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Mad Catz and Microsoft team up to release Halo 4 headsets

New Headset Range Expected to Ship in Time for Holiday 2012

Mad Catz® Announces New Range of Wii U™ Products

Range Includes a New TRITTON™ Stereo Gaming Headset and Mad Catz Charging Solutions

Mad Catz® Announces Xbox 360 Publisher License Agreement

Mad Catz to Publish Games on Xbox 360

Mad Catz? Announces Expanded Range of Official Rock Band? Accessories

Additional Products to Launch Alongside Previously Announced Rock Band? 3 Instruments and Accessories on Xbox 360?, PlayStation?3 and Nintendo? Wii?

Nintendo DSi sales surpass 170,000 in first 48 hours

While America and Europe will have to wait until next year to get their hands on the new DSi, its weekend launch in Japan saw sales pass 170,000 within the first 48 hours.

Sony may re-use Cell processor in PlayStation 4

Sony is considering re-using its Cell processor in the PS4. While a die-shrink and slight speed boost will occur, this is the first time Sony has overlooked a new architecture.

DSi to hit America “well into” 2009, Japan next month

Nintendo's new and improved DSi will launch on November 1st in Japan, while Amerca will have to wait until "well into" 2009. Gamespot have a running commentary of the event.

New and improved Wii HD set to arrive in 2011

The successor to the Wii is inbound in 2011, according to a gaming blog. While leaving the console's core elements intact, high definition visuals are assured, hence the Wii HD codename.

Nintendo officially launch new DS – alias the DSi

Following a steady flow of rumors, Nintendo has announced a new version of its hand-held DS. The DSi sports dual cameras, an SD-card reader and a web browser.

Nintendo put an end to improved DS rumors… kind of

Nintendo has responded to recent rumors regarding a new and improved DS. Although it's implied that the rumors are false, no denial is present. All will be revealed soon.

Xbox 360 sales rise 214 percent following price cut

Xbox 360 sales have increased by 214 percent following recent price cuts, and the console is outselling the PS3 by a 2:1 ratio, according to Microsoft's Chris Lewis.

Nintendo preparing to launch new DS, apparently

The rumor mill is churning away in overtime with reports of a new Nintendo DS on the horizon. Improved wireless capabilities, a camera and music player are on the agenda.

Xbox 360 overtakes PS3 in August console sales

The Xbox 360 has knocked the PS3 back down to third in the console sales figures for August. The Wii remains the most sought-after console selling 453,000 units.

Xbox 360 sales surge from last week’s price cut

Following last week's price cuts, Xbox 360 sales in North America have doubled, and in some instances sextupled, according to a recent statement from Microsoft.

Microsoft’s latest Xbox price cuts come into play

Microsoft's latest round of Xbox price cuts are now upon us. The 120GB Elite has dropped to $399, while the 60GB and Core bundles are now $299 and $199, respectively.

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