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Zowie Hammer USB Headset

Posted October 31, 2011 by Jake in PC Audio







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by Jake
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Closer Look

The first thing you will notice is the diminutive size of the Hammer USB headset; built on a barebones wireframe there isn’t much here to create unnecessary bulk. It is designed in a black and silver finish with hints of white accents.

The headset is very straightforward in its design, as there are no frills, bells or whistles here. The earcups are circumaural in design, covering your entire ear rather than sitting up against them. The earcups are rather shallow, so you may find that your ears touch the speakers on the inside.

With the wireframe design, the Hammer headset is very light weight and highly portable. LAN parties? Have headset, will travel. The headband is covered in a hard rubber coating, it’s not overly comfortable compared to some of other headsets we’ve looked at, but effective at keeping them in place. The earcups are adjustable by about 1.5” on each side, which should be enough for most users.

The cushioned earcups are a closed-back design to help reduce the surrounding ambient noise. Each earcup is covered in leatherette material with about �½â�� of padding. The padding is plush and soft, not too firm. There is also a spare set of earcup covers that are made from a microfiber type of material if the leatherettes arenâ��t your cup of tea.

The boom microphone sits on the left side of the user’s face. It sits on a rigid aluminum base that isn’t flexible, so adjusting it further from your mouth is out of the question. The swivel range of motion is good though.

A 50” long cable runs from the analog 3.5mm jacks to the headset, with an in-line plastic switch that controls the microphone mute function, as well as a volume adjustment knob. There is also a 12” extension cable that converts the analog cables into the USB, which also has a mute and volume control built in.

Let’s talk about performance impressions next.

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