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The XSPC RX360 V3 Radiator Review

Posted February 26, 2014 by Deton in Cooling


Release Date: Currently available
Price at time of Review: $96.95


Robust compact profile, performance and value.


It's not pretty aesthetic as the AX radiators.
The best value performance radiator in its class.
by Deton
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Bigger is better; but it is not always the case, as can be seen with the RX360 V3. XSPC engineers came up with a solution that gives the V3 a compact profile without compromising its performance. In term of performance, the RX360 V3 does an enormous job to dissipate heat for its size. We are not only impressed with the RX360 V3 thermal performance but also the improvement of the craftsmanship. The RX V3 also has a better quality paint job and lower port-connector collar. The RX V3 not only offers extreme performance, but also gives you the flexibility of customizing the cooling with multiple port connections.

It’s great to have a high performance radiator at low fan speeds; this is what water cooling should be like. Quiet operation with great heat dissipation across the fan speed spectrum; the XSPC RX360 V3 has met all the criteria very successfully. The RX360 V3 actually surpassed our expectations in the thermal performance as we figured the fan speed variation would cause some performance drops. However, we didn’t see much thermal performance gain after 2400rpm. We found the RX360 V3 performed very well across the board, although it’s best at medium fan speeds, from 1500-1800RPM. However, it still has great heat dissipation at low speeds to help keep a quiet setup for your rig.

Currently, XSPC RX360 V3 is one of the best value thermal performance radiators for 2014. The retail price is under $97, which is $33 less than the competitor Watercool HTSF2 360LT radiator. The RX360 V3 definitely gives the HTSF2 360LT a run for its money, and easily earns our PureOverclock Editor’s Choice Award!







    Considering how this rad really shines at high fan speeds, I’d love to see it compared against some of the radiators popular in that segment. Offhand, the black ice gtx 360 comes to mind. It’s always outperformed the sr1 at high speeds, and for those of us who care more for performance than volume, it’d be nice to see how this stacks up.

    If you don’t have access to one, we could probably figure something out about loaning you one for some testing.

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