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Creative Labs Gigaworks S750

So 7.1 surround sound, do we really need to invest in it ? Not really?… But guru3d?found out that?it certainly does make a difference over traditional 5.1 setups. Snip: "Skeptic at first, is what I was, because the actual speaker set that we are testing today has already been on the market for roughly a year and a half and could be considered a little dated. Today’s product my friends are the THX certified (Lucas Film tested and approved) high-end series speakers from Creative Labs, the 7.1 surround sound Gigaworks S750. The latest Dolby Digital EX and DTS-ES standards will finally get the attention they deserve in your PC room or even small living room." Read it HERE

Patriot PDC1G3200+XBLK 1GB DC Kit @ InsaneTek

Quote:? "As the age of Samsung TCCD memory chips come close to an end, companies are using what’s left in their stock to produce low latency DDR ram. PDP Systems is one of the lesser known memory companies that followed the trend of TCCD. It’s a surprise to hear that their company has been around since 1985. Although in existence for such a long time, they have provided memory for a variety of components, ranging from Flash memory devices to ATI graphics cards. Only recently has PDP Systems decided to join the highly competitive memory market with the name Patriot." Read the full review HERE

Intel Tops Off 64-Bit Server Platform Portfolio

SANTA CLARA, Calif, March 29, 2005 - Intel Corporation today added to its portfolio of 64-bit offerings with a platform that increases application performance, improves server uptime and the ability to manage large sets of data, and can lower utility costs. Targeted at the mid-tier enterprise market segment, the platform consists of five new processors for servers that use four or more processors, and a new chipset.

The platform, codenamed "Truland," includes 64-bit Intel? Xeon? processors MP (multiprocessor) that span value to performance configurations, and the Intel? E8500 chipset. Architected for dual-core technology, the new chipset prepares customers for the forthcoming transition to multiple cores and new innovations such as Intel? Virtualization Technology.

GeCube’s Radeon X850 XT Uniwise @ HEXUS

If you’re looking for a high performance graphics card, then this X850 XT from GeCube should be on your shopping list. It features a clever single slot cooler that still gives you overclocking headroom…. Snip: "For the performance, it’s hard to argue with the ?370 asking price, in the face of what you get for the same money invested in NVIDIA, right now. It’s close to X850 XT PE money, but then again, it is an XT PE in all but name. That it ships with an inspired cooler, one that brings back the essence of the initial X800 XT PE design, is all the better. I also get the dual DVI ports and VIVO ability I crave, for good measure." Read it HERE

Flexiglow Keyboard & Gaming Mouse @ Viperlair

Looking for some input devices to bring to your next LAN party? Viperlair look at some illuminated devices that also get the job done. Snip: "The Flexiglow xRaider Gaming Mouse and xRaider Keyboard are both good components although the obvious star of the show here is the Gaming Mouse. In the looks department it is pretty good, although I do think that perhaps the rear cycling LED should have a switch of some kind to dictate a singular colour or the cycling of the colour; it can get a bit tiresome/distracting to the eyes now and then. That said, there is a good chance you will have the palm of your hand covering it anyway." Read the review HERE

Installing Watercooling @ A1 Electronics.net

A1 Electronics.net proove watercooling is not difficult with this article Snip: "First. This work only took a short while and was very easy. Even easier if you are starting from scratch whereas we had to remove the cooler radiators from the Thermaltake Kandalf computer case." Read the full article HERE

Gigabyte’s GA-K8VT890-9 Motherboard @ The Tech Report

Snip: "PCI EXPRESS IS undoubtedly the future of PC peripherals, and with even budget motherboards hopping on the PCI-E train, upgrading to support the new standard doesn’t have to be an expensive proposition. Gigabyte’s new GA-K8VT890-9 carries a suggested retail price of only $82?30-120% less than other PCI Express Athlon 64 platforms we’ve reviewed. $82 obviously doesn’t buy a peripheral-packed board loaded with extra goodies, but if you’re looking for a no-frills package at a budget price, the GA-K8VT890-9’s intelligent spec might just be good enough. Read on to see what the board has to offer and how it compares with more expensive Athlon 64 platforms." Read the review HERE

Bigbruin.com Article – Wireless Networking: Setup and Security

Quote: "There are definitely additional issues that could be considered when setting up a wireless network, but covering these basics will make a wireless network much more secure than it was straight out of the box. Many people are confident that no one would be interested in their home network and feel security is just one more headache of technical mumbo-jumbo that they would rather not deal with." Read the full article HERE

