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Razotech’s Blue LED Ram Mod Review @ ExtensionTech.net

Another review of the Razotech’s Blue LED Ram Mod, this?mod seems to be popular! Snip: "PC modding, and modding products are here to stay if you hadn’t noticed. Enthusiasts of greatly varying degrees, mod, purchase mod products, and drive this somewhat niche industry that higher tier PC makers have almost totally avoided. On that note, it’s always nice to see a new manufacturer emerge, and bring new things to the table. Today is just that sort of day. I’ll be looking at a new product, from a new company, Razotech. If making your memory flicker with bright LED’s sounds like fun, you’ll want to continue on…" Read the full review HERE

eVGA e-Geforce 6800 Ultra PCI-Express SLI Review @ amdgamer

amdgamer have just reviewed a mega setup! 2×6800 Ultra’s in SLI: Snip: "Once again, we were not disapointed with the eVGA e-Geforce 6800 Ultra PCI-E. Both nVidia’s GeForce 6 series advanced technology and eVGA’s integration of this technology into their products delivers the ultimate in gaming performance. A single 6800 Ultra card will be more than sufficient for even the most demanding gamer, but for the hard core enthusiast an SLI setup will turn fantasy in to reality!" Read it HERE

ATI All-In-Wonder X800XT Video Card Video Review @ 3dGameMan.com

3dGameMan has posted a video review of the ATI All-In-Wonder X800XT, a highend card with media features to die for. Snip: "This product is based on the ATI R420 chip & has an exhausting list of features. The default core speed is 500MHz & the 256MB of GDDR3 memory is 1,000MHz. Both the core & memory can be easily overclocked resulting in even faster performance. Included are input/output adapters, a remote control, software, & much more. It will knock your socks off! Watch the Video to find out more…" Watch the review HERE

NVIDIA 6600GT Thermal Paste Upgrade @ Tekbunker

I thought I’d post this article from Tekbunker as a good follow up to my Sparkle 6600GT review! Snip: "I always do this, but only after a run in of benches and gaming tests. Every graphics card I have owned, I uprate the thermal paste. The little 6600GT seemed to have heat issues, so it was a prime candidate for this. I was thinking as well, the little PCIe Bridge could be a good subject for this too, as it has a heatsink, it must give of heat. So a nice upgrade to Arctic Silver 5 was on the cards." Read the full article HERE

Intel IDF 2005: What’s New and Exciting @ InsaneTek

Snip: "Every year, Intel gets together some of their business partners for a gathering.? For those who don’t know, IDF is short for Intel Developer Forum.? This is where Intel gets to brag and boast about their achievements the past year and announce upcoming technology for the future.? This is my first attendance at IDF, and the experience was rather exhausting.? Exhausting in a good way?? Not really.? Frankly, I expected to be more intrigued by the event.? I guess the computer technology excitement is slowing down for me." Read the full article HERE

ATI’s Godfrey Cheng Interview @ Hexus

HEXUS’ Ryszard had a chance to interview Godfrey Cheng, ATI’s Director of Marketing for Multimedia Products. There are serious questions asked and not just baked bean related queries. Snip: Rys: "The tough question first. When we met in September last year, we spoke about the imminent release of Theatre 550 PRO and All-In-Wonder X800. It’s taken nearly five months since then for them to be ready for sale in Europe and the rest of the world. Can you outline the biggest issues that caused the delays for both products?" Godfrey: I’ll start with All-In-Wonder. Basically we’ve added some entirely new features to the latest AGP All-In-Wonder, like SCART output, DVI and VGA on the backplane and FM tuning. All three of those things have to work together and work well, along with everything else the All-In-Wonder has to do. There’s also been a lot of unforseen localisation work involved to bring, especially the TV functionality, the product to different markets with different TV standards, so it’s been a bunch of work to get that done, more than we anticipated." Read the full interview HERE

Razotech Green Ram Mod Kit Review @ Modthebox.com

Modthebox.com have just informed us of?their new review: Razotech Green Ram Mod Kit! Snip: "Once a system is powered, consumers will be treated to an animated LED display that does provide a good amount of illumination inside a case interior. The LED diodes are very bright and run various "Knight Rider" style chase sequences that can be toggled at a push of a button." Read the full review HERE

