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Sony losing $260 on each PS3 sold

Following an analysis of their recently released financial results, Sony are making more losses on every PS3 sold than they are willing to admit.

Microsoft developing Wii-mote for Xbox 360?

A leaked feature list for the upcoming Spring dashboard update has evidence that the Xbox 360 will soon have a motion-sensing magic wand.

Xbox 360 sales surpass 10 million in the US

Microsoft has announced that the Xbox 360 is the first "current-gen" console to sell 10 million units in the US.

Sony release new PlayStation 3 firmware

Sony has released firmware 2.35 for its PS3. The latest release, much to the disappointment of users, doesn't fix GTA IV lockups.

Xbox 360 to have a seven year lifespan

Microsoft has assured buyers that the Xbox 360 console should have a seven year lifespan. This news follows rumours of a new Xbox 720, and a slimmed down Xbox 540.

Sony considering external PS3 hard drive

Sony Computer boss David Reeves has hinted to Eurogamer that the company may soon offer official external hard drives for the PS3.

Microsoft prepare Xbox 360 GPU shrink

Microsoft will reportedly shrink the Xbox 360's GPU to 65nm come August. Codenamed "Jasper", the chip will join the 65nm "Falcon" CPU's released back in September.

Microsoft deny talks of Blu-ray Xbox 360, again

Microsoft may have already confirmed the Windows XP extension rumour, though they've denied speculation that a Blu-ray drive is being developed for the Xbox 360. The rumour originated from DigiTimes, where Lite-On was said to be developing the drives for Microsoft. The Redmond giant's response reads ?No. Lite-On is not manufacturing Blu-ray drives for Xbox 360". Considering that Microsoft once said they were "considering" Blu-ray, and that they've on no account actually said it will never hit the 360, we're not convinced.

Lite-On developing Blu-ray drives for Xbox 360

The moment Toshiba ditched HD DVD, the rumour mill was churning with reports that Microsoft was converting its Xbox 360 to Blu-ray. Microsoft denied every claim, though today, DigiTimes believes that the Xbox 360 may once again go Blu. Citing industry sources, the site says that Lite-On is developing built-in Blu-ray drives for the console. The site add that the drives are for the "next-generation" Xbox 360's, and Lite-On's Blu-Ray shipments to Microsoft will commence in the second half of this year.

PS3 to transfer Blu-ray movies to PSP memory

Sony has demonstrated a technology at CES that allows the PlayStation 3 to transfer Blu-ray movies onto the PlayStation Portable's memory card - potentially spelling the death of releasing movies in the UMD format. To acheive this in a timely manner, a PSP-specific version of the movie would be stored on the Blu-ray media, as opposed to having the PlayStation 3 re-encode the movies for the PSP?s resolution. The current Blu-ray movies on the market don't have this feature, however.

Microsoft may one day “consider” Blu-Ray for Xbox 360

With the recent abandoning of HD DVD by Warner Bros and New Line Cinema, Universal and Paramount remain the only companies left still using the HD DVD format. When asked if Microsoft would support a Blu-ray DVD accessory in the event that HD-DVD failed, Albert Penello, group marketing manager for Xbox, replied "It should be consumer choice; and if that's the way they vote, that's something we'll have to consider"...

40GB PlayStation 3 goes 65nm

While it lacks a larger capacity hard drive, or any backwards-compatibility with older PS2 games, it appears that Sony have included the new 65nm version of the consoles CPU and GPU in the new 40GB bundle. Alongside that, is also a new motherboard (SEM-001), and a new south bridge (CXD2984GB). The most important change, however, comes thanks to the new 65nm technology used. Apparently, the console?s power usage has dropped from 200W at full load, to 135W. Sony have also reportedly swapped from Elpida, to Samsung memory.

65nm ‘Falcon’ CPU hits Xbox 360 Halo 3 bundle

After recently dissecting his console, Xbox Forum member “JWSpeed” has learned that his Halo 3 edition console includes the long-awaited 65nm ‘Falcon’ CPU. The new CPU is said to address the console’s overheating woes, although the new heatsink is smaller and lacks any heatpipes. For reference, his console was manufactured on August 24, 2007.

White PS2 slated for christmas

While the vast majority of PS3's are decomposing on shelves, Sony's older PS2 isn't really helping. As DailyTech report, a white PS2 bundled with 'SingStar Pop' and two USB microphones will arrive in November.

Wii still dominating: PS3 closing in on 360 as Xbox sales fall

NPD group have released the latest game consoles sales figures. As you'd come to expect, the Wii is leading the sales, followed by the PS2. Microsoft's Xbox 360 has lost some ground but remains slightly in front of the PS3's rising sales, in 3rd place.

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