DFI 855GME Motherboard @ Hexus

The Pentium-M Dothan core is a great mobile processor, but it also has the potential to be a formiddable desktop processor too. Hexus put?it?to the test in combination with?the DFI 855GME desktop board. Snip: "Performance wise, there’s one thing that stands out from the analysis and observation of P-M’s scaling with nothing more than its base frequency: it’s crying out for core logic to let it breathe and perform to its fullest; there’s definitely plenty of extra performance to be had by pairing P-M with Alviso core logic. There’s also extra performance to be had just by upping the CPU’s bus clock, so the upcoming 200MHz Pentium-Ms, using Alviso, should give very fine performance, comparatively." Rad it HERE

Albatron 6600GT @ Rbmods

More 6600GT goodness. Snip: "AGP cards are still needed as most of the consumers might not be able to afford to switch motherboard and ram etc for a new rig so they decide to get a decent video card instead. We have Albatrons latest 6600GT card on the test bench tonight and we will compare it to a 6800Ultra and vs a 6600GT PCI-E card to see the speed difference so can the AGP compete with the AGP card? Lets check it out!" Read it HERE

Thermaltake Kandalf Full Tower Series Case @ 3dGameMan

The Thermaltake Kandalf seems to be a great case. 3dGameMan battles Kandalf in his latest video review: Snip: "This product is overflowing with super features, looks fantastic & is all aluminum. There are 11 drive bays which can be organized to hold both 5.25" & 3.5" drives. Six internal 3.5" drive bays allow lots of HDD storage. It’s a very large case & has plenty of room to work. There are also 2 90mm & 2 120mm fans to provide excellent case ventilation. Watch the Video to find out more…" Watch it HERE

Corsair Memory Announced as Official Memory of ACON5

Corsair Memory has been announced as the Official Memory supplier of ACON5. Corsair Memory, along with the other ACON5 partners, ABIT, Intel, ATi, LG and Creative expect that ACON5 will be the largest "open-to-everyone" gaming competition to be held in 2005.

Radeon X800, XL Distribution Costs Revealed and They Don’t Add Up..

The Techreport have been following the story of pricing and availability of the latest ATI cards for some time now.??They have recently learnt that the cost to resellers of Radeon X800 and X800 XL cards via distribution is higher than ATI’s suggested retail price.? In some cases, this information changes the math on which video cards should be recommended. ATI or NVIDIA…? The story and details are available HERE

Club 3D Radeon X800XL PCI Express @ Viperlair

Can’t spare the $600 for an X850XT? The X800XL’s performance offers similar performance at a much lower cost. Snip: "Performance from the X800XL was fantastic, quite happily keeping pace with our X850XT PE in many tests, although the highest resolutions and heavy AntiAliasing/Anisotropic filtering did slow it down slightly in comparison." Read the full review HERE

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