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Cases & PSU

Lian Li PC-A7010

With an impressive pedigree, can the A7010 be a champion?


Interview – Tagan

We chat with Tagan to see what they're up to these days.

Thermaltake Spedo Advance case review online

Since its launch at Computex 2008, the Thermaltake Spedo chassis has turned many heads, with good reason too. Today we've taken a look at the Advance version...


Thermaltake Spedo Advance

Is the Spedo their best case to date?

PureOC Editor reviews Antec 1200 case at Nordic

Stan Miranda - PureOC's Assistant Editor and Co-owner - has taken a close look at the Antec Twelve Hundred case over at our affiliate site, NordicHardware.

PureOC editor reviews Trek 08 at NordicHardware

Jake Mete - PureOC's Editor in Chief and Co-Owner - has taken an in-depth look at the Smooth Creations Trek 08 gaming rig over at our affiliate site, NordicHardware.

Lian Li’s alternative Xbox 360 chassis reviewed

Our colleagues over at Bit-tech have teased us with a sneak peak of Lian Li's XB01 alternative Xbox 360 chassis. "The Xbox is finally, truly silent. It's incredible".

NZXT unveil Whisper high performing gaming chassis

NZXT has unveiled the Whisper, a gaming chassis designed for the enthusiast who isn?t willing to sacrifice silence for performance. Details below...

Lian Li introduces new Maxima Force power supply units

High-End computer case manufacturer Lian Li has announced a new range of power supplies, targeted at the gamers. The three models demonstrated today offer 470, 650 and 750 watts of continuous power, and all of them are compliant with the ATX 12V 2.3 and EPS 12V standards, they also boast an efficiency of over 80% which secured them into the 80 Plus certification.

Lian Li roll-out alternative Xbox 360 chassis

Lian Li has today introduced an alternative Xbox 360 chassis, which alleviates heating issues from hot components and reduces noise from vibrating optical drives.

Thermaltake Spedo chassis previewed, showcased

Thermaltake has uploaded a video to YouTube showcasing its upcoming Spedo computer chassis. The footage, which can be accessed here, runs for 4:40 min.

Asus launch “double the lifespan” power supply

There's more to Asus than its Eee branding. In fact, the company has now rolled out a power supply which boasts "double the lifespan" of "traditional" units.

Lian Li unleash BZ-U02 Multi-Media bezel

Lian Li has today launched the BZ-U02 Multi-Media I/O port bezel, allowing users to conveniently access ports without having to delve to the back of the PC chassis.

Lian Li unleash Lancool K12 midi-tower chassis

Following the recent launch of the Lancool K6, Lian Li has today added the PC- K12 (designed for the LAN power user) to its growing Lancool lineup.

Lian Li unleash Lancool K6 midi-tower case

Lian Li has today launched the PC- K6 midi chassis under the Lancool branding, combining outstanding quality and craftsmanship with exceptional value.

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