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Zowie Celeritas Mechanical Keyboard

Posted October 30, 2011 by Jake in Peripherals







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by Jake
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I’ll admit right off the bat that I love mechanical keyboards. They’re a breed of equipment that signal an old school vibe where you could really hammer on the keys and hear the clackety feedback without fear of breaking something. I just love the clackity feel as well; mushy keys really don’t get me terribly excited, as awkward as that may sound.

We’re seeing more mechanical keyboards on the market, perhaps because consumers realize that you get what you pay for; that $20 board is a plastic piece of junk. Keyboards are ubiquitous and are ultimately integratal to using a computer, so investing a bit of extra money in a great keyboard is well worth the payoff. Gaming keyboards, and specifically mechanical ones, are quickly taking hold out there. The days of the cheap plastic boards that die after a few fragging sessions are becoming a distant memory.

We’ve got the latest mechanical keyboard from gaming gear manufacturer Zowie, and it’s called the Celeritas. It’s geared to gamers, and this board features the vaunted Cherry switches. Interestingly, it has Cherry Brown switches, so you have the tactile feedback response unlike most gaming boards. Is this better? Can it work well both for gaming and typing? At a price of $100, the Celeritas is one of the more affordable mechanical gaming keyboards on the market.

Let’s dive into the review and see what Zowie has to offer.

ZOWIE GEAR is an innovative manufacturer of competitive gaming gear, founded late 2008 with a mission to develop the best competitive gaming gear available. We are not limited by shareholders telling us what we can or cannot do. We are a free-minded company consisting of experienced and creative individuals, united in ZOWIE on a common ground; our passion for gaming. No boundaries. No compromises. Just gaming.Together, these ensure that Zowie is the supplier that the companies around the world rely on to deliver the best thermal solutions, creating a win-win situation both for Zowie and the companies that become its customers.



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