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Can RAID Systems Fail? @ Viperlair

RAID promises speed and disaster prevention, but is it perfect? Viperlair look into this, as well as outlining some flavours of RAID. Snip: "RAID undoubtedly offers more data protection than non-RAID disk systems. However, the management of the disks and the data distribution across them can be complex. Complex redundant systems can suffer failure, most often not a fault of the technology used or the design of the array, but most likely because of its failure to correctly apply these systems which leads to a single point of failure causing disastrous data loss." Check?the article HERE

OCZ Modstream 520w PSU @ OCIA.net

OCIA.net has posted a review on the OCZ Modstream 520w PSU. Snip: "Heatshrink is used near the molex connectors instead of the sleeving continuing all the way to the connector. A previous PSU that I looked at ran the sleeving all the way to the molex, which made for some pretty stiff ends that were a little difficult to work with in some situations." Read it HERE

Xuke Mp600 mp3 player @ Rbmods

Rbmods take a look at a nice looking mp3 player. Snip: "I have not taken a look on a mp3 player for a while but today it’s time again. I got a flash based player from Xuke on the test bench today. At the first look it seems to be a very small player with decent battery time but how about the sound quality and the accessories? We will compare it to a few mp3 player sizewise to see how big it really is. In the marekt for a flash based mp3 player stay tuned for this review." Read the review HERE

NVIDIA nForce 4 SLI Intel Edition @ Viperlair

NVIDIA officially released the nForce 4 SLI for Intel on the 5th April, and Viperlair take a look at the technology as well as throwing a dozen or so benchmarks at it. Snip: "Application performance is probably secondary as the nForce4 SLI is aimed squarely at gamers and enthusiasts. Going back to AMD Vs Intel, it used to be pretty clearly AMD all the way, but now the waters have muddied somewhat as the nForce4 SLI Intel Edition has bridged the gap by allowing the user to plug in two NVIDIA cards into their system. Granted, one card will also do for those who can’t splurge on two cards, but the idea we’re trying to make clear is you now have a choice." Read the full review HERE

HiS Radeon x800XL, 850 XT and x850 XT PE @ Guru3D

In a rather extensive article, Guru3D goes in-depth on not one, not two, but three graphics cards from HiS. Namely the HiS Radeon x800 XL, x850 XT?and x850 XT Platinum Edition. Snip: "Both x850 products really are expensive though, there was a very good reason that I wanted to include the Radeon x800 XL results in these tests also. As that card my friends, still offers the most bang for your bucks. If you’d make a calculation in the amount of money that you pay versus the framerate that XT would extinguish the 850 XT and XT PE versions from a price point of view. But that’s not what this review is about." Read the full article HERE

OCZ Announces PC-5000 Platinum DFI nF4 Special Series

OCZ Technology Group, a worldwide leader in innovative, ultra-high performance and high reliability memory, today announced the release of the exclusive PC-5000 EL Platinum series, a line of memory specially designed for use with DFI nF4 motherboards. As a recognized pioneer in offering the highest possible memory frequencies, OCZ developed the PC-5000 Platinum DFI nF4 Special series with performance enthusiasts in mind. This ground-breaking member of the proprietary OCZ Platinum series is custom-built for premium operation on the highly-popular DFI nF4 motherboard series. At the extreme speed of 625MHz, the OCZ PC-5000 Platinum is still capable of achieving blistering timings of 3-4-4-10! Link:? http://www.ocztechnology.com/aboutocz/press/2005/132

Intel Dual Core Extreme Edition CPU @ Hexus

No need to explain this one…. Snip: "The 3.2GHz Pentium XE 840 is offered as an alternative to current single-core Extreme Edition CPUs. It may not quite have the pure gaming performance punch as, say, the 3.73GHz XE, but it’s a better proposition when considered over a wide variety of applications. Think of it this way. The worst-case performance scenario is that the ?650 Pentium XE 840 performs much like a single-core 3.2GHz 640 model. The best-case scenario, that is, being run with apps. that take advantage of its 4-thread parallel processing ability, is performance that no single-core Pentium 4 could ever hope to match, even under the most esoteric cooling." Read all about this one HERE

CDRinfo.com, World’s best coverage for CeBIT 2005

According to Deutsche Messe, CDRinfo.com provided the best coverage worldwide on the CeBIT 2005 exhibition. CDRInfo continued its successful live press coverage of CeBIT with detailed news, announcements and technically oriented articles, straight from the manufacturers booths. You can read the full coverage regarding CeBIT 2005 HERE

