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OCZ announce 1010 Watt GameXStream

With CeBIT just around the corner, expect 1,000,010 new product press releases...

OCZ today have announced the addition of an oddly rated '1010W' power supply to the GameXStream family.

New quiet Nexus power supplies

Noise guru's Nexus have launched some new PSU's today which claim to have noise levels as low as 17.6 db(A) (mearsured in an ISO-certified chamber) when load is not too high.

Thermaltake Toughpower 1000W/1200W announced

Thermaltake is launching some uber-powerful PSU's for the Toughpower range today - a drool worthy 1200W unit, and a slightly lower spec, but still hugely powerful 1000W model.

New Enermax “Liberty” Modular Series

Enermax have recently announced a new range of modular power supplies to be known as the Liberty Series.

Turbo-Cool 1 Kilowatt Power Supply Announced

The Turbo-Cool 1KW from PC Power & Cooling delivers 1000 watts (one kilowatt) of continuous power with a peak power of 1100 watts.

Enermax ‘Galaxy’ 1000 Watt Power Supply

Enermax have gone power mad with their latest bit of kit, the Galaxy.

Thermaltake Get Modular with Power [Computex]

While many PSU manufacturers are still getting to grips with modular connections, Thermaltake have gone 25 steps further and created a true modular power supply, and it looks excellent.

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