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OCZ Achieves 80 Plus Gold/Silver on Z-Series PSUs

OCZ Technology Group, Inc., announced that their Z-Series line of PSUs have been certified at the highest efficiency levels by 80 Plus?.

Antec Launches P183 and P193 Towers

Antec announced two new cases, the P183 and P193, based on the popular 182-series designs, offering improvements to build on those successes.


NZXT Zero 2

A refreshed gaming case at an attractive price.

Lian Li Launches B10 Mid Tower

Lian Li Industrial Co. Ltd has launched the PC-B10 Mid Tower chassis, showcasing many features from their full tower designs.

BFG Announces EX-1200w Power Supply

BFG Technologies, Inc. announced the EX-1200 modular power supply with Frequency Conversion Technology, which emulates virtually any size power supply and is at least 80% efficient.

Lian Li Launches HTPC Enclosures

Lian-Li Industrial Co. Ltd has launched the PC-C33 & PC-C34F HTPC chassis, each with slender profile form factors to blend in with audio and DVD equipment.

NZXT Announces Unique Panzerbox Mid-Tower

NZXT is announcing the Panzerbox, a mid-tower that offers the extreme performance of a full-tower case due to its unique design.


Thermaltake Xaser VI

A huge tower to suit several cooling options.


Cooler Master ATCS 840

A stunning full tower, will it reign as King of Premium Cases?

Cooler Master Releases Storm Scout Chassis

Cooler Master is celebrating the deployment of its latest gaming chassis, the Storm Scout, developed in cooperation with leading professional gaming teams.


In Win B2 Stealth Bomber

A sleek military-themed case for those searching for something unique.

Lian Li Launches PC-V351 HTPC Chassis

Lian Li Industrial Co. Ltd has launched a new desktop HTPC chassis, the PC-V351, available in several striking colours.


Tuniq Potency 750w

Is this power supply as potent as it claims?


Thermaltake Element S

A stylish new mid-tower designed for professionals?


Silverstone Kublai KL03

How well does their spacious mid-tower stand up?

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