Logitech USB Premium 350 @ Techgage

Quote: "Logitech recently announced at this months CeBIT, that new Headsets were on the horizon. We are reviewing their top model, the Premium USB Headset 350, which they promise to provide superior input and output sound, and great comfort. How does it do? Check out our review." Read the review HERE

Bigbruin.com Give Away: A Case Full of Mods

Bigbruin.com has a new give-away posted. Info:? "Bigbruin.com is sponsoring another give-away as we approach our second birthday online (April 1st)… One winner will receive a Sunbeamtech Transformer case complete with 12 (or more) additional items." Find the details HERE

Logisys Meshed 500W PSU Review @ mikhailtech.com

Today mikhailtech.com take a look at Logisys? new dual LED fan mesh series 500W power supply.?They seem t have?discovered a few interesting things…. Snip: "The sticker on the underside states 28A on the 3.3V line, 38A on the 5V line, and 17A on the 12V line. While the first two are sufficient, 17A on the 12V rail isn’t enough, considering other quality 300-400W models can provide as much as 30A. Even more interesting are the combined ratings. You’ll notice there’s a 200W power limit on the 3.3V + 5V rails. Furthermore, there’s a 350W total power rating for all three rails, with the "max output" capped at 500W. In other words, you’re not getting a 500W model. You’re getting a 350W model that’s theoretically capable of a 500W maximum output. The caveat here is that because the total power is written to be 350W, you can’t expect to get sustained, stable power delivery beyond that. Fortunately for most people, even 300 watts is more than enough." Read the full review HERE

Dangerden Maze 4 GPU Acetal @ Rbmods

Quote: We all know that video cards have to take alot of weight when you mount a heavy gpu block on it and move the case around. Dangerden has made a really good improvment on this area by releasing their Acetal block that weighs only 171 grams!! We will compare the difference to a stock fan both noise and cooling wise to see the difference on these products. Read the review HERE

SilverStone Temjin TJ05S-TW @ InsaneTek

There’s no denying it, Silverstone make some gorgeous case and InsaneTek have just reviewed my favourite, the TJ05. Snip: "We recently reviewed the SilverStone TJ05B case, which unfortunately had some design problems. SilverStone has made revisions since then and let us revisit the case. This time they sent a TJ05S-TW, which is silver and comes with a window and thermal controller." Read the full review HERE

Beblu: Worlds first modular PC?

Chances are you haven’t heard of Beblu, but you’ll probably hear a lot more about them over the next few months.?Beblu have?a range of PC’s on the way aimed mainly at HTPC endeavours. What makes these rather special is there modular passively cooled?design. In the picture on the left, the top unit holds the DVD drive and the lower unit hold the hard drive, motherboard and processor. There will be more units avilable soon, including the beblu PowerDrive which is a combination unit providing a passively cooled power management system which will power?all beblu cases. The modular design unleashes real potential for high powered mini-ITX systems without heat or noise issues, as each major heat source can theoretically be split up and cooled seperatly. Systems will be avilable in mid April. Read more about the systems at: http://www.beblu.net/

Pureoverclock Blurb: Number 1 – Whats Wrong With This World?

Hello all. This month has been pretty interesting for myself and PureOC. In the labs this week are the Enermax Server Case CS-718, a case that looks set to give the Coolermaster Stacker a run for its money, the already Legendary DFI Lanparty Ultra-D?is sitting near by ready to be overclocked to its limits, and I’m expecting some OCZ PC4000 VX any day now to help me with that!?Also on the way is an A64 Winchester 3200+, and various GPUs. So, a busy few weeks ahead of me and some good reading ahead?for you! You might want to check out this post in the forums about what happened to my cousin, an air stewerd,?when he went to Nigeria and witnessed police brutality not 10 minutes after landing…. Personally, I’m flat hunting at the moment as our tenancy runs out soon. These moments always remind?me of how annoying ADSL really is. I have to cancel my current 512k connection (which takes 1 month and costs me ?60 in fees), then apply as if i were a new customer all over again and wait 2-3 weeks for it to be switched on. After all this bureaucracy i will get back the ?60 fee?IF i go with the same ISP. Not bloody likey. I’m going to move to Bulldogs 4mbit line. Oops, perhaps that will land me in trouble with UK Online who is advertising on the?right 😛

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