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Wii passes Xbox 360 in global sales

Despite being on the market a year longer than the Wii, Nintendo's latest console has taken less than a year to overtake the Xbox 360's worldwide sales. According to VGchartz.com, the Wii has sold 10.57 million systems, while the Xbox 360 has sold 10.51 million units.

Microsoft confirms Xbox 360 price cut

Effective on August 24, the Xbox 360 console will be the victim of price drops. The Premium bundle will be reduced to ?249.99, Core ?179.99 and the Elite will have an estimated retail price of ?299.99.

Microsoft confirms HDMI for X360 Premium

In what was previously one of the advantages of the 'Elite' console, Microsoft have confirmed that the Xbox 360 Premium bundle (not core) will now be available with a HDMI port.

Microsoft admits Xbox design flaw, affects all 360’s

Microsoft have found themselves looking straight into a $1.15 billion (US) repair bill. According to CRN.com, Microsoft has admitted that all of the 11.6 million 360's sold in the past 19 months suffer from a design flaw resulting in hardware failure.

Wii outselling PS3 six to one in Japan

Dominating the market since launch, the Wii's reign of dominance isn't showing any signs of weakness. The latest console sales figures have revealed that the Wii is outselling the PS3 on a six to one ratio in Japan.

Hacked Xbox 360 firmware bypasses Xbox Live bans

It wasn't all that long ago when we reported that modded Xbox 360 consoles will be banned from Xbox Live, and that was the case for some time, until now.

Nintendo devises their comeback

After being seated last in the previous generation?s console wars, Nintendo now finds themselves dominating the market with two innovative machines, the DS and Wii. Reggie Fils-Aime, president and chief operating officer of Nintendo America has talked to The New York Times about their reign of dominance.

PS3 firmware 1.80 released

The latest firmware update for the PS3 has arrived, but can it help boost the falling consoles sales...

Ubisoft: PlayStation 3 is too expensive

Yves Guillemot, chief executive of Ubisoft, Europe's second-largest game publisher, says the PS3 is too overpriced to compete with rivals Nintendo and Microsoft.

Modified Xbox 360 consoles banned from Xbox Live

The latest Xbox 360 system software update appears to detect bootleg games and ban users from Xbox Live.

Folding@Home on Xbox – a possibility

Since Sony enabled Folding@Home on the PS3, the console has already contributed more than half of the total processing power of Folding@home. With that said, Microsoft has had a look at the possibilities of a client on the Xbox360.

Microsoft: Original Xbox is graphically superior to Wii

Robbie Bach, president of Microsoft?s entertainment division, recently claimed that the original Xbox system is graphically superior to Nintendo's Wii.

Nintendo to boost Wii production

A mere two days after we reported that the Wii drought will continue to 2009, Nintendo have announced they will bump up production of the Wii to meet demand.

Sony reveals “Eye” camera for PS3

One thing that currently drives the console world is new kinds of user interaction with games. Sony's PS2 is now handing all its "Eye Toy" glory over to the PS3 with the new "Playstation Eye".

Wii shortages until 2009?

Nintendo's Wii will no doubt continue to lead the current generation console sales but will supplies be an issue?

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