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Dangerden Maze 4 GPU Acetal @ Rbmods

Quote: We all know that video cards have to take alot of weight when you mount a heavy gpu block on it and move the case around. Dangerden has made a really good improvment on this area by releasing their Acetal block that weighs only 171 grams!! We will compare the difference to a stock fan both noise and cooling wise to see the difference on these products. Read the review HERE

SilverStone Temjin TJ05S-TW @ InsaneTek

There’s no denying it, Silverstone make some gorgeous case and InsaneTek have just reviewed my favourite, the TJ05. Snip: "We recently reviewed the SilverStone TJ05B case, which unfortunately had some design problems. SilverStone has made revisions since then and let us revisit the case. This time they sent a TJ05S-TW, which is silver and comes with a window and thermal controller." Read the full review HERE

Beblu: Worlds first modular PC?

Chances are you haven’t heard of Beblu, but you’ll probably hear a lot more about them over the next few months.?Beblu have?a range of PC’s on the way aimed mainly at HTPC endeavours. What makes these rather special is there modular passively cooled?design. In the picture on the left, the top unit holds the DVD drive and the lower unit hold the hard drive, motherboard and processor. There will be more units avilable soon, including the beblu PowerDrive which is a combination unit providing a passively cooled power management system which will power?all beblu cases. The modular design unleashes real potential for high powered mini-ITX systems without heat or noise issues, as each major heat source can theoretically be split up and cooled seperatly. Systems will be avilable in mid April. Read more about the systems at: http://www.beblu.net/

Pureoverclock Blurb: Number 1 – Whats Wrong With This World?

Hello all. This month has been pretty interesting for myself and PureOC. In the labs this week are the Enermax Server Case CS-718, a case that looks set to give the Coolermaster Stacker a run for its money, the already Legendary DFI Lanparty Ultra-D?is sitting near by ready to be overclocked to its limits, and I’m expecting some OCZ PC4000 VX any day now to help me with that!?Also on the way is an A64 Winchester 3200+, and various GPUs. So, a busy few weeks ahead of me and some good reading ahead?for you! You might want to check out this post in the forums about what happened to my cousin, an air stewerd,?when he went to Nigeria and witnessed police brutality not 10 minutes after landing…. Personally, I’m flat hunting at the moment as our tenancy runs out soon. These moments always remind?me of how annoying ADSL really is. I have to cancel my current 512k connection (which takes 1 month and costs me ?60 in fees), then apply as if i were a new customer all over again and wait 2-3 weeks for it to be switched on. After all this bureaucracy i will get back the ?60 fee?IF i go with the same ISP. Not bloody likey. I’m going to move to Bulldogs 4mbit line. Oops, perhaps that will land me in trouble with UK Online who is advertising on the?right 😛

Seasonic S12 430W PSU Review @ Mikhailtech

Snip: "From a design standpoint, the main box does pretty much everything: there’s a 120mm slow spinning, low noise intake fan, meaning good airflow (and cooling) while being almost silent. As mentioned earlier it’s also load controlled (rather than temperature controlled), but the speed increase is exponential rather than linear. That is, it spins at the same rate in a certain load range (up to 40% according to their diagram) before spinning up to its maximum speed at 100% load." Read the review HERE

Wireless Networking: Capabilities and Hardware @ BigBruin

Snip: "These days it isn?t uncommon for a home to have multiple personal computers, and as such, it just makes sense for them to be able to share files, as well as to share one Internet connection. Wired networking is an option, but it is one that may require the installation and management of a great deal of wiring in order to get even a modestly sized home set up. With wireless networking equipment becoming extremely affordable and easy to install, it may be worth considering by those looking to build a home network, as well as by those looking to expand on an existing wired network." Read the article HERE

Logisys Acrylic Case Contest @ Techgage

Want a chance to win a new Logisys Acrylic Case, or other prizes? Then enter one of the two contests. Entering is easy, so check out?the contest rules to learn more. Visit techgage HERE to enter

D-Link DGL-4300 Wireless 108G Gaming Router @ Viperlair

Ping times bad? Too much lag?? Viperlair take a look at a router designed for the gamer that also happens to be a great router for regular folks. Snip: "D-Link has brought to market a product that is both powerful and easy enough for most to understand (as long as you are willing to read the manual some). Not only have they provided you with a rather complete list of supported games, they have given you the ability to manipulate this with your own settings if you so desire." Read it HERE