Basics of Flash Memory, Part 1: SD and MMC @ Bigbruin.com

Bigbruin.com has posted a new and very interesting article about the basics of flash memory. Snip: "Flash memory is available in so many formats that it can be difficult to know what will work with any particular device. Devices such as MP3 players, PDAs, mobile phones, digital cameras, and personal computers can take advantage of flash memory to bolster their storage capacity, but selecting the right format may be easier said than done." Read the full article HERE

Arctic Cooling Silentium T1 @ InsaneTek

InsaneTek have a review up the Arctic Cooling Silentium T1 Snip: "By now, you should all be very familiar with Arctic Cooling products and their capabilities.? Their cooling solutions make computing in silence a reality.? The VGA silencers are winning awards at every site and their Freezer coolers are now the preferred choice for my test bed.? With VGA coolers, CPU coolers, and case fans already set, what’s the next step in providing a cool computing environment?? The case.? Arctic Cooling’s step into the case category was somewhat surprising, considering that the majority of new cases today cater towards gamers.? All those cases focus mainly on looks and not any increased cooling performance.? Arctic Cooling has a different approach.? They look to provide better cooling performance while still maintaining the low level of noise they’re very well known for.? With the goals in mind, they created the Silentium T1 and T2." Read the full review HERE

CeBIT 2005: XFX DUAL 6800 Ultras /w 512MB per card!

Hexus are at CeBIT and have found?a rig running two XFX 6800 Ultras and get this, both cards have 512MB! Snip: "Oh yes, you can rely on us to bring you the good stuff. Over here at CeBIT, the mighty (and rather impressive) XFX stand is showing off the very latest in GFX grunt.. a very sexy SLi set up using two 6800Ultra 512megs!" Read the full article HERE

Web Review Roundup! – 10th March 2005

Some interesting reviews from around the web for you to seek your teeth into. DHT-819C 5.1 Channel Surround Sound Speaker @ Bigbruin.com5.1 channel speaker system. Thermaltake Beetle @ InsaneTekGreat looking heatsink! Xtrac Hybrid Mouse Pad Review @ mikhailtech.comHigh performance haming?mouse mat. Speeze EEA67B4 VultureSpin III @ A1 Electronics.netHeatsink fan combo.

Evercool WC-202 @ Rbmods

RBmods have just posted a review of the Evercool WC-202 "Today we are taking a closer look on one of Evercool’s newest watercooler kits. It’s a nice little thing which only requires one of your 5.25" drive bays and one of your 80mm fan holes inside the case, if you choose too use that extra radiator they have included. Well, let’s quit this chit-chat and start with the review! (Actually, I’m pretty bad on these introductions." Read the review HERE

XG Vortex 500W Power Supply Video Review@3dGameMan.com

3dGameMan has posted a video review of the XG Vortex 500W Power Supply. "The XG Vortex 500W Power Supply performs very well and looks stunning with its all-aluminum construction and two windows. It comes with two blue LED fans (120mm & 80mm) which can be easily adjusted in speed. There are plenty of sleeved leads which increase airflow inside your case. In addition, the sleeving and all the connectors are UV reactive. You’ll be hard pressed to find a better overall PSU. Watch the Video to find out more…" Watch the review HERE

Star Honours for Video Game Icons

Pong creator Nolan Bushnell and Donkey Kong maker Shigeru Miyamoto have received the first-ever ‘Walk of Game’ stars for video games in San Francisco. The two men were honoured at a ceremony on Tuesday for their services to the video game industry. Pong was one of the first video games and was made by Bushnell while at Atari. Miyamoto’s Donkey Kong helped usher in a golden age of gaming. Read the full story HERE

PlusDeck 2 Computer Cassette Player Review @ A1 Electronics.net

A1 Electronics.net have just posted their latest review of the PlusDeck 2 computer cassette player! "A super computer device for those of us with a collection of now old cassette tapes where we can now listen to them on our computer and make top quality recording for CD, MP3 or any other recording format we want. Use of the Plus Deck 2 cassette player could not be easier, simply half push in the cassette tape and press the relevant button on the cassette player." Read the full review HERE

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