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Dell announce ‘DisplayPort ‘ LCD monitors

Being recently approved as an industry standard, DisplayPort is well on its way to phasing out DVI and other display standards. With that said, Dell is without hesitation to announce a new LCD monitor featuring the new optical connector.

Zalman launches 3D monitors

Cooling giant Zalman have moved into 3D monitors. The company will be releasing a 19-inch model targeted at gamers with a regular 1280×1024 resolution and a 22-inch widescreen version with a whopping resolution of 1680×1050.

Sony reenters the monitor market

A few years back Sony pulled out of the monitor market, but now they’re back, with the new Luma series. It should be pointed out that these screens are touted as high end units geared towards?those?involved in?video/photo editing and post production, etc. Knowing?Sony, and considering these are aimed at professionals, expect a price premium that makes Dell screens look like bargains.?

27-inch Dell display announced

Samsung Electronics said that it has signed a long-term contract to provide Dell with 27-inch LCD panels, according to DigiTimes? reading of a Korean publication. Both companies will launch 27-inch panels in 2007, and the panels can also be used as televisions. You can check out the full spec of the panel used here

Samsung 30″ LCD, SyncMaster 305T

Samsung have announced the launch of their impressive 305T monitor, boasting a 30" screen size and some impressive specs. Designed for the commercial market, the 305T combines a 16:10 wide-screen design and high, 2560×1600 resolution, making it ideal for a variety of professional applications, including medical, engineering, control rooms, CAD, graphics and design, and desktop publishing. Other specifications include 400cd/m2 brightness, 1000:1 contrast ratio, 178/178 degree viewing angle, a fast response time of 6ms (G2G), and a 0.25 pixel pitch for clean, tight image reproduction. The screen uses Samsungs own 6ms G2G S-PVA panel (LTM300M1) and offers functionality in the form of height, tilt and swivel adjustments. There is also an integrated USB hub. The screen is expected to appear in the US this December at a retail price of $1999.

Update to our 20-inch widesreen TFT review

You may have read our comprehensive review of the Dell 2007WFP and Samsung SM205BW, and it’s now been updated with some new data for the SM205BW only. After the review went live we were able to test colours, luminance, gamma and colour temperature accuracy using a LaCie Blue Eye Pro hardware Colorimeter. You can find the results at the bottom of the 4th page.

Dell 3007WFP: super cheap in Canada, bloody expensive here

I came across this news at Dailytech and though pretty irrelevant to us brits, doesn’t it annoy you a little bit? hell it infuriates me. A few months ago online e-tailer OCUK were undercutting Dell UK’s?own online prices by upto 30% and this was great, finally we had some good deals on Dell monitors here in the UK. Dell soon put a stop to this, yet in the US and Canada they continue to see massive price reduction that make even OCUK’s old prices look dear. Why do we get such a bad deal in the UK? The current Canadian price with its reduction is ?750. Buy it in the UK and your talking well over ?1400. It’s not as if?we are segregated from the world, we can see these prices from here in the UK you know, Dell.? I’m staying away from Dell monitors?until they start to give us the same?great deals as they do over the pond. I urge everyone in the UK to boycott Dell monitors?and look at the nice models from Samsung, NEC and others until we get the same treatment!

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