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Whats in store for the next 3DMark?

Beyond3D recently interviewed Nicklas Renqvist, Futuremark’s benchmark development architect, and asked him about the next 3DMark release. Here are some of the feature of the upcoming 3DMark: HDR rendering. Complex HDR post processing. Dynamic soft shadows for all objects. Water shader with HDR refraction, HDR reflection, depth fog and Gerstner wave functions. Heterogeneous fog. Atmospheric light scattering. Realistic sky model with cloud blending. Strauss lighting model for most materials. Subsurface scattering shader for some objects (not visible in the shot). Texture & normal map sizes: 1024 x 1024 to 2048 x 2048. Approximately 5.4 million triangles and 8.8 million vertices. Click here for hi-res screenshot.

Online Gaming Threatened due to Sony’s Illegal DRM Rootkit.

Security Focus have uncovered?the true danger Sony’s Rootkit?can cause with a news?story stating that?World of Warcraft hackers have now confirmed that the hiding capabilities of Sony BMG’s content protection software can make tools made for cheating in the online world impossible to detect. The software–deemed a "rootkit" by many security experts–is shipped with tens of thousands of the record company’s music titles.? For those who do not know, a guy by the name of Mark Russinovich discovered that Sony BMG CD’s contained what is know as a root kit, read his findings here.

HL2: Lost Coast Released – Available Now on Steam

The much anticipated free add-on on for all HL2 owners – Lost Coast was enabled on Steam earlier today. To install, start up Steam and follow the instructions. Gamers will be treated to an extra previously unreleased chapter of the HL2 world with ultra high resolution textures, models and HDR lighting. It’s going to look amazing, I?m sure. So what are you waiting for, go and install it already! November is going to be a busy month for FPS shooter fans, with Quake 4, Serious Sam 2, F.E.A.R and now Lost Coast to get through, we really are spoilt for choice at the moment and I for one won’t be getting much work done 🙂

Deadly Plague Hits Warcraft World

Although limited to only a few of the game’s servers the numbers of characters that have fallen victim is thought to be in the thousands. Originally it was thought that the deadly digital disease was the result of a programming bug in a location only recently added to the Warcraft game. However, it now appears that players kicked off the plague and then kept it spreading after the first outbreak. Since its launch in November 2004, World of Warcraft (Wow) has become the most widely played massively multiplayer online (MMO) game in the world. Its creator, Blizzard, claims that now more than four million people are regular players. News Source

F.E.A.R Preview

As many of you will be aware, F.E.A.R (or First Encounter Assault & Recon for short) involves a rather mysterious looking girl in a red dress, a man with an unappetising taste for human flesh, and some rather flashy action set pieces al la’ The Matrix. All of this is brought together by one of the best game engines around. ?There has been a great amount of talk surrounding this game of late, and Guru 3d decided?to take a quick pre-release look at both single and multiplayer aspects of this game, with some preliminary testing and benchmark results to give you an idea of just what to expect, and whether your brand spanking new 7800GTX will be just as scared of that Girl in the Red Dress as you are! Link to Preview

Day of Defeat: Source Release Date Announced

Valve today finally announced the release date for?it's highly anticipated update to Day of Defeat, - Day of Defeat: Source! The release will take place this month via Steam?on Monday 26th September.

DoD: Source takes the classic teamplay of DoD and expands the experience with Source, the engine technology Valve created for Half-Life 2 and it's next generation of games. With this technology, DoD: Source offers state of the art graphics with optimized versions of popular maps and all new player, weapon and world models, plus support for HDR lighting thanks to the hard work put into developing HDR for the free technology showcase, Half Life 2: Lost Coast.

Xbox 360 vs PS3

If you’ve been looking for information on the two next gen cosoles look no further. A massive side by side comparison of the Xbox 360 and PS3 Quote: "I?ve compiled a side-by-side comparison of the PS3 and Xbox 360 for your next-gen hardware drooling pleasure. Some aspects (such as the CPU) are a bit like comparing apples and oranges, and these engineering marvels are nothing without good games to play on them, but the breakdown gives you an idea of what they have crammed into these curvy boxes." Read it HERE

Domination Game Review Plus Performance Comparison @ Bit-Tech

Quote: "The actual tactical play itself can become incredibly involving. The slow-paced gameplay really gives you time to think about your moves, and one has the feeling of outwitting your enemy far more than in an RTS, which can all too often feel like a race. If you?re the kind of gamer that enjoys the Total War games, then this will definitely appeal." "As you can see, the performance scales as you might expect, with the X700 benefitting from the lower resolution…? A sub-20FPS framerate is absolutely playable, and the extra image quality that that allows makes the game a lot nicer to play." Read the full review HERE

Details of ATI’s Xbox 360 GPU Unveiled

WITH MICROSOFT’S OFFICIAL announcement of its next-generation Xbox 360 console this week, ATI has decided to disclose some of the architectural details of the graphics processor that it created for the system.?Tech Report?had a brief but enlightening conversation with Bob Feldstein, Vice President of Engineering at ATI, who helped oversee the Xbox 360 GPU project. He spelled out some of the GPU’s details, and they’re definitely intriguing.? Read on to get? Tech Reports take on the inner workings of the Xbox 360 GPU. Read TechReport’s findings HERE

Star Honours for Video Game Icons

Pong creator Nolan Bushnell and Donkey Kong maker Shigeru Miyamoto have received the first-ever ‘Walk of Game’ stars for video games in San Francisco. The two men were honoured at a ceremony on Tuesday for their services to the video game industry. Pong was one of the first video games and was made by Bushnell while at Atari. Miyamoto’s Donkey Kong helped usher in a golden age of gaming. Read the full story HERE

Grand Theft Auto Sparks Another Lawsuit

Rockstar parent Take-Two Interactive, Sony, Wal-Mart, and GameStop are blamed for the murder of three policemen by a teenage car thief.

Just when the furor over Grand Theft Auto: Vice City's "Kill all the Haitians!" level had finally died down, the game sparked another lawsuit. Along with its predecessor Grand Theft Auto III, the crime-action game is being blamed for inspiring the triple murder of three Fayette, Alabama, police officers.

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