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80 GB PlayStation 3 features 65nm GPU, it seems

Evidence has emerged which suggests that the newly launched 80 GB PS3 features the smaller 65nm RSX GPU - a feature which Sony is yet to confirm.

Sony: PS3 price cuts are “not going to happen”

Sony has claimed that those attending the Games Convention in Germany next week eager for a PS3 price cut "will be disappointed" - "it's not going to happen".

July console sales fall, Wii remains victorious

According to figures by market research firm NPD, Nintendo's Wii once again outsold the PS3 and Xbox 360 by a 2:1 ratio. This comes despite overall sales drops, though.

Developers enable DVD support on Nintendo’s Wii

In light of growing user demand, a team of coders have finally given the Wii DVD functionality, although it's not as practical as one would have hoped.

Microsoft show-off Dark Knight themed Xbox 360

Microsoft is the latest to cash in on the success of The Dark Knight, displaying a limited edition Xbox 360 system embossed with the Batman logo earlier this week.

Microsoft release featureless Xbox 360 update

Microsoft has issued an update for its Xbox 360 console which "contains code" to "prepare for future growth" of its Live service. Nothing else is included.

Xbox 360 Arcade unit heading for a price cut

The Xbox 360 Arcade unit is heading for a price cut come September, according to an image from gaming site VGChartz. A drop from the current $279 to $199 is noted.

OCZ may make console Neural Impulse Actuator

OCZ's Tobias Brinkmann recently told TechRadar that the company is "looking into" developing a Neural Impulse Actuator for the Wii, PS3 and Xbox 360.

Nintendo to bring photo features to the Wii

Nintendo has announced that together with Fujifilm, users will soon be able to upload and print photos via the Internet. A photo-album feature is also in the works.

Xbox 360’s new user interface pictured, detailed

The folks over at ZDNet have detailed the new user interface coming to the Xbox 360. Among the additions is PrimeTime - a gameshow themed virtual area.

Nintendo banned from selling some controllers

As a result of a $21 million patent lawsuit, Nintendo has been ordered to cease selling an assortment of its controllers. There are ways around this, though.

Nintendo Wii sales overtake Xbox 360 in the US

The latest console-sales figures to be released from NPD Group reveal that the Wii has overtaken the Xbox 360 in being the most purchased console in the US.

Nintendo to release Wii-mote with built-in MotionPlus

Nintendo is reportedly considering the release of a Wii-mote with its new MotionPlus accessory built in (which improves accuracy and responsiveness).

Microsoft detail future Xbox Live enhancements

Microsoft has detailed the enhancements coming to its Xbox Live service. Based on user feedback, users will soon be able to play games directly from the HDD.

Sony announce price cut on 80GB PS3

Sony has taken the opportunity to announce price cuts on its 80GB PS3. A price of $399 - which is in 60GB Xbox 360 territory - will soon come into effect.

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