EPoX EP-5LWA+ 925XE @ Viperlair

Looking for a fast 925XE motherboard? Along with 1066FSB support, EPoX packs a number of other features worthy of attention. Snip: "EPoX put together a very nice motherboard based on the 925XE chipset. While you need to own the incredibly expensive 1066FSB Extreme Edition CPUs to get the most out of it, we see little reason to pickup a 925X based board even if you have an 800FSB CPU. The extra headroom should allow better overclocking as the chipset is validated at the higher speeds, and there isn’t much of a price premium between 925X and 925XE boards." Read the revie HERE

Seagate’s Barracuda 7200.@ The Tech Report

Hard Drive capacity is still growing, but not at the pace it once did.?You can get large drive capacities at truly amazing prices thesdays. Snip: "AT FIRST GLANCE, having 400GB of storage capacity on a desktop hard drive seems a little ridiculous. It raises the question: do everyday users or even enthusiasts really need that much storage? They just might. With PCs increasingly becoming entertainment hubs tasked with storing audio and video in the highest possible quality, gigabytes can get eaten up pretty quickly. Gone are the days when 128KB MP3s were enough; lossless audio formats that take up much more space are all the rage these days. PCs that double as PVRs also need extra capacity, with high quality recordings consuming more than 2GB per hour. And that’s not even high definition content." Read the review HERE

EVGA e-GeForce 6600GT PCI-E SLI Review @ amdgamer

More 6600GT googness, this time it’s EVGA. Quote: "As true gamers we all know that a hobby of this nature can be a pricey one. With video cards being the heart and soul of every gaming rig we find ourselves spending hundreds of dollars regularly on upgrading our graphics to keep up with the ever evolving world of computer gaming. Many options are always available from mainstream graphics cards to high end, more expensive versions made for the hard core enthusiast. NVIDIA has brought to the market its 6 series of GPUs: the maintsream 6600GT, the mid to high end 6800GT and finally the uncompromising 6800Ultra. Three first-class solutions built with gamers in mind. Today, we’ll be looking at the EVGA e-Geforce 6600GT PCI-E SLI ready video card in both single and SLI configurations." Read it HERE

Albatron PX925XE Pro-R @ Viperlair

Whether you’re a fan of Intel’s Extreme Edition or non-EE CPUs, you’ll want a solid board to match. Snip: "The Albatron PX925XE Pro-R is a fine board but not one that a true hardcore enthusiast should aim for; if balls out overclocking is your thing you should look elsewhere. That said, if you have a 200FSB CPU, you can feel safe in the knowledge that the 925XE will allow you headroom up to 266FSB at least, but the same can be said of other 925XE boards." Read the review HERE

BeanTech Igloo 11 Aluminum Case Review @ MODTHEBOX.COM

Modthebox have reviewed a very yellow aluminum case indeed. Quote: "BeanTech International has done a decent job in terms of simplifying the process of keeping the Perspex window place. At the top and bottom portion of the front bezel sits a series of metal hinges which have two sets of threaded hex screws secured directly to the chassis. A small push to the locking mechanism allows the swing out front panel door to stay in place and can be easily opened with a slight pull on the front bezel." Read the review HERE

SMC EZ-Stream Media Receiver @ Bigbruin.com

Quote:?"Taking a look at the included brochure proved to be a necessity as I usually just fire things right up, and then only after failed attempts, read the manual. In this case, you must have the included MediaServer software installed before doing anything with the EZ-Stream. MediaServer is a small application that allows you to choose shared directories, enter in addresses of Internet radio stations, and do general option settings. Turns out the EZ-Stream will not connect to anything without MediaServer running." Read the full review HERE

Creative Labs Gigaworks S750

So 7.1 surround sound, do we really need to invest in it ? Not really?… But guru3d?found out that?it certainly does make a difference over traditional 5.1 setups. Snip: "Skeptic at first, is what I was, because the actual speaker set that we are testing today has already been on the market for roughly a year and a half and could be considered a little dated. Today’s product my friends are the THX certified (Lucas Film tested and approved) high-end series speakers from Creative Labs, the 7.1 surround sound Gigaworks S750. The latest Dolby Digital EX and DTS-ES standards will finally get the attention they deserve in your PC room or even small living room." Read it HERE

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