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Nintendo to introduce Wii MotionPlus accessory

With E3 looming on the horizon, Nintendo will introduce its Wii MotionPlus accessory for its Wii-mote. The add-on is said to improve sensitivity and responsiveness.

Microsoft to cut Xbox 360 Pro pricing this week

Following weeks of rumors, The Wall Street Journal has confirmed that Microsoft will cut $50 off its 20GB Xbox 360 Pro unit as early as Sunday, July 13th.

Sony roll-out PS3 firmware 2.41 right on time

Said to be arriving "midweek" just yesterday, Sony has kept to its schedule and rolled-out PS3 firmware 2.41. In-game music and user trophies are among the additions.

PlayStation 3 firmware 2.41 arriving “midweek”

After pulling PS3 firmware 2.40 off its servers earlier in the month, Sony has announced that version 2.41 will arrive "midweek". Hopefully this one's here to stay!

87% of PlayStation 3 owners watch Blu-ray

A report has indicated that a staggering 87% of PlayStation 3 owners watch Blu-ray movies on their consoles. HD DVD didn't stand a chance!

PlayStation Network to remain free, says Sony

PSN boss Eric Lempel has claimed in a recent interview that the PlayStation Network will remain a free service, despite a sudden surge in popularity.

Sony pulls latest PlayStation 3 firmware

Following its release yesterday, Sony has now "temporarily" taken PS3 firmware 2.40 offline, as it seems to be quite buggy.

Sony preparing movie downloads for the PS3

While details remain slim, Sony has announced that a new movie download service will be available to US PS3 owners this summer.

Price cuts hitting Xbox 360 Pro next month

According to an image circulating the web, the Xbox 360 Pro unit is heading for a price cut on July 6th. The reduced price is expected to be $299.

PlayStation 3 GPU to go 65nm come Autumn

The PS3's CPU adopted the smaller 65nm technology some months ago, and according to Next-Gen, it's now the RSX GPU's turn to make the switch.

Sony losing hefty amount over PlayStation 3

Sony recently informed investors that the company has lost 3.32 billion primarily because of the PS3. This comes as a result of selling the console remarkably cheaper than its manufacturing price.

Sony preparing motion detecting PS3 controller

With E3 looming, Sony is reportedly preparing a new PS3 controller which breaks into two even halves both featuring an accelerometer, much like Nintendo's Wii.

PS3 outsells X360 in May, shadowed by Wii

The console sales figures for May were 186,000 for the Xbox 360, the PS3 sold 208,000 units, while the Wii sold 675,000 units.

Sony losing $260 on each PS3 sold

Following an analysis of their recently released financial results, Sony are making more losses on every PS3 sold than they are willing to admit.

Microsoft developing Wii-mote for Xbox 360?

A leaked feature list for the upcoming Spring dashboard update has evidence that the Xbox 360 will soon have a motion-sensing magic wand.

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