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Instant Messaging for Xbox 360

Microsoft today announced that its Windows Live messenger will be available to Xbox 360 owners through the Spring update.

Xbox 360 Elite HDMI details

Microsoft have revealed some details about the HDMI output on its new Xbox 360 Elite.

Xbox 360 Elite pre-loaded with content

What do you do with an empty 120G HDD? Simple, load it with demos, trailers and anything else that is half entertaining.

Xbox 360 Elite in production

The rumoured black Xbox 360 is now in production at a plant in China.

Xbox 360 refresh coming?

In a magazine, Game Informer, information has surfaced about a new black Xbox 360 sporting a 120GB HDD, matching black accessories, HDMI output and HDMI cable for approximately $479.

New PS3 firmware released

With the release of new firmware, Sony's PlayStation 3 will now be equipped with background downloading, better web browsing capabilities and its own Folding@Home client.

Wii Outsells Xbox 360 and PS3

Nintendo's Wii is selling out both the PS3 and Xbox by significant numbers, and there's no signs of it slowing down.

Sony joins Folding@Home

Sony PS3 owners will soon be able to experience Stanfords's Folding@home project.

Internal problems at Sony

Sony has had a rough the last few years compared to?the unstoppable success of both the original PlayStation and the PS2, but Internal details of struggle are now coming to light.

Gears of War sequel in the works

It's already sold 1 million copies, but thats no surprise, this game had almost that many pre-orders! The good news is that due to its populatiry a sequel is now in the works.

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