Thermaltake Sonic Tower @ InsaneTek

A fanless heatsink, but does it offer performance worth considering?? Quote:? "A fanless CPU cooler doesn’t always mean high temperatures. Thermaltake’s fanless Sonic Tower provides great performance at 0 dBA." Check the review HERE

Round Up of Hexus News

A few articles from hexus bundled into one new roundup. Gigabyte 8IPE775-G ‘Springdale’ Motherboard Snip: "Gigabyte has tried to create a motherboard that takes the forward-thinking approach of Socket-T and marries it with established Springdale technology. The end result is a hybrid board, unimaginatively named 8IPE775-G, that will last as long as Socket-T is around. It’s also priced at a wallet-friendly ?60 and makes use of regular DDR1 RAM and AGP-powered graphics cards, thus making the jump to LGA775 a palatable one for most." Gizmondo Anyone?Gizmondo has launched, but there seems to be a distinct lack of units finding their way to journalists. Snip: "A quick ping around the industry gives us a serious concern about the number of units which has actually hit the press – but more of a worry is the number of units which shipped to their flagship store on Regents Street, London. Time will tell."

ATi’s Cap’n Hook Raids NVIDIA’s Booty

Look like ATI are stealing from the Nvidia camp! Snip: "Select journalists at the CeBIT trade fair in Germany were tittled at the tattle of eyewitness reports of Chris Hook, ATi Technologies’ EMEA PR Manager, seemingly out on a cruise… to recruit senior NVIDIA employees in to ATi. Apparently Chris’ efforts seemingly went unrewarded at that stage, but HEXUS has just learnt that ATi may have just recruited two key NVIDIA people." Read about it HERE

Web Roundup! – 25th March 2005

More news from around the web. Logisys Copper VGA Cooler Review @ TechgageA copper cooler for your GPU. IceMat Siberia Multi-Media Headphones @ A1 Electronics.netHeadphones with mic. DFI LanParty UT nF4 Ultra-D @ BigBruinA?steady flow of reviews of this one over the past week. I’ve got one sitting with me for review, too. Super White 7654-47CW Barebones @ MikhailtechBargain barebones goodness.

OCZ EL DDR PC-3200 Dual Channel Gold VX Memory Video Review @ 3DGameMan

If you’re seriously into overclocking, and pumping over 3.2v through your memory doesn’t scare the big jesus out of you OCZ VX is a dream come true! 3DGameMan has the 3200 variant in his latest video review. Snip: "The OCZ EL DDR PC-3200 Dual Channel Gold VX Memory performs very well, is highly overclockable, affordable and the voltage can be pushed to the extreme without voiding the warrantee. The timing on this memory is 2-3-3-8 at 2.6V and a very fast 2-2-2-8 at 3.2V. Also, this memory can be increased to 3.5V for added tweaking. Watch the Video to find out more…" ?Watch it HERE

Logitech Rumblepad 2 @ iSoundMP3

Tekbunkers sister site, iSoundMP3 has just posted a review of the Logitech Rumblepad 2 Snip: Years of using the PS dual stick pads, my expectations of quality and ergonomics have gone up. And so here is Logitechs offering… The Logitech? Rumblepad? 2 looks similar to the Sony’s PS dual stick vibration pad including the dual shoulder buttons and clickable dual analog sticks. There’s rubber grip tape for your palms, and its quite comfortable giving the pad a better look and a much better feel on the whole, the buttons are numbered, with 14 actual buttons including the clickable analog sticks" Read it HERE

Web Roundup! – 24th March 2005:

Big back log of news here so this one is going to be a big one! Logitech MX1000 Laser Cordless Mouse @ Mikhailtech.comIs this the best mouse available? Foxconn Winfast NF4UK8AA-8EKRS @ ViperlairLooking for an nForce 4 Ultra on the cheap? Abit Fatal1ty AN8 @ InsaneTekLooking for an nForce 4 Ultra thats expensive? 64-bit computing in theory and practice @ TRTechReport explains what 64bit computing will really bring. SAVROW KATANA 3D-9 : QUADRO Powered Mobile Workstation @ HexusIf you’re looking for the ultimate laptop, this might be it…. Thermaltake 680W Purepower @ WhispTechThat’s almost 700 watts, poeple!

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