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Zowie Hammer USB Headset

Posted October 31, 2011 by Jake in PC Audio







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by Jake
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Because sound is such a personal encounter it is hard to be objective when listening to audio equipment. But listening to a wide range of products in similar situations will certainly begin to illuminate the differences, both pro and con. In the context of the Zowie Hammer USB headset, while it’s lightweight for portability, it’s also lightweight in its overall performance, without any base to back up the mids and highs. This can benefit gaming and 3D positioning, but at the expense of music and movie listening on the flipside. Further, without any advanced audio processing software included, or the ability to customize the equalizer settings, the positional performance is lacking in games where it’s most critical.

One other thing to note is that we noticed is the size of the headset itself. When put on the wireframe, it wasn’t big enough even with the earcups adjusted to their maximum distance. The headset when worn sat firmly on the top of the head, but lacked any pressure around the ears leaving them open for all the background noise to enter. Obviously this will vary with different users and the size of their heads, so it makes this point moot to a certain degree.

At a price point of about $70 US, we can’t really complain; this is not an elite set of cans, so it doesn’t carry the high price tag either. However, there are a couple other USB headsets on the market in this price range that do offer a more comfortable ergonomic design, and also come with more advanced audio processing software. So the Zowie Hammer is a good affordable gaming headset, but it’s also in for a tough fight in the challenging audio arena.

Zowie Hammer USB



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