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Intel introduce 50W quad-core processors

Intel is expanding its quad-core processor family line-up, today announcing two energy-efficient 50-watt server processors that represent a significant decrease in power from Intel's existing 80 and 120-watt quad-core server products.

Pricing details on new 1333 MHz FSB based Conroes

The site HKEPC, which always seems to break these sort of stories first has this time scooped pricing details on Intel's FSB speed bumped Conroe's.

Intel First to Demonstrate 45nm Chips

SANTA CLARA, Calif., Jan. 25, 2006 ? Intel Corporation today announced it has become the first company to reach an important milestone in the development of 45 nanometer (nm) logic technology. Intel has produced what are believed to be the first fully functional SRAM (Static Random Access Memory) chips using 45nm process technology, its next? generation, high?volume semiconductor manufacturing process.

Achieving this milestone means Intel is on track to manufacture chips with this technology in 2007 using 300mm wafers, and continues the company?s focus on pushing the limits of Moore?s Law, by introducing a new process generation every two years.

AMD’s QuadFX (4×4) sorely disappoints

Arstechnica accurately sum up AMD’s QuadFX launch in?this editorial. QuadFX?is a desperate attempt to take the light away from Intel, and it did for about a week, now let’s all go back to drooling over the QX6700 🙂 Today, AMD officially launched their much-anticipated 4×4 enthusiast platform under the name QuadFX. The results of the rash of QuadFX reviews that just came out are uniformly disappointing; Intel’s quad-core offering, the QX6800, outperforms AMD’s much hotter, more power-hungry offering in almost every benchmark. Right now, QuadFX is a loser from a performance, power consumption, and bang/buck perspective, and there’s pretty much no reason to even consider spending money on this boutique architecture right now.

Intel asks VIA to stop making CPUs

Looks like Intel are in negotiations with VIA, but overall it looks a little brutal to say the least. GIANT CPU maker Intel is pressuring smaller rival Via Technologies to exit the CPU market, industry sources in Taiwan claim. In exchange, Intel will allow Via to continue making PC chipsets which use Intel’s patented technology, say the sources at PC mainboard manufacturers, who do not wish to be named. Intel and Via offices had not replied to a request for comment by the end of business hours in Taipei. The two companies typically will not comment on negotiations while they are in progress.

MSI Quad-Core Ready Motherboards Revealed

Micro-Star International revealed its quad-core ready motherboard series at the same time as Intel’s launch of its latest Core 2 Extreme QX6700 quad-core processor. The MSI quad-core ready motherboard base including the Intel 975X, P965, and G965 Express chipset, provides an extremely fast computing experience to enthusiasts from day one! The MSI "Quad-core Ready" motherboards let users who desire for quad-core computing build the system?tailored to there needs. Want to experience extreme multi-tasking? Choose MSI quad-core ready motherboards right now! MSI Quad-core Ready Motherboards List:– 975X Platinum PowerUp Edition– P965 Platinum– P965 Neo2– G965MDH– Q965MDO– P6N Diamond (NVIDIA 680i Chipset)– P6N SLI Platinum (NVIDIA 650i Chipset)

New bios for DFI Infinity 975X motherboard

DFI have released a new bios for the Infinity 975x motherboard that’s meant to improve overclocking performance. As i have this board i decided to check it for myself. old bios new bios On first glance it opens up all the memory timings that have sorely been lacking since its release, it’s a vast improvement over the old bios in this respect, and exactly what we’ve come to expect from DFI boards. You can grab the new bios here

Intel Ignites Quad-Core Era

Press Release: SANTA CLARA, Calif., Nov. 14, 2006 ? Intel Corporation today kicked off the computer industry?s multi-core PC era by delivering four computing ?brains? inside a single microprocessor with the introduction of the Quad-Core Intel Xeon 5300 and Intel Core 2 Extreme quad-core processor families. These products deliver immense speed and responsiveness for general purpose servers and workstations and for digital media creation, high-end gaming and other market segments that crave absolute performance. Intel began the transition to multi-core technology 4 years ago with Intel Hyper-threading technology, followed by the introduction of the industry?s first dual-core PC processors in April last year. Intel recently refreshed its entire product line by introducing over 40 new processors, including those based on the revolutionary Intel Core microarchitecture, a more powerful yet energy-efficient design.

Top 500 supercomputing list 2006, AMD dominates.

Arstechnica has a little summary on the top 500 supercomputing?list for 2006, which i thought would please the AMD fans out there. The new Top 500 supercomputer list is out, and it contains some interesting twists from the previous list. In particular, followers of the Intel vs. AMD wars will be interested to know that AMD continued to gain on Intel, with 113 systems now using the Opteron (vs. 80 in the June rankings). The number of Intel x86 systems dropped from 265 to 228, even though Woodcrest has already made its way into the list.

AMD’s 4×4 at least $1000

For?your one thousand dollars you will be able to buy two FX-72’s running at 2.6 GHz, which is a very good price point, but unfortunately there is no mention of? mainboard pricing, and considering its must be dual socket it’s surely an expensive omission to make. Technically 4×4 has always been an interesting idea with oodles of potential,?but?it’s first incarnation has?always looked like a severely untidy alternative to Kentsfield. AMD have claimed that 4×4 will be compatible out of the box with there upcoming quad-core chip (known as K8L to many). If this is true it does helps?it’s case, as in my personal opinion, 4×4 only looks like a serious solution when you can throw two quad-core chips in for octal power.? At a briefing in Munich late last week, AMD revealed that the 4×4 will start around $1,000 and will run on an NVIDIA chipset. A cool grand will get you two dual-core FX-70 processors, with the FX-72 and FX-74 costing a bit more. A fourth CPU, the FX-76, will appear during the second quarter of 2007. German site golem.de reports All four CPUs are 90nm parts with 2MB of L2 cache. The clock speed on the new CPUs will range from 2.6GHz on the FX-70 up to 3.2GHz on the FX-76.

AMD and chip shortages

This certainly makes for interesting reading. You may be aware that AMD are currently experiencing supply shortages. Stephen DiFranco, AMD’s Global Consumer Channel VP has talked back about this, claiming that supplying Dell isn’t the issue but rather "consumer demand is outrunning supply." When asked if AMD has any concerns that its users may choose Intel processors if supplies of AMD chips run dry, DiFranco responded, "We don’t expect our users to jump brand. Their loyalty comes from many years of dedication, and they’re a sophisticated group. We think they will stay loyal over the long term; they’re better served by sticking with AMD technology." Perhaps DiFranco should switch?to a position in AMD’s marketing department…

quad-core Kentsfield reviews

All the Kentsfield reviews available to drool over as the NDA lifted today. Kentsfield is Intel's new quad-core CPU, which is essentially two Conroe's slapped together in one package. While purists will no doubt turn there noses up at this route, true quad-core architecture will not be here until the middle of next year earliest, not to mention purists don't have girlfriends :)

More NVIDIA nForce 6 Details

Rumours of an nForce 6 series chipset flooded the net a few months back followed by some harder details a few week back, but until now the information doing the rounds didn’t really address the issues?surrounding the original Intel 590 SLI and its limited FSB issue. But finally we have some chunky details on the nForce 6 series. The 680i (590 SLI replacement) will oficially support a 1333 MHz FSB. NVIDIA has remedied this situation and the nForce 680i SLI will officially support a 1333 MHz front-side bus. Whether or not this will support Intel?s upcoming Conroe 1333 MHz front-side bus refresh is unknown. Nevertheless, the supported 1333 MHz front-side bus will allow overclockers greater headroom with current overclocking friendly Core 2 Duo processors. NVIDIA has improved the dual-channel memory controller as well. The nForce 680i SLI?s memory controller now has memory dividers capable of support DDR2-1200 memory. Also supported is NVIDIA?s SLI-Ready memory with Enhanced Performance Profiles. Graphics expansion will be a key point of nForce 680i SLI motherboards. In addition to the two full-speed PCI Express x16 slots, nForce 680i SLI motherboards will have a third PCI Express slot for NVIDIA?s unannounced three-GPU applications. This will most likely be a form of HavokFX SLI physics processing to counter ATI?s upcoming triple-play physics processing. The third slot will electrically have eight lanes routed to it.

New Conroe’s for 2007

There are a few new Core 2 Duo's coming in 2007 around the same time as the bearlake chipset from Intel.

Intel Quad-core ‘Kentsfield’ Prices revealed

According to sources at Taiwan motherboard makers who are familiar with Intel’s latest roadmap, the Core 2 Extreme QX6700, Intel?s first quad-core processor, will sell for US$999 in 1000 unit quantities. As prices for both the QX6700 and Q6600 are too high, it will prevent the quad-core CPUs from gaining popularity, stated the sources. According to Intel’s roadmap, quad-core processors will only account for 3% of the company’s total desktop CPU shipments within one year following the launch, the sources indicated